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  1. Condolences to his family and his Yellowhead family...................Very sad
  2. iPad would be simply used for navigation aids like any GPS ....like almost all operators use them . GPS where never included in the COM....it would be great for you to share your input about the TC expectations as im simply trying to not be the stove bolts screwing them to a glare shield type of guy.
  3. They are not specified in the ops manual.
  4. hi there , wondering if anyone has successfully achieved a minor mod to run their ipads on the windshield post GPS mount with a ram ball ( no suction cups) legally on mediums ? or any other way to be legal without using suction cups or going stc route ?
  5. hi Top fuel , I'm not sure what you heard of what you are referencing but the seat-belt package simply bolts on instead of the original one on the back of the seat . The main differences are that the Y that connects both belts into one is stitched much further back on the belt, they are longer and the inertia reel is much more efficient and also the spring tension is less then half as the original one i would say, allowing you to move freely back and forth. You can move the seat wherever you like with no difference since the belt is attached to the seat . The other nice thing is the buckl
  6. have another safe one this summer . quick update https://www.dartaerospace.com/en/comfort-crew-shoulder-harness-d412-702-071.html Net Price: $2,059.20
  7. have another safe summer everyone ....
  8. In these days where safety and SMS is on the forefront of every operation , I'm still amazed that most operators of bell mediums are still using the standard crew seatbelt and that most pilots are willing to spend most of their days in the left seat riding with no shoulder harness on in order to accomplish their task!? Some will say its just the way its always been done ,I'm used to it, etc.....the fact is that there is a perfectly reasonable solution to that problem and its called the comfort seatbelt from DART: https://www.dartaerospace.com/en/comfort-crew-shoulder-harness-d412-702-071.html
  9. Yes the leather was very different from the ones available in the states. Much softer and resistant then the ones made in Pakistan with a visible grain on the leather. ..also the cut and stiching slightly different. Just ordered 2 pairs and shipping was free so I'll find out soon if they last more then a summer
  10. disregard i have found what i was looking for.....for those interested here is the link www.uniteddesign.it
  11. Hi there , Im trying to track down a vendor of italian made nomex flight gloves that i saw at HAI in vegas a couple of years ago with no success ....their booth was right beside tiger performance . i know there is an aboundance of gloves out there but those where made in italy ....anybody can point me in the right direction??? cant find anything on the internet thanx
  12. Thanks for the input, our machine does have dual hydrolics
  13. Hello everyone, Just wondering if anyone has an Airbus B3e weight and balance for the computer ? it is relatively new but just tought i'd ask anyway. Thank you
  14. thanx a lot i got what i needed....
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