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  1. At the risk of upsetting people, that diagram with the red yellow and green square the exact same diagram they used in my risk management training as it pertains to project management. Things like, will a machine breakdown making it impossible to build your prototype? Will your critical supplier go out of business? will your pregnant designer go on maternity leave early? will the zombie-pocalypse happen? Anything that will jeopardize the project. Personally, I have a hard time assigning a quantitative value to the risk. But I think it IS a worthwhile exercise to brainstorm any
  2. So how 'bout that Global Vectra news..........
  3. http://www.stockhouse.com/News/CanadianReleasesDetail.aspx?n=8502270
  4. Well I've installed Amplitube and Fender Amplitube on my ipad......with the iRig plug, it's hours and hours of guitar fun. Relevant? Perhaps not. But i like my ipad. Perhaps a knee-board type thing to keep the ipad handy while flying would be a good idea. But I was in a 412 not long ago. The pilot wanted to confirm something in the RFM while in flight. and flipping through that giant tome seems sketchy. As an ignorant layman, I would think an ipad would make finding specific stuff a lot quicker and easier. but what do i know?
  5. Like a US republican. Post secondary education or spelling words correctly is elitist.
  6. I'm not sure if you are agreeing with me......but I agree with you. Spelling does in fact matter....and as you said, it ain't that hard. and I'm having a little fun with those here that get all worked up by the things I say. But (and just because it's a convenient example right now), you would think that a pilot who spends a fair amount of time in a hangar would know how to spell it. I think it's excusable for a pilot to not know how to spell spectrophotometer or something....not an every day word in a pilot's field. But "hangar"...come on.
  7. You are most certainly welcome. But alas I must correct you once again. If you recall, I'm a "real" engineer. Nor am I a scholar of the English language...just literate. Again....bazinga.
  8. ............anyway.... Flash, when in doubt, education is never a bad thing.
  9. It is interesting though how many pilots misspell the word "hangar". bazinga.
  10. At the risk of being helpful....What exactly do you want to be "when you grow up"? If you want to be PURELY a professional pilot, wouldn't the time be better spent building hours and different experience (long line...various aircraft type ratings etc). I know a very accomplished pilot who did some time flying in the military.....but he also has both a Bachelor's and a Master's in engineering.
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