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  1. I just have to say that I don't do shortcuts in my job, whereever there could be one. I am a hard worker (in my own opinion), just tired of giving up all the best days and holidays for work, rather than spending SOME of them home. The new job will involve mostly base work, a possibility to rebuild my IFR experience and get towards the next job in line. I have to admit that I have only lasted 2 years in most jobs, although one job was not me quitting (and no, I did not get fired either...). So looking at #1, new job involves a step in the right direction, good salary, no commute,
  2. problem is small company... family owned and operated, and the employer expects as much work off you as they do themselves. Bottom line is I work for me and my family... On the other hand, the company I am thinking of leaving has done LOTS for me as well, financial help and other things, however negatives too, had time off booked, and approved, but then it clached with some other stuff, and was in the black book for a while. Also never any support if complaints about living conditions, and expenses always have to come out of pocket, which may not always be easy, with deb
  3. Just to clarify, I will NOT set myself up in a bad light on purpose, so I will give ample warning (1 month will be adequate I think, and not leaving until the season is mostly compete). what makes it hard is one of the specialties we do in the wintertime, and this might make some trouble, but not worldshattering so. And no, I wont leave on a bad note either. Other factors are family life, which at this stage is non-existent. Also the planning for the season only got complete a couple of weeks ago, thus no chance to plan times off with the family (wife). The new opportunit
  4. Not a rookie on the boards, just protecting my backsides in case the boss peruses the forum. Background, approx 3000 hours Lights, Intermediates, very little twin time, IFR and Instructor So here I am, somewhere in Canada, with an offer to leave. Problem is, I am Loyal, and don't want to be causing trouble, and in the end I actually feel that Iam being used, simply because I am so darned loyal. I will always go in on days off if needed, work the shittyest spots, just cause I am a nice guy, and often steamrolled, just 'cause. Now I am at a possible crossroads, meaning I have an o
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