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  1. Thanks for all the useful info Go Costal, thank god I asked as that is really not how I though it would be. From what i've read you can go straight to instructing in America. So what do most newly qualified pilots do to build there hours?
  2. So if the quality of instructors is very good in Canada but they are few and far between, where does that leave a newly qualified commercial pilot? The usual route in say America or UK is to become an instructor to build hours, is it possible to be an instructor with under 200 hours in Canada?
  3. Hi all, I'm new to the scene and am currently spending every spare minute researching all corners of the industry. I have been leaning towards taking up my training in Canada, mainly because my UK pounds will get me quite far plus the scenery is amazing, visa'a are easier to obtain and the jobs available seem to be varied and interesting. I also want to work in Canada after obtaining my CPL and figured that a Canadian employer would be more willing to take me on as I'd trained there. BUT this discussion has got me thinking again, training in America would get me an extra
  4. Hi all Just to introduce myself, i'm from the UK and am currently researching the possibilities of doing the CPL(H) in Canada. I have trawled through countless posts for hours on end and was wondering if anyone would mind helping me out with a few questions:- Is there a school which would give you reduced training costs in Canada in return for work upon completion? Most schools use either the Schweizer or the Robinson for training but which would give me the best job prospects? I understand that once the CPL has been completed the best way to build hours it to instruct
  5. Hi all I am a 23 yr old UK citizen and have been exploring the possibilities of gaining my commercial helicopter licence in Canada. I have a few questions if anyone would mind helping me out! 1. Is CAD50,000 enough? 2. Is accom/food provided in any schools? 3. Is a visa easily available for the training period PLUS employment afterwards? 4. Can I go straight into a CPL without having to do the PPL first? 5. Are there any finance options available? 6. Any other thoughts good or bad would be great! p.s. I've tried searching through the forums but couldnt find the a
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