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  1. It vaires. The best folks to talk to about it are your recruiters (but be advised, recruiting isn't what they signed on for and not all of them either want to be there or are even competent. Be gentle with them. :-P ). Just ask what steps are left and what the timeframe looks like. You have passed the first big hurdle for sure. They are interested. The medical isn't really something you can control - unless you are sick. There is the possibility of rescheduling if you have the flu or some such and think it may affect the medical. The interview isn't bad. Remember that at this p
  2. I appreciate both seeing these and the effort of sorting them from the other reports. Keep them coming! Each is an opportunity to learn to reduce risk before I am in a similar situation myself. About the only suggestion I could make would be that if these topics are really so offensive to some people that they get their own area - something for incidents, safety and advice. I just know that there is a wealth of experience out there that we lowtimers would love to mine.
  3. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this operator. I wouldn't mind picking up one of their aircraft at auction prices. :-D
  4. While you are at it, Mr. Skidz, could you move me to the employment section of the industry as well?
  5. Well said, Darren! And thanks to the rest of you for giving us low timers some perspective on what the thought process is on the other side of the interviews. It doesn't look easy from either side. Joel
  6. As any honest survivalist will tell you, you never stop learning or improving your kit. I am taking notes on the bags and stoves as I usually just cobble what I have together. My Mil-spec bivvy bag is old and cumbersome, so it is more likely to be left at home. One thing I forget to mention on a regular basis is a good soft candle. Rub it over any cloth and you get an instant, if temporary waterproofing. It also does well for the usual candle type operations,
  7. Survival kit: -A handful of steel wool and a battery work well in any survival kit, although I have at various times had lighters, matches, hand cleaner, flint and striker and a lens. -I prefer paracord to most other rope for its multiple uses. -Plastic bags of various sizes (small sandwitch types to keep critical stuff dry, shopping sizes for boot liners, etcetera). -A small roll of duct tape. -I now have a 3/4 length fleece blanket and love it. -A good knife for hacking at stuff, and a good blade for cutting. -A mirror. -A pot to put it in -various other bits of kit that I
  8. While not holding my breath, I am thinking this sounds a lot like progress!
  9. This is the truth, but add to it that it has become the norm for an injured party to sue everyone and thing associated with an incident in order to maximize liability and recieve compensation from as many sources as possible. The theory is that if they lose one case, they may well get paid from another. Expect many more lawsuits, countersuits and payouts in the near future. Makes it hard to run a business anymore.
  10. Anyone who can bring Bloom County into a conversation deserves a +1 in my book!
  11. But if he continues to stretch the truth like that, the insurance companies will just require more expensive craft with more experienced crew on progressively simpler jobs. oh wait.
  12. I had thought that if the machine is in operation, and you are PIC, you are working. If the machine is running there should be no twiddling of thumbs. You will be the one responsable if there is a problem, as in the collective jumping up during a hydraulics check (as a recent example). If you are working, you should be getting credit and paid for it. Or am I missing something?
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