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  1. Well you seem to be trying to keep an open fire going. Next time try "throw some gas on an open fire"
  2. If that is your best advice, then you do not do your research very well or you would know that RFK is one of the true fruitcake anti vaxxers. However, I suspect that you know that very well. https://www.mcgill.ca/oss/article/covid-19-health-pseudoscience/anti-vaccine-propaganda-robert-f-kennedy-jr Gerry
  3. If you are going to post this kind of crap, at least do minimal research. This jerk lives 25 miles north of me. Englehart, Ont., doctor sanctioned for 'disgraceful' conduct related to COVID-19
  4. In the first place, this accident happened in the US and the previous poster was referring to instructors in Canada. Secondly, and with much respect for the crew that suffered this terrible ending. it would not have mattered if the instructor had 10K hours or the ink was still wet on his license, like yours.
  5. Don't know if you have seen this before but I was looking for information about Al Soutar who was with Sealand when I was there and came across this article about a particular helicopter which your Dad and Al both flew. https://vertipedia-legacy.vtol.org/szyncer-gottlieb-sg-vi-d_v_sep-oct_2014.pdf Scroll down to page 5/7 Regards Gerry
  6. Doug; That was KHP I think and yes Terry was flying. Still miss him so much after all these years.
  7. Doug; I was going to send you a message that you are getting old but I see that you remembered Jim Lewis. If I am not mistaken, he came to Klondike from Alpine when all they had was the little Bell 47 operation in Calgaary. I worked with Jim Lewis on KHQ and he was a tremendous person and pilot. Take care Doug.
  8. I remember Dave very well, when he was the engineer for Northern Helicopters in Norman Wells and Gerry Nel was the pilot. That would have been the late 60s or very early 70s.I was the base engineer for Okanagan and Jan Rustad was the base pilot. Oh what fun we had with Ron Jackson of Alpine and all the crews that used to pass through going up or down the river. The greatest gang of people I have ever worked with. Gerry
  9. https://www.google.com/search?q=dave+dunstan+airbus&rlz=1C1PRFI_enCA874CA874&oq=Dave+Dunstan&aqs=chrome.2.0i512j0i22i30l5.3491j0j15&sourceid
  10. First met him at Grimsby in the UK when we worked for Bristow. A true gentleman who always took the time for people. Met him a few times in Canada after we returned but after going our separate ways, never ran across him again. Such sad news which seems to be happening more often these days. Always a true gentleman! Gerry
  11. ..KAPUSKASING, Ont. - Three people were killed Wednesday when their helicopter crashed in a remote area of northern Ontario. There were no survivors in the crash about 25 kilometres south of Kapuskasing, said Chris Krepski, a spokesman with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada. Two of the agency's investigators were on their way to the site, he said late Wednesday afternoon, adding they will be starting their work Thursday morning. The helicopter pilot was identified as Greg Sawyer, 39, of North Bay, Ont. Also killed were Dan Simis, 47, of Val Rita, Ont., and Chad McQuade,
  12. Grasshopper and alouette; Good to see that you guys are still on the go. Don't know if you remember Ron Tekano but he was Ralph's brother-in-law. Just so sad thinking of the hand Ralph was dealt. Remember the days in Norman Wells, Gerry. It seems a lifetime ago when you were beating the skies with the Alouette 11. Remember Rocky Rochfort and the Gazelle? Sad to hear of his recent passing. Haven't seen or heard of Dave (Hemmaroid) in years. Terry; Other than the years at Rivers, haven't seen you since the last time I was out with Cap on the 205. Hope all is well with bot
  13. I am sure a few of the older guys on here will remember Ralph who had his hangar out at Delta Airpark next to Don Crowe. Hancock, Ralph Edward ARRIVAL: Jan. 14, 1937 DEPARTURE: Mar. 13, 2011 The calm after the storm came when our beloved husband and father departed on March 13, 2011 following a lengthy illness that hindered his quality of life. Ralph is now at peace and we as a family find great comfort in that thought as he is now free to "fly". Predeceased by his mother Alice and brothers Jim and Claire. Ralph is survived by his loving wife of 47 years, Verna; daughters Gin
  14. First worked with Rocky in the early '70s when he brought the Haida Gazelle to Norman Wells. He was truly one of the great gentlemen of the business and I am sure the echoes of his stories are still rolling up and down the river. Take care my friend. Gerry
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