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  1. I remember Dave very well, when he was the engineer for Northern Helicopters in Norman Wells and Gerry Nel was the pilot. That would have been the late 60s or very early 70s.I was the base engineer for Okanagan and Jan Rustad was the base pilot. Oh what fun we had with Ron Jackson of Alpine and all the crews that used to pass through going up or down the river. The greatest gang of people I have ever worked with. Gerry
  2. https://www.google.com/search?q=dave+dunstan+airbus&rlz=1C1PRFI_enCA874CA874&oq=Dave+Dunstan&aqs=chrome.2.0i512j0i22i30l5.3491j0j15&sourceid
  3. First met him at Grimsby in the UK when we worked for Bristow. A true gentleman who always took the time for people. Met him a few times in Canada after we returned but after going our separate ways, never ran across him again. Such sad news which seems to be happening more often these days. Always a true gentleman! Gerry
  4. ..KAPUSKASING, Ont. - Three people were killed Wednesday when their helicopter crashed in a remote area of northern Ontario. There were no survivors in the crash about 25 kilometres south of Kapuskasing, said Chris Krepski, a spokesman with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada. Two of the agency's investigators were on their way to the site, he said late Wednesday afternoon, adding they will be starting their work Thursday morning. The helicopter pilot was identified as Greg Sawyer, 39, of North Bay, Ont. Also killed were Dan Simis, 47, of Val Rita, Ont., and Chad McQuade,
  5. Grasshopper and alouette; Good to see that you guys are still on the go. Don't know if you remember Ron Tekano but he was Ralph's brother-in-law. Just so sad thinking of the hand Ralph was dealt. Remember the days in Norman Wells, Gerry. It seems a lifetime ago when you were beating the skies with the Alouette 11. Remember Rocky Rochfort and the Gazelle? Sad to hear of his recent passing. Haven't seen or heard of Dave (Hemmaroid) in years. Terry; Other than the years at Rivers, haven't seen you since the last time I was out with Cap on the 205. Hope all is well with bot
  6. I am sure a few of the older guys on here will remember Ralph who had his hangar out at Delta Airpark next to Don Crowe. Hancock, Ralph Edward ARRIVAL: Jan. 14, 1937 DEPARTURE: Mar. 13, 2011 The calm after the storm came when our beloved husband and father departed on March 13, 2011 following a lengthy illness that hindered his quality of life. Ralph is now at peace and we as a family find great comfort in that thought as he is now free to "fly". Predeceased by his mother Alice and brothers Jim and Claire. Ralph is survived by his loving wife of 47 years, Verna; daughters Gin
  7. First worked with Rocky in the early '70s when he brought the Haida Gazelle to Norman Wells. He was truly one of the great gentlemen of the business and I am sure the echoes of his stories are still rolling up and down the river. Take care my friend. Gerry
  8. As Pottsy said, "Oh those Fridays at the Crossroads". Wonderful times and great people. Godspeed Howie, A legend in your time. Say Hi to Terry C., Grant W. and John and Jerry Gerry Whalen
  9. Stretch; Very sorry to hear of your loss. Bob and Alvin together provided some great times and laughs. Why does the word "spincker" come to mind? Take care Rick, you still doing time with Jimmie? Regards Gerry
  10. Don; I am sure Jim will be waiting with a full glass. Losing too many lately and it probably reflects our age. But what a time we have had! All the best, Gerry
  11. Lord Alfred Tennyson Sunset and evening star, And one clear call for me! And may there be no moaning of the bar, When I put out to sea, But such a tide as moving seems asleep, Too full for sound and foam, When that which drew from out the boundless deep Turns again home. Twilight and evening bell, And after that the dark! And may there be no sadness of farewell, When I embark; For tho’ from out our bourne of Time and Place The flood may bear me far, I hope to see my Pilot face to face When I have
  12. Latest from TSB re the Cougar S92: http://www.tsb.gc.ca/eng/medias-media/maje...mi-a09a0016.asp carholme
  13. Some great guys who are gone: Ed Pruss John Leslie Donnie Roadhouse Terry Churcott Derrick Ellis Bill Myers Quentin Fitch Chuck Taylor carholme
  14. Maybe it is time to look back and see another point of view, especially when we think we have all the answers and are so quick to judge. Cap and others will understand as this was written in 1973 and no matter how much things change, they often remain the same. A TRIBUTE TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA The Good Neighbor Widespread, but only partial, news coverage was given recently to a remarkable editorial broadcast from Toronto by Gordon Sinclair, a Canadian television commentator. What follows is the full text of his trenchant remarks as printed in the Congressional Record:
  15. Skidz; Thanks for being responsible enough to answer some of the questions. I wish your organization every success. carholme
  16. Heliguy has hit the nail on the head. All through these threads, anytime someone has asked what HEPAC is going to do, they have been told that you have to join so that a group of people will be able to present ideas, create the ruling structure, etc., to get this off the ground. Yet, unilaterally you have submitted a proposal to TC regarding SMS. licensing etc. Who gave you the right to do this and what if HEPAC fails to attract enough members to become a viable entity? On what strength did HEPAC make this proposal without a proper board of governance and the capacity to support such an object
  17. You have to remember that many of the new guys being checked out on the mediums are younger than the a/c itself. Speaking of MQN. we had it in Norman Wells and Inuvik in the early 70s, flown by guys like Jimmy D, when he wasn't dreaming about his cement sailboats. The first 212 course I attended was 1970 for Bow Helicopters for their first 212. BHF. The guys I was on course with were Jake the Snake, Jack L. and Russ S. carholme
  18. Jim; Back in the 70s when I worked for Bristow in Egypt, we had a Bristow Australia 205 comeing up to 25K at that time. Bristow had several 212s that were up to the 25-30K mark. Quite frankly, if the airframe has been well tended to and there is no corrosion, you can keep throwing good components into them and they are still one of the best workhorses around but logging with them is another story. carholme
  19. BR; With reference to Mr. Jenner and lying or perjury, choose whatever you wish. Here is a quote from his story if you choose to read it. "As for rumours of greater involvement on my part, I would point out that were I guilty of anything else, I would most certainly have been prosecuted for it and the results reported along with the possession charge for which I allowed a guilty plea to be entered." He did not state at that time that it was not a guilty plea entered in court. Therefore, if it was not a court of law and a plea under oath, then he is guilty of lying, as he said t
  20. BuletRemington; Reading through the various posts in this thread, I do not see anybody attacking Mr. Jenner as a person. He opted to promote his story on this anonymous forum using his own name and understanding the anonymity which is the rule here. By posting his story we have to presume that he was expecting responses from those anonymous members. The main points of his story are the illegality of the moose meat procured with illegal use of a helicopter and secondly his dismissal from his post at HAC. The issue of the illegal moose meat is simply that, he was caught and charged. T
  21. Mr. Jenner; Your choice of the word hate is unfortunate. I do not hate you and never have. My reasons for disagreement are posted. I do not have to defend them. You have openly stated what you have done and what you are going to do. It is you as the ex President of the HAC who were caught entangled in this mess. Dare I question the wrath which would have come down on an operator caught in similiar circumstances on your watch? This is a public forum on which you have come to seek the sympathy of those you left behind in your ivory tower. And now it disturbs you that when you nee
  22. The person being discussed was willing to plead guilty to the courts to assist another member in getting his helicopter back. That is lying to the court. And now that things have gone wrong, the story changes and he wants to use the same courts to sue someone for breach of contract. Would any of you as the President of HAC, knowing that helicopter hunting was illegal, willingly plead guilty for some sleaze who was committing a crime with a helicopter? As President of HAC and representing all of the operator members, would you not have protected the HAC name in court by vigorously attacking
  23. The Wyatt referred to in my previous post was Grant Wyatt and we last worked together in Ethiopia. He was from a gang of Wyatts who grew out of the Copter Shop days in Calgary. Truly a wonderful human being. carholme
  24. The most important thing I have strived for in my career is to ensure that the pilots rear end is firmly stuck to a bar stool at the end of the day. I grew up in a time when we began with the mediums and flew virtually every hour with the pilot. The most important thing I ever realized was that: IF THERE WAS A MEATHEAD IN THE CROWD, HE WAS USUALLY STANDING IN MY SHOES!. Pruss, Elby, Churcott, Porko, Bell, Freeman, Williamson, Lewis, Sharikow, Kobyashi, Ellis, Potter, Wyatt, Myers, on and on and on, many of them gone but never forgotten for everything they gave me and taught me a
  25. Blackmac; In one instance you state that you have submitted a proposal to TC and on the other hand that they have asked you to. Of this I can assure you, every aspect of Canadian Aviation will be under the ramifications of Bill C-7 regardless of how you try to portray what your oganization may be doing. For the rest of your ramblings, I find your answers completely incoherent and anyone with a basic knowledge of CARs would not be uttering the rubbish which you put forth, concerning Canadian registered aircraft or helicopters. Your self importance comes through quite strong
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