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  1. We have two "EX" Ec 120 private owner here that had the same probleme.
  2. why he did not land immediately??? That should be prior action right?
  3. Imagine a contract pilot charging an operator for each pairs of shorts he got dirty. No way! Same things for tie raps or rags.
  4. perfect job for a low timer on the training.....
  5. My goodness...talk about close calls. HB, that one's for ya...with regards.
  6. I felt transported......t'sabout somebody trhow's some shakespare..i was expecting L3...but man, em i suprise!!! All jokes apart, i would love to see(fly around) this country!
  7. OT what you said is right, but don't get to fast on the horse here, the only "hyper critical, rite something too long" person here his probably Mr L3. I'm not against "Really big ballS" maneuvers like this, the only things i can say is that i'm not quit ready to do that. That kinda of ops to me are fairly close to the edge of that small little envelope we got to work with, only experience pilot should go there, but it still amazingly close in that vid! don't you think?
  8. check this one diving inverted completely blind. 2:35 http://www.youtube.com/user/goWernerTV#p/u/5/2HQov3qz4Wo
  9. Tito held the nation in a grip of fear for many years and only after his death did things fall apart. Who????José????? Insider for the ones concern. Yeah Plumber...keep that tiny little glue lid in the pot man. Nobody wants to know..pffff..
  10. I deeply sympathize with you guy's.
  11. Okay okay, last one from me.....for your info HB, porc is the leanest meat you can find after horses meet. How about a good horse steak???
  12. OHH my god!!!! Here we go....I'll have the mud hot and ready for you two to jump in. C'mon guy's! ridiculous! HB i was just wondering if you like porc shops???.
  13. got to register...Faaair amout of info and lots of FM'S. http://heliwrench.com/fmdownloads.html
  14. Finaly got it poped? Pfffffff
  15. Well.... My girl friend at this time use to live there(Kapus) D.Belair. I tell ya......this planet is so small. I know every trail in the bush up there....from timmins to thunder city.
  16. Hearst???? Well....let me know who you are, been there(Lived there) 3 years.
  17. oui monsieur!!!!But don't tel everybody!
  18. this thread's getting [email protected] boring. L3 You should start written a book....Title?.....I'm a foreigner pilot working(or not) in canadaé.
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MyYHjXOjH8...feature=related Don't know what to thing of the last one......but !!!
  20. We need Don to give away everything he got, and rebuild the once HEPAC that had crashed. We need someone who will give his life(or whats left of it) to really built the damned thing and make it work. You can't ask a pilot or anybody else who has a job full time, to do another job full time. HEPAC need surrounded mentored business man, full time . RIGHT ?
  21. Right..more understandable now...VNE doesn't seem to bother European pilot...short traveling time compare to Canadian OPS where we get long stripes Of traveling. As for the vision, i got to say, with the collective extender and a ft line, right skid low...could be a nice asset. Thanks Freddie.
  22. Trying to get an answer about the buble and the collective extender, why don't we see it over here??? AED pulled a good answer but i think there's more.
  23. Very strong posibilities .... you seem very smart! Why not showing it once again!
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