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  1. The initial medical has to be done in Gatwick (UK)....for renewal you have several examiners in Canada, including one in Victoria (BC): here is the list for CAA approved examiners in the world.. http://www.caa.co.uk/application.aspx?catid=49&pagetype=65&appid=21&mode=list&county=Non-UK Bell4can
  2. Airmedic is the answer...1 AS365 in Mirabel, the other one in Chicoutimi(?) to be replaced by 429s in the future (at least that's is what I heard a while back). Bell4can
  3. Hello Walter, Good wishes and a speedy recovery to the crew.. Cheers, Jean-christophe
  4. 412driver: From Pprune: Pilot: Kerry Walchucq (Canada) Co-pilot: Jacques Pierrard (France) RIP
  5. Bad news : A S64 crashed in on a fire fighting mission in Corsica (France) this morning. The crew (a french and a canadian) did not survived. According to the french website (http://info.france2.fr/france/4076273-fr.php), it had some mechanical (?) problems and was going to land to a military base when the accident happened. Was it a S64 from Canadian Air-Crane? Bell4can
  6. I was in Cochrane the other day and it seems they have 5 helicopters at the moment and they are pretty busy too.
  7. Hello all, Check this video: http://www.premiumwanadoo.com/kind-of-magi...uil_as350ba.mpg Tahiti low level...... Safe flight Bell4can
  8. Last year the salary (gross) for a copilot was 2300 can$ + 35 can$ per diem (during the 2 weeks on). 2 weeks on/off. Travel is paid by company.
  9. Here is the posting: Position Type: Logging Timestamp: 1/19/2004 6:40:34 PM Company: Croman Corporation ContactPerson: Richard Snapp Phone: 541-826-4455 Email: richards@croman.net FaxNo: 541-826-4730 WebSite: Ad: Croman Corporation is accepting applications for the following positions in CANADA: All applicants must be a Canadian Citizen or have landed immigrant status; be willing to work in remote areas and live in a camp situation while on shift, and have or be willing to obtain FAA commercial license and FAA Class II medical. Please fax resumes to 541-826-4730
  10. I know of a few pilots in the east who recently bought Gallet helmets and have problems with the sound system. The Quebec dealer says it sends the helmet to David Clark to be fitted with the communication set but it seems the helmets get the communication set from a local company, which does not do a very good job....so I have heard........ Apparently the situation is better on the west coast. cheers
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