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  1. Looks like a pretty decent choice. Let's hope the promise proves itself.
  2. Everybody seems to have their favorite or most-hated but, if you work in the rocks or the Arctic, you'd better have an Iridium satellite-based unit. The Globalstar just doesn't hack it.
  3. It's what keeps us, human, Bob, and when we lose our humanity I'm not sure I'll want to play any more. I'd be surprised if you offended anyone.
  4. Kyle, as my question will indicate, I've been away awhile. Is my old login of downwash gone?


  5. Bob, while I have to agree with the generality of your observation about the altered demeanor of our industry, I do need to say that I didn't discern any disrespect in any of the posts about yesterday's Prism loss (to which I assume you're referring). Unfortunately, when we've been in this industry for decades we've all, of course, lost more friends than we want to count. We've also seen many of the myriad ways in which people handle loss - some of which we often don't understand. I've seen people that I know are not in any way callous appear to be so, simply because they can't handle los
  6. Human words fall far short of adequately expressing most views of such tragedy.
  7. Interesting discussion. Having done both, considerably, I have to say I'd opt for the line if this old back would let me but, since it stopped letting me, I had to revert to the old mirror I learned on those many years ago and, yes, I've been pretty effective with the mirror and a 150' line. Is it ideal? No, but it kept me getting the job done although, admittedly, not on production work (duh!). And I don't want the engine failure at either altitude, thanks. Neither is a fun time for anyone around.
  8. Sorry, but no hints allowed. Probably quite surprising, though.
  9. Heard pick from short list of 3 to be announced soon.
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