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  1. I learned a lot from Wray years ago when I was an apprentice. I definitely trusted his honest opinion, and he was one of the best guys out there on the 206. My condolences to all the friends and family of Wray Palmer. He's probably already playing a game on the big hockey rink in the sky.
  2. Thanks Nutmix, that is very comparable to our experiences. I did hear from an O/H shop that new bellows are being installed, and the material has changed. I believe the old ones that worked fine were brass, and the new ones are stainless (I believe). In this scenario, a person has to rig for the first start of the day, or the warmer subsequent starts. A little more investigation and time for sure. thanks guys.
  3. Anyone else experiencing hotter starts with their recently overhauled FCU's? Looking into some info on this problem, and reports of a different type of bellows being installed in the FCU at OH. Does anyone else have input, stories, or rigging tips on this problem?
  4. pay the fee, and write their CARS equivalent exam (on their soil). I don't think you can write at an embassy, unfortunately. Maybe someone else can add to this basic explanation. cheers
  5. x2. but then there will always be hungry young ones willing to fill in the vacancy
  6. Is the 'Cables and Connectors" course B212 specific, or just Bell specific?
  7. Mr. RR would never get involved in a tangled web.
  8. I came across a truckload of army surplus from Germany a few years ago. There were dozens of German parkas for the Berlin wall guards during that 'episode'. They were long enough to touch your knees, weighed a ton, and guaranteed comfort, even standing for 12 hours on a bloody concrete wall. hindsight is 20/20. I wish I bought them, and sold them to other poor souls much like myself. BTW: my goose is all I need.
  9. wow kato, that looks pretty good. That's exactly what I'm looking for/or building.
  10. I ordered my pelican from custom case co here in canada. free shipping, and decent prices. My thoughts are that baggage handlers will bash the #### out of something that 'looks' like a tool box, where as they may take care with a pelican because a camera might be inside. maybe I'm wrong.
  11. What are most people using for bush boxes these days? I've been using a big heavy steel one, and am considering trying something different this summer (pelican case). At least I could save 25 lbs of steel. thoughts
  12. sioux for me also. snap on isn't bad (feathering trigger is nice) but I would still love to have a desoutter.
  13. Had a mud fight with a CP once. A few people here probably know Steve and that event.
  14. mediums-more than likely 'resource' heli. If you are good with a rivet gun, CHS is always busy.
  15. I agree, I can't do much with it in the bush, other than confirm the obvious. The object is to test the radios before everything leaves for the summer. When the machine leaves for the arctic for a few months, I want the radios proven to be serviceable when they leave. I'm not prepared to go into the boxes like a radio shop, that's beyond our scope. I just want confirmation that tx is strong, reflected power is acceptable, and our co-ax and antenna is good. I was just curious on what slugs people had in their kit? Or other opinions? (SWR meter opinions?) Thanks guys!
  16. I'm just putting together a test kit, and was curious what most ame's found was the most useful collection of slugs for the Bird 43 wattmeter. For the most part, I'm only concerned with testing VHF and FM. Also, has anyone found the 'Peak Power' kit a useful addition to the trusty Bird.
  17. Any courses coming up in the spring 09? Also looking for B205 courses. thx
  18. any seats open? I might be interested in one seat. Any ideas on cost?
  19. Nope, don't know him. I'm not sure on the bitterness, or why I got that response. cheers
  20. Take it easy pal. There is no need for the high stress level! There will more work next summer.
  21. you'll have to prove yourself on small stuff first. mediums are a totally different ball game, and it's easy to get in over your head. Another path would be eagle in calgary. When you build them up from a jig, you will probably bank some valuble time too. let us know how it goes
  22. I just seen my first one on a 206L. It looks like a great idea/install, but a pain in the *** for ame's climbing onto the deck to work. It sure sticks out a ways. Great idea in my opinion
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