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  1. Just curious who's running the R44 Newscopter out of Toronto/Buttonville these days? Has anybody flown for them that would be willing to share some experiences? Do they hire lowtimers? Mostly just curious. Might be interested in perusing some heli flying again mostly for fun. Cheers, Rob
  2. As a current, serving member of the Canadian Forces (Royal Canadian Artillery), this is very exciting news!! It's great to see Ottawa taking steps to preserve our proud military history for future generations. Well done!!
  3. Huddy, Just curious if you know if the program is open to current, serving NCM's in the Primary Reserve. I just joined the Artillery Reserve in Red Deer and am supposed to start training right away with Basic this summer ect. ect. Or is it only open to ex-reg force pilots? Always wanted to be a pilot in the reg force but four years of university has been the only hold up at this point.... Anyways, thanks for the info......
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