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  1. :up: This is too hillarious... geezzz ... goldie is rigth ... the story is rigth on the table ... i had to laugh... well just my 2 cents .. i am out of the industry too for the time being and i think it don't take a DR.PHd . in DPH to see that there is nothing out there for now. anyhow i would ad the whole story to my threed ... Good old Storys ... in a few years .. Please keep bitching and moaning and a bit of christmas too, so it gives me something to laugh about ... and i hope i will remember that again when i have to surfive or dive ... did i spellt
  2. Thanks to all thos gentlemen who depite the mud-slingin just post their story's Yeah and by the way you all got it rigth ... English ? what is that ? my 3rd or maybe 4th language... sorry you may try some of them too ... makes it way easyer to travel the world ... or do you speek NATIVE CANADIAN ? smile .... no ofence to anybody i just thought it's funny HB.
  3. bought just recently a ALPHA Eagle from helicopterhelmets.comdown in the states took a bit long to deliver but away from that my mesurements did ad up whit the size i got dual lenses no volume control but very ligth ... can't tell you how it wares since i am not so busy rigth now .... but lighter and not so bulky like the gentec .... i love it was 1600.- with shiping when the dollar was par ... now a days i bet its close to 2k. ? need more info ... enjoy . HB
  4. Sounds funny .... keep em coming .... please I like to laugh.... Thanks
  5. Thanksa lot for those story's and keep em coming. I got an other, not a crazy one, just something i thought when i heard it, that was a good move. So also he flw along, on the summer over the woods an hour away from the town and had his passanger riding alsong, then this imature young gentleman started to knok on his helmet knok knok knok, he was a bit disturbed and ask, what was that for? and looked back at him, the kid just smiling and looking out the window, a couple minutes later knok knok knok.... he said please don't do that again, i don't like it and if is very disturbing...
  6. Sometimes i wonder, and even right now when the winter sets in. It's Time to bring up a more fun, learning and joyfully topic. What's about the story's what happened when .... I mean the things everybody likes to hear because all what it is, is passing on those things that may can go wrong and did not because of ...bla bla bla bla ... Where are those Story's ? Anyone ? I think in these days, instead of letting our minds circle around what happens next .... and it doesn't look to rosy, why not start learning from each other..... It shows in all PDM lectures that a lot of stress isn
  7. Well Shakey put it this way, if you don't mind taking the side from the emplyee. Look in your own reigns how many good workers do you know, canadians... ? well there are the oldtimers who know how to behave, and learnd their DRINKING limmits and are a professional bunch of good guys. Congratulations to you all guys. But then you got those young guys who have to have all kind of toys and have to gegeet ham mmm merd every weekend if not more frequently, kinda rednecks or so... how many of those make it more than one summer ? or shall i say one shift .... well there are the lucky once because
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