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  1. Heros....hum. May be out of the topic...But even a civil can become a hero : been there done that bought the t-shirt ...Rwanda war 1994 .Buddy and I where heroes for a few days .Got the helicopters belong to the contractor out of there during the peak of the war, those where flying for UN.not to long after we became zero.Guest wrong place wrong moment.PILOT LIFE. PS.Why we did that???up to these day no answer.
  2. They burn ARTIC diesel a bit different from the regular diesel
  3. Great Guy ...work with him in West Africa on the ONCHO project. RIP.Dean
  4. MEY....I flew that bird In Trinidad "Galeota" For a national petroleum cie. On an Offshore rigs .At that time it was under Sealand Helicopter name.
  5. Hey Jac...At one point with air alma we had 12 of them I also got over 1500hrs on them... great machine to fly and fix.The cawling was sliding on the tail boom: so it was good acces to the trainy,tubine and what we call the "Hydra Pack"connected to the SAS,and also Oil interconnect reservoir. Good souvenirs and great machine to fly
  6. Hello, Is this Richard Thompson? how ya going?

  7. Oh yes a "sad"end there in chiboug....for Steeve Richardson.
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