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  1. Just recently a few videos have been posted on Youtube. First Start http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cTADQlNaxk&feature=plcp First Hover http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNFeve8RULY&feature=plcp
  2. Here's the newswire story from today. Newswire Story 1000th Bell 407
  3. So the 1000th Bell 407 rolls out tomorrow (6/15) at Mirabel. Who's the lucky customer?
  4. Could be why Air Methods cancel their plans to order 2 dozen. "The handover was a bittersweet milestone for Bell as launch customer Air Methods cancelled plans to purchase more than two dozen additional 429s, citing useful load issues in its decision to switch to Eurocopter models, including EC130s." Full Story Another Article
  5. Isn't it the same as what was the Bell 417? Same power, same cowling, same specs etc..
  6. Having experienced a similar event many years ago(main electrical panel short), and walking in Monday morning to find everything completely gone is not a good feeling. You take one day at a time, you'll bounce back before you know it. Good luck.
  7. Sorry to Winnie for hijacking his thread for help, although it doesn't look like he needs much. Not to worry on crashing the thing, I have all the molds. I sure enjoy seeing very talented guys showing their work here. George
  8. They're mine, I've scratch built everything on all three.... the 206B, 206L and 407. My mold count is in excess if 120 at this point and growing by the day. Regards, George
  9. I'll have two different versions, one electric and one miniature turbine (Wren) powered. These are a few electric motors to be tested. The mechanics and scale rotor heads are being custom machined as we speak. Everything will be mounted on top of the cabin as the full scale so the interior will be open and fully detailed. Here's a cardboard mock-up used to test fit everything. Winnie, your dash looks great!!, I admire the detail and difficulty working in that scale.
  10. Well if building models is childish, then I'm one big kid. I'm working on three scratch built 1/4 scalers which will eventually fly. BTW, I can help you out with the 212 details. Regards, George
  11. I heard another 429 has rolled off the assembly line (PHI?) and is expected to arrive in Fort Forth Monday the 24th.
  12. N911ED was Mercy Air's triple duce, an Air Methods ship, wonder if they're replacing it with a 429.
  13. Does anyone know who's taking first deliveries of the Bell 429 this month?
  14. In short, The "Huey Tuck" is a phenomena caused when the helicopter noses over too far on takeoff, the increased wind resistance on the flat top of the Huey forces the nose downwards. Pulling the cyclic back would not overcome the pressure on the roof. Pulling up on the collective added power to the system, causing a higher speed crash. R
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