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  1. Condolences to the friends and family of John.
  2. Sorry bout that! I never look at the video section. Merry X-mas!
  3. http://www.3news.co.nz/Lucky-to-come-away-unscathed/tabid/367/articleID/233786/Default.aspx There is more disscussion and video links over at http://www.avcanada.ca/forums2/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=77973 Happy to see the pilot walked away
  4. http://www.aviation.ca/content/view/10311/117/ Search for missing helicopter pilot ends The search for a missing helicopter pilot has ended with the discovery of the Aerospatiale A350 and its lone occupant. Unfortunately, when Canadian Forces Search and Rescue Technicians (SAR tech) arrived on scene, the pilot Rod Phillipson, was found without vital signs. “We would like to thank the communities for their support through phoning in with search tips and for their respect for the family’s wishes for privacy during this difficult time,” said Searchmaster, Captain David Burneau, 442 Transport and Rescue Squadron, 19 Wing Comox. “The thoughts and prayers of the entire search team are with the family right now.” The missing Aeropatiale A350 helicopter was discovered by a resupply helicopter from Wildcat Helicopters Kelowna doing unrelated work in the search area. Upon sighting an object in the mountains, the pilot of the helicopter radioed the Kelowna-based search headquarters. A CH-149 Cormorant helicopter was dispatched to the area and a SAR tech was hoisted down and confirmed the missing pilot and helicopter had been found. The crash scene was located near Coquihalla mountain. Transport Canada and the B.C. Coroner’s Office have been advised. The Aerospatial A350 with its lone occupant was initially reported missing Friday evening, September 16. Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Victoria immediately launched a search with Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) aircraft. After two days of searching, a search headquarters was established at Kelowna to concentrate resources in the search area between Hope, the aircraft’s last known whereabouts, and its destination of Kelowna. At its height, the search involved five RCAF Search and Rescue aircraft and 15 Civil Air Search and Rescue Association (CASARA) aircraft flown by volunteers. 442 Transport and Rescue Squadron, from 19 Wing Comox and 435 Transport and Rescue Squadron, 17 Wing Winnipeg, participated in the search, as did several dozen CASARA volunteers. Condolences to all
  5. NOPE ! Care to provide a little more information
  6. If you use this site https://www.safecom.gov/search.asp it lists all the forestry events. I looked from the first of this year through to today for Alaska and I don't see anything. They seem pretty thorough filing reports. every small event is covered.
  7. Slow spring/summer in most places. Anyone seeing any fire action yet? Usually Alberta has a few starts prior to green up.
  8. I am kinda thinking that if things go south .. the position of the gear is not gonna save much!!!
  9. Sorry if this has been posted. First time I saw it. http://devour.com/video/worlds-fastest-helicopter/
  10. Sure nice reading about the employees that like CHL. BUT..back to the subject heading.. It was not all that long ago that DA had their hand out asking for forgiveness on NWT loans. How is it that a company that is really just a shell, buy out another company that I could only assume is not being sold for nothing? Boggles ones mind. Having said that, it is a good time to try to capitalize(corner) on the northern market with the recent announcement of approval for the gas pipeline. I am sure there will be a few dollars made in the rotary wing industry before/during and after the pipeline goes through.
  11. I like the new bold look.. BUT..I think ( feel ) that the first four headers in the "Discussions" forums could easily be grouped into one header. It is not like the forum is real busy, and now I am having to look at 4 different headers to see what what previously in one! Just my 2 cents.. Otherwise..great job!!!
  12. Maybe there will be an Airborne person that will inform us of its mission.
  13. Yep it was..or did..then it left there heading west towards Alaska. has it gone back to "the homeland"?
  14. I saw the Mi-26 winging (flinging) its way west-ward. Has it left Canada? Or was there more than one of those here?
  15. Ted Wiggins- Shirley Hel. Chris Guichon -TNTA Derick Salikin - Frontier
  16. It is a done deal.. Discovery Air completes refinancingFriday February 6, 2009, 2:54 pm EST Yahoo! Buzz Print LONDON, ON, Feb. 6 /CNW/ - Discovery Air completed its $34 million financing arrangement with the Northwest Territories Opportunities Fund, as previously announced on January 19, 2009. Discovery Air also has received an extension of the expiry date of its $7.5 million operating line of credit to April 30, 2009. Discovery Air's Class A common shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol DA.A Discovery Air's Debentures trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol DA.DB. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Discovery-Ai...w-14282009.html
  17. The way I understand it .. YES. The budget was presented today, and tomorrow they will vote on it. If a motion of no confidence is presented and supported, then I think the MLA's would be ousted, the current government would fall, the budget would be defeated and DA deal would die. I stand to be corrected though.
  18. Looks like Friday could be "D" day. Maybe it should be "DA" day LOL Looks like the back row of poly-chickens are clucking that they are gonna knock of the Rooster and the rest of the front row poly-chickens !! http://www.cbc.ca/canada/north/story/2009/02/04/nwt-leg.html
  19. It reminds me more of this.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEHNtqFt9Ck If you have time to surf this thread you have time to watch the video!!! The last minute is the real message!!
  20. A better question would be..Is DA a resident company of the NWT or do they just have some holdings up there? Anyway enough said..for those of us that are not yet suffering from old-timers disease..lets see if we can remember what was said on this forum two and 1/2 years from now.
  21. Nobody is saying that DA didnt knock..the point is the GNWT let them in. I will bet that DA knocked on allot of other doors before they decided when your f'ckd you might as well go to the whore house. DA is brilliant in this scenario..the idiots are the polly-chickens at the GNWT. What really needs to be realized is that the money that has just been pissed down the drain comes from most of our pockets.
  22. Old.. sorry to hear about this. Are they also parking machines? I have heard that some operators are seriously looking at reducing fleet size. One operator by as much as 50%. Apparently no minning work on the horizon.
  23. I sure didnt think my "Thanks" topic would spur such comments.. As for serving no purpose..not sure where you are going with that? I think that the recognition is well deserved.. HNY RR
  24. Thanks to those involved in the recent avalanche recovery and rescue missions in BC. Slinging bodies is never a pleasant task.. Here is hoping for a safer 2009.
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