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  1. I can't speak for all flight training establishments but I've visited Central. It has a brand new, top notch facility with a very experienced instructor. Definitely worth checking them out. Being located in southern Ontario, the weather may be a little better there for flight training in the winter months too.
  2. Pole kinda says it all. As an outsider trying to enter the helicopter industry as a pilot I'm trying to figure out when there may be a resurgence of work out there: before the economy recovers or after. I was thinking that some of the more experienced people hear have an good hunch the industry will a turn-around. Is there an established pattern of the industry's recovery based upon economic recovery? Cheers,
  3. IMHO - The reporter entered a restricted zone near a helipad to do a news clip with a helicopter in the background for dramatic effect. She got what she deserved.
  4. But was your name in French - maybe the language police confiscated it j/k
  5. Perhaps they should replace the fuel drums and pump gear. Along with a few well place bear traps
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