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  1. I'm not positive but I don't think you get the tax savings if you do it in the states. I guess it depends on what tax bracket you're in and all that but on the other side of the coin don't you only need 10hours night flying to get your american license? An american license would come in handy at times.It might make sense to do it all in the states.
  2. Anybody know of any Astar B3s available for lease for the 2011 season, utility equipped, vertical reference window. PM me if you have any info. Thanks
  3. Just wondering if anybody has any info on the 350B3e, it sounds pretty good but I haven't seen any stats on it yet?
  4. I heard they were looking for guys, anyone heard what kind of qualifications they're lookin for?
  5. Everyone said the Jetranger was too pretty and not tough enough for the bush when it came out.
  6. Coast Helicopter College with Bob and Albert. Great school Bob awesome with the engine turned off!! And I had good luck finding work after I was done.
  7. Is the R66 going to push the 206 aside or is it just a turned up R44? Will the Forest service hire it for fires? Or is the 206 on its way out anyway? Will the 66 stand up in the bush? I'm interested to hear any thoughts. Shred
  8. My first job was $110 a day and $35 an hour plus benefits.
  9. If anyone's looking for a good training school Coast Helicopter college only charges on flight time. So when I got my license I had a 100hrs of air time not flight time. Reimer's real good, I'd recommend him any day.
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