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  1. Just curious if there are any other programs out there that offer Electronic Flight Tickets. I know some companies have in house programs but I am looking for a 3rd party provider. I have played around with Cirro which overall is great but has some shortfalls for our operation. Thanks in advance!
  2. I often wondered how I would put it into trees, does one Keep the flare attitude and let her settle tail first or level the cabin? Zero ground speed is obviously preferred if you can get her stopped in time. Not to get into to many details about your experience but I would love your take on this Grasshopper. On the ditching side of things I think I would choose water in the summer months when I am by myself, other than that I think trees would be best.
  3. I think one of the most important things to consider is how you will find that first job after you get done your school. So when choosing a school make sure you ask the right questions on job placement afterwards. Some company's ( vary few ) hire there own students. As far as education..... I would not worry, with the right instructor anyone can do it. For the IFR thing, just my two cents worth is to build some pic time first and after a few years start working on it. Good luck with the training!
  4. Just wondering if any of you know where a good place to buy a skull cap is. I have been using a sports one for the last few summer seasons (does not work the greatest)and am looking for a light one to cover the ears as well. Found a few sources but they are state side and not really worth the shipping so looking for a supplier North of 49.
  5. I totally agree with some other comments made earlier. Offer a decent rotation, and decent pay. I talk with several guys who would be happy to work a shift where they can be home more for there family ect., the pay would ALMOST becomes secondary.
  6. I think on top of all the great comments made already, the only thing I would add is the ability for the instructor to keep challanging the student but not to the point of overflow. I can remember when taking my training, you think you are just beginning to understand how something works and the instructor would throw something else at you. Keeping you 150% occupied in the cockpit. In the end you don't waste any valuable time. So I guess the instructor has to know each students mental breaking point and ride it to the edge so at the end of the day he or she is (if i can use the word) spent!
  7. I have only been flying for a few years, but when it comes time for reccurancy all our auto's are done full on, unless there is no wind then one does a power recovery. The few recoveries that I have done feels like that is only 1/4 of the procedure(not much to them!). There is nothing better for a student than full ons! Glad everyone is OK! I do wish a person could practice auto's at gross weight however (or maybe it would have the same result, spread gear) seeing as how we spend alot of time at or near gross.
  8. Hello to all out there in Vertical land. Just wondering if anyone has problems getting life insurance at a decent price. I am a pilot and have been flying for a couple years now and my life insurance premiums are still high. My broker say's they will lower it with more experience but have had no reductions as of yet ( not from a lack of trying )! Referral's would be apprieciated! thanks Hurby
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