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  1. My question was off topic but a couple of posts made me curious. Thanks
  2. Do people log sling time in their personal logbook? If so, why?
  3. I've bought two Gallet's from Rob at Merit Apparel over the years. I love the helmet and the service is awesome. I just ordered an inline volume control from them, over $100 cheaper than anywhere else I could find! Always ask to ship USPS, UPS sticks you with additional fees everytime.
  4. You hit the nail on the head displayname...... plus if you eat three restaurant meals a day in the field you're going to get fat and will need a bigger helicopter to fly the same load!
  5. What's the feeling on blade covers? I think using them is asking for trouble if you don't have access to a herman nelson.
  6. I agree. Also an "ignore" feature so when I log on the posts of the users I have chosen to ignore do not appear. The number of people ignoring a individual user should show beside that users' name. There should be some form of post limiting as well, say 10 per month. It's good you're trying to improve this forum, I know many pilots out there have stopped coming here because of the constant diarrhea. Good luck!
  7. I'm with you Old Dog. How is it so many pilots are able to cruise around all day at gross weight with non-jettisonable loads.... I would need to be at least 50lbs over gross prior to start up to even get airborne at gross. Furthermore this started with reference to a 212 not being able to stay flying on one engine over sea ice at sea level to logging in the mountains at high altitudes with strong gusting winds. The sea level scenario would be a non-event and the logging scenario, well with a jettisonable load you would be at least 3000lbs below gross and while you may not be able to fly awa
  8. I got my license in the early ‘80s, and the economy went for a nose dive to celebrate. Over the period of a year I made two cross country road trips banging on doors. Everyone I talked to were all very nice but all had the same message. “We can’t hire you when we can’t keep our regular pilots busy.” I was living on the west coast at the time in a small travel trailer. I was so broke I couldn’t afford propane for the furnace and subsequently came down with double pneumonia in the winter. I still vividly remember how wonderful it felt to sleep in a dry, warm bed and to be served three m
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