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  1. Sorry for hurting your feeling Hello Bird But I will state it once more Heres my offer "Have gun will travel".



    PS I will bring my own Bullets




    No need to apologize FREDDIE. Fill your slaughterhouse boots.


    I tend to take 100% responsibility/accountability for my feeling/s (and thoughts, actually) so you don't actually have the all powerful ability to hurt them. Or me.


    I've had a few tail gate parties, gun in hand, myself. "F-ing A". (insert Whiskey Howl / hand formed into punk rock devil sign & pitch forked to the sky, here.). Up in "The Wastelands." I just enjoy the critical thinking skills challenge of thinking outside the generic, white, Wonderbread box, so to speak.


    I also appreciate being able to debate with someone who can see it for what it is. You seem capable of that.

  2. There's no arguing that the hogs are a problem, funny that we did it to ourselves don't you think? To bad for the hogs though........ Sorry HB but i am in the shoot them camp though with an appropriate caliber and only because there is just not a viable alternative. You can't round them up like cattle, it's just a different sort of animal completely. It would be nice though to do it humanly i agree 100% with your post on that score


    TQN, i don't think anyone is saying that having all these hogs running around is a good thing. What do you think? That spouting a bunch of statistics makes doing away with them in any way at all right. You are twisting things around to suit your own agenda. What do you think, we are only protesting the way the kill is being handled because it is not in "our back yard"? What a weak attempt to deflect the argument and make someone who stands up for an animal that can't speak for its self the villain.


    I wanted to add a rider to the apology i gave you a while back. I reread both your post and my response and upon reflection i will stand by what i said and felt initially but will leave the ball in your court so to speak and i will say this to you: I will give you as much or as LITTLE of an apology as YOU DESERVE. To me it seemed rather obvious what you were saying but i will leave it to your conscience to accept my apology if your intent was not malicious.


    No need to apologize, L3. I hear your points. They are straight forward, flat out comprehendible and easily dialog/debatable. Furthermore, they don't have a three hour marching band parade of distracting hoopla.


    Okay, I can see your point. I can see the amount of hogs as being a man made problem, and it's a big one. However, I stand that we, the long pig, are no different: ferral animals wreaking havoc on the earth. Gobbling up whatever we can get our snouts on. Ironic, I'd say. And beautifully metaphorical.


    So now, what shall we do about this issue? Take helicopters and shoot out areas of people? Of course not. So naturally I question our doing this to a species so close to our own. A species that we can actually take (and have taken) and successfully transplant organs from. From their bodies to ours. Naturally, I'm thinking, shyte man, there's a whole lot of perfectly good donors getting smashed apart for nothing. How perfectly ridiculous.


    Sling: porc shops... what on earth would a person having a really bad day do without Vertical.

    Personally, I find pork too rich and fatty. I prefer a very lean, healthy diet. So the answer is no. However, the love of my life loves pork, and eats it often. To each their own.

  3. Name calling? The term long pig has often been used to refer to our species. We have similar meat.


    If you read, you will find my sentence: "Your argument wreaks of hypocrisy."


    It's called debate. The argument is flawed. And self-righteous. Kind of like your attitude.


    I'll dumb it down for you:


    Taking a helicopter and shooting the shyte out of these pigs because they are in your back yard and are wreaking havoc on your land is unethical. Herd the things into a pen. Euthanize them ethically.


    Forgive me in advance for not responding to any of your future responses, TQN.

  4. I have noticed what you call "long pigs " are doing, but I still maintain KILL THE HOGS.We as humans have introduced a lot of ferral animals to our habitat.We need to attemt to bring these populations back to a managable level. These animals tear up valuable land and destroy crops in Texas.


    Apparently what you fail to fully comprehend (and take responsibility for), is that we are ferral animals. We have done no different. And on a global scale, we have done and are doing far far worse.


    Your argument wreaks of hypocrisy.

  5. KILL THE HOGS!!!!!!!!! I would come do some hog killn **** I'd even bring my own gun.These animals are ferral they tear up farm land and destroy crops.sorry L3 I grew up on a farm shooting gophers and other varmits. I prefer 243 But a semi auto 223 is a awesome gun also.


    Have you noticed what ferral long pigs (PEOPLE) are doing to the land/planet?

  6. I learned more from Dave in the few dozen exchanges of messages here than I did through 7 years of University. From specifics on the aviation industry, to military life in Vietnam, to life after Vietnam, to living with the effects of post traumatic stress disorder, to growing beyond it... to growing up with a Mother in the aviation industry, to red corvettes. Endlessly encouraging, classy, and kind. He offered "above and beyond," and was an enormous and delightful contribution.


    Truly a rare find.


    Deepest condolences to family, friends and loved ones.


    Rest in Great Natural Peace, Dave.


    My best,

    Sheri Bakes

  7. Colleen Christie certainly has come a long way since her Woodgrove Mall commercials in Nanaimo... I don't know what kind of pressures reporters have to "get the story" but this one seems a little slow on the go, and mildly dense (to say the least). Who knows. Maybe she'll get promoted for heroic danger-journalism-ism... Bottom line: sucks to be blonde.

  8. Although HB's comment could have been taken either way, because of our brief PM history, I understood it to be a compliment and took it as such, much appreciated. And thanks to those who noted the (perceived) rudeness.


    I'm sorry I didn't get on to this sooner - it could have cooled the flames.


    HB: Regarding Hxs on the Kelowna Fire, there is the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre Inc. National Wildland Fire Situation Report. It is national in scope and doesn't give names but has heaps of current and backgound statistics.




    If this link has been posted before, sorry for the repeat.


    Cheers . . . . .


    Thanks for the information & posting that link, CJM91. And also for decoding my previous, somewhat cryptic, post.




  9. some of the flying ships are from Valhalla / Skyline / Wildcat / Transwest / Eclipes / Canadian


    those are just the ones ive heard in the last couple hours last night


    Thank you, PedalJam.


    re: Conair crew...


    "The lone person on board, a male pilot, was able to escape out of the aircraft, Pedersen said. There were no reported injuries and he was taken to hospital for observation."


    Good news the pilot is okay.


    Wishing everyone very safe flights.




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