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  1. Thanks Don. What's HEPAC? And how do I join?
  2. I've never tried crack. I've seen quite a few guys down at Main & Hastings, flying high on crack though... this, most certainly, is a different kind of flying. More real... and clean. But I think I might understand what you're getting at. I still can't wipe this *massive* smile off my face.
  3. The other day a friend asked me in a casual tone, after learning that I'm researching the industry... "I've booked a helicopter on Saturday, do you want to come flying?" :shock: Would I ???? We left YVR in a 407. I sat in the front seat, beside the pilot. Parked my *extreme* enthusiasm, and absorbed the cockpit like a sponge. Having worked in the marine industry, seems to help: The tower/Vancouver Traffic. Oceanic/atmospheric tides, Pitch and roll... As we were flying I asked, "what's yaw?"... Suddenly the helicopter gave a wag. And the pilot looked over and smiled. Simple lesson. It was effective. I was surprised that the collective could stay in one place, that it didn't need a hand on it at all times. Flying through the valley, the pilot told me he wanted me to take the cyclic. Jesus. I felt 15 all over again. When the older kid in the neighborhood got his drivers licence first. And we all got a turn at the wheel from the passenger seat, while his feet stayed on the peddles. I kept wanting to climb in altitude. And the pilot said that was normal for someone when they first take the cyclic. I became very aware very quickly how sensitive the controls were. I didn't want to let go. I wanted to keep flying. We made a few hard, tight turns... I was amazed at the power and maneuverability of that machine. It's been 24 years since I was in a helicopter. And it was a Hughes 500. I forgot what it was like. I am, officially, without a doubt, hooked.
  4. Do you remember where he was? Usually the local guys have claim on their pan handling spots. If you can remember, send me the location, and I'll keep my eye out for him. I keep a camera on me at all times. Sounds like a great shot.
  5. Nerd Fact: Eating black licorice substantially raises blood pressure. Breathing out too much / not breathing in enough, or well enough substantially lowers it.
  6. You mean you guys don't play poker and smoke cigars to stay awake?
  7. I was reading in a Transport Canada Instructors manual today that three things interfere with learning, and emotional & psychological factors were two. You're learning a lot all at once. Especially in regards to control. Having control, maintaining control. I'm thinking that having this medical stuff pulling at your coat tails would be potentially very distracting. Especially because it is something you don't actually have full control of. Hang in there Darren. Sounds like you have a lot of people behind you. Stay positive. Keep posting.
  8. Are the Brit's surrounding you when you land as well?
  9. Great post Darren. I can't wait to read more !!
  10. Your sarcastic humor came across just fine, Mr. Bag. I simply took the irresistible opportunity to poke a bit of fun.
  11. I admire you Canadian men standing by your fellow Canadian pilots in aviation. Seems like you guys are just trying to look out for one another. Nothing wrong with Comradeship.
  12. The light, life and colour in these photos are amazing.
  13. Can't imagine what that must have been like. Good thing you were there.
  14. A resource passed on to me while researching schools & heli-life. http://www.sportpilot.org/learntofly/artic...ng_started.html
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