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  1. But Mr. Yearwood is an actively involved professional who specializes in dealing with the very questions you're asking.
  2. TSB Contact: Senior Crash Investigator Bill Yearwood direct line: 604-666-4972 [email protected] 3071 Number 5 Road Richmond, B.C. (please don't hit me.).
  3. Apparently my collective friction wasn't set right... nothing a good wrench couldn't set straight.
  4. Sorry, Dick. My post to TQN was sincere. If she considers me an alpha female, it's a compliment. Sometimes, although annoying, tensions are best dissolved in public as there is safety in numbers. And support is available if need be. All apologies for the disturbance. HB out.
  5. TQN: If YOU think I'M an alpha (WTF!!??), that is a serious compliment. I'm taken aback. Thanks.
  6. "with a seemingly embittered alpha-female-psychobabblian" :lol: Embittered?? Sorry sweetheart, not a chance. And me? Alpha? :lol: No wonder you're responding this way !! GEEZ !! I'm no Alpha !! I'm not even a lower case 'a' alpha. I'm a skinny friggin' research junkie, dorky art nerd that wants to fly. Save your chick cards for someone else, Your Royal Highness. I'm a lover, not a fighter... Happyfeet... we miss you !! Jello wrestling awaits !!
  7. Not sure when sticking up for ones self was considered a jab... Regardless, not into playing 'Horns and Halo's', or being the Queen Bee around here, your Majesty ... just trying to learn the Biz. Make me into whatever you like... It's up to you ! But don't forget to pack your truth. Cuz, well, we all know how much you hates the "untruth." :D Imagine... A lovely man named Dick Mitten with a diaper on his head... Shyte head or not, where in the world would I EVER see THIS happen !!?? :lol: Enjoy your jello thoughts gentlemen. Nothing like shaking up a loose thread with a bit of jello, eh?
  8. You are quite accurate your understanding, TQN. I would not have known any history on this forum with regards to Mr. Feet, having only been here a short while. Perhaps I'd have wanted to connect with him in some way even if I had known. I do tend to dislike witnessing any person being treated harshly. Please forgive my complete ignorance, but is it not the moderators job to decide what does and does not go on too long? And pardon my saying so, how is it possible to know what "most folks want" ? And what they can or can't recognize? You are very well liked and respected on this forum. I for one have enjoyed your many posts and personal exchanges inside past PM's. But what place is it possibly yours to say: a.) What goes on b.) What goes on for how long c.) What folks want Personally, I'd rather jello wrestle salt water crocodiles in butt-less leather chaps to an audience of hungry vultures in the desert (mid day), rather than to share in these kinds of below the surface altercations with you or any other human being. But I'd prefer to follow the rules of the leaders around here. Because I personally want to do everything I can to learn and learn well what I'm going to need to know to fly. And that includes learning how the social fabric works, and how it doesn't. I continue to wish Happyfeet well. And anyone else, for that matter...
  9. Lloyd's (of London) is often the Insurance company used by many (even other Insurance) companies to handle/manage large Insurance claims. Not sure if this is helpful: http://www.lloyds.com/Lloyds_Worldwide/Ris...y_insurance.htm
  10. The TSB are keenly aware of the discussion here and support any education that will encourage prevention of this happening again. HB
  11. Thank you for your explanation. It's easy to follow and gives a very clear picture. You explained it in the same way that it was explained to me in the hangar.
  12. I'd think yes. Check with the Insurance company for policy stipulations. Usually there are many. And generally, Insurance companies are not very forgiving for incidence that occur outside their specific stipulations, or, most especially, outside legal practice. Will you repost when you find out? I'd be curious to know what they say. My Father owned an Insurance Company for over 30 years.
  13. Cap - I remember being told about the emergency release... re: pickle the load. As well, I was told of the pilots options in such a situation, which you've clearly listed. If a load does hit hard and the line does stretch this much with the pilot leaning out to this degree, would it not be quite difficult to control the machine/respond quickly appropriately re: emergency release(s) if the initial bounce was quite hard? I also wonder if it would not be quite challenging to be smooth on the controls, as you say, in a situation where the machine might be considered underpowered for such a lift to begin with. (Please forgive my questions if they are ignorant/obvious, because they are not obvious to me.) HB PS... Agreed. Mr. Yearwood is a great contribution to the field. And tends to go above and beyond the call of duty, so to speak, with regards not only to detailed investigation, but also in regards to compassionate (often hours & off the time clock) time spent with grieving family members of deceased. My hat's off to the man.
  14. Permission to post: TSB Contact: Senior Crash Investigator Bill Yearwood direct line: 604-666-4972 [email protected] 3071 Number 5 Road Richmond, B.C. (near Ikea)
  15. It is my understanding (if I heard correctly, in amongst overwhelm), that in this case, because the door was off (I was told this is standard practice for long lining), and the pilot was leaning out the door, once the bounce began, he was unable to correct quickly enough because of his position. The position of the foot pedals and also the marks inside the machine indicated that he was unable to get himself back into the machine to do so after the bounce began, in order to correct. I was also told what you (Cap) have mentioned here... "Those osscillations mentioned, will take place very quickly and if severe enough you might do it about 5 times and then nothing you do is going to help." I left with the impression that this (collective bounce) would potentially be a very difficult thing to correct from, given the pilots position required for long lining. (very grateful for this thread)
  16. Best efforts were attempted to save him. A man from the camp ran down that the side of cliff (photo enclosed in report) to help him after the incident. A feat the investigators were taken aback by, given the steep face and difficult terrain. I'm very sorry for your loss. ___________________________________ Confirmation: TSB is willing to give tours any time (obviously during working hours). Just call. The office & hangar (in BC) is in Richmond. Switchboard: 604-666-5826 Ask for one of the Senior Crash Investigators.
  17. TQN: If you have a problem with me, please take it to PM. Thanks. HB
  18. Nothing (NOTHING) is more personally difficult for me to witness than a psychotic man that clearly needs qualified professional help, who is being attacked. If at all possible, please just leave him be. And go about your day in a way that makes it better for everyone around you. Be well, HF.
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