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  1. I know it's way too easy, but please (please) don't.
  2. HF, Your last post is, without a doubt, telling of your struggles inside this industry. I'm (very) afraid for you. Best wishes in your life. I resign. HB
  3. Don't listen to them, HF. Bags doesn't have a degree either... He's just got a great attitude, complete focus, and an awesome personality. He's handsome too, which doesn't seem to hurt him any (don't worry TR, I mean that in the most platonic way possible). Do the best you can with what you've got.
  4. I think this is what I meant when referring to 'brat' behavior, and your needing a high quality of domination if you're ever going to feel safe enough to submit to any boss, any manager, any employer.... Unfortunately, No manager, no boss, no company owner has the time, patients, or desire to give you this kind of attention that you seem to so desperately need. Forgive my 'creepy/interesting' reference, but it translates effectively here. I'm glad you're doing your song and dance here on this forum. Because you're getting a lot of great feedback. All you need to do is let it sink in. Which isn't easy when you're as stubborn and determined as you are. Great qualities to have when they are working for you... "Our strongest qualities, taken to the extreme, become our greatest weaknesses." My Father has bi-polar manic depressive disorder. He not only has that, but also has extreme (extreme) paranoia and psychosis. And if he can learn how to control his thoughts and feelings as well as he has, so can you. So, with all due respect, suck it up. It's very important that you stop behaving like a victim. And take control of your attitude, your thinking, your emotions and your behavior. You're in charge of your life here. No one else. No one owes you anything. And you're not entitled to anything either. Improve your character and integrity, and the rest will follow. This isn't going to 'drive you to madness.' You're just frustrated. And you need to learn how to deal with that properly. Employers, management, people running companies, especially right now, are under a great deal of pressure, stress and responsibility. And they are doing their very best to keep their lives, the lives of their families at home, their employees lives, and everything at the office running smoothly. THAT is NOT an easy thing to do. Next... Hang in there. You can do it.
  5. The only people they will ban are brats and aholes. You might want to pick yourself up a book on etiquette, in that field as well. I tend to think you're more of a brat (an unruly submissive) than an ahole (a dangerous dominant). From what I have read (as I tend to be a total research junkie/complete nerd), you just need to be dominated (very) well. But you really do need to learn how to be a very very good boy, first.
  6. Everything is fine. I did something weird on the computer. Thank you for caring about my well being. We're off topic again. I think this thread is supposed to be Happyfeet's request for lashings. You know, HF, there are alternative underground clubs for people who enjoy this kind of thing.
  7. Thank you, Splitpin. I am indebted to you for helping clear my head on a similar matter. HF: You are welcome. I hope you might reconsider. Twinstar, Please accept my sincere apology for having posted far too often and sometimes in ways that may have been frustrating for you. Yours is a thankless job, and I know I can speak for everyone here in saying that you are greatly appreciated. xo.
  8. A painting instructor once told me that painting is like a roller coaster. When you are climbing, and it's really hard and slow, you are learning (ie: a steep learning curve). And when you are coasting, and things are really moving and seems so great, you're coasting on what you just learned. The most important thing to remember, he told me, is to just hang on. I'm replying to your post mostly because I'm afraid of the lashing you are going to get, again, from a lot of people on here. You, like me, don't seem to learn very well from beatings. Please take what you like from the following, and leave the rest. And know that I am responding to your post because I don't want to see you get beaten to a pulp anymore. I find it upsetting. And less than dignified, on everyone's part. I repeat, take what you like, and leave the rest. It's not appropriate to slag management. Ever. 1.) Because this is known as 'wining' and it physically does nothing except make noise pollution, raise your frustration level, and everyone else's frustration level around you. Complaining without contributing to any kind of solution = pollution. PERIOD. 2.) Because "if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." 3.) It's bad form. Period. I don't care why. I don't care how. What. Who where or when. When you do this, no matter what, the only person who ends up looking bad, is you. Like me, you seem to have a great deal of energy. From what you are saying here, you know how to fly and quite well, at that. Which is great. But from what I can see, you need to stop compulsively complaining like this. NOW. Because it's seriously a chronic problem for you. And you need to channel your frustrations more effectively. Because even though I'm quite sure you don't mean to, you're coming across like a real a$$ here. And the one and only thing you are doing here effectively, is sending out hundreds of invitations to get pulverized. Maybe you need to be more open to seeing how you're repelling people. It's great that you called that employer back, but sometimes that's not enough. Read a book on body language and etiquette, learn what you're doing wrong, and and go back. (Yes, off topic, but it took me 6 attempts to get into the gallery I show with in Canada. I didn't once complain, not once slag them, not once pointed the finger at anyone but myself.) I know it's hard to learn anything from a beating. But you have to stop inviting people to treat you this way. I hope you don't get another one because of this thread. Because it's seriously NOT pretty. Good luck. HB
  9. I ought to add that I am uncertain at this time if TSB tours are common practice for the public, or if I was just in the right place at the right time. However, This is something I would like to see available in the industry as a sort of field trip for additional education for anyone who wishes to do so. I am currently working on encouraging this possibility on both ends. Should know more this week and will repost any information received. My condolences also to family, friends and colleagues of the deceased. A very unfortunate event involving an experienced pilot with a great many hours.
  10. This was one of the incidences I was able to view in mid investigative process & one of the helicopters I saw in the TSB hangar. Thank you (much) for posting the final report.
  11. My 12 year old niece is easier to follow than this. So you know someone who has killed themselves? And yes? You know the pain associated with it? Fine. You choose to see it as a selfish act. Your opinion is simply that. An opinion. Valid, but not fact. I'm not into rhetorical questions. I'm not into persuading someone or manipulating in conversation. I actually just like to know what other people think. I don't care because I stopped reading a while back? This is a trapping statement. Like I said, I can't hear what you're saying because the volume is so loud. Does that mean you don't care about what I'm saying? Because you stopped reading a while back? I don't think so. Because I think you care a lot. About a lot of things. As do I. If it's not your interest to exchange barbs, as you say, perhaps you might consider cutting out the passive aggressive "just joking" public triangulation. Especially on a subject such as this. Forgive me for not replying further. I'd prefer to focus my attention elsewhere
  12. I grew up in a town where a man was standing on a bridge down town and a guy drove by and yelled, "jump you f*cking junkie." He was so pissed off he got down, got clean, and now counsels addicts. I was just curious about this topic. That's it. I don't care, TQN, if you and L3 see eye to eye or not. And I'm not into touchy feely psycho babble, Splitpin. Ever known someone who killed them self? Ever had someone do it behind your elementary school? Or in the house behind where you lived? Ever have your Mom do it? Or an uncle? If so, you know. It hurts. Sometimes people are interested in understanding these things. And getting other people's perspectives beyond "that's wrong." "That's selfish." "That's f*cked." HB out.
  13. I think the thing that annoys me (not that you asked), is when things like this turn into a 'witch hunt,' so to speak. The topic becomes personal... about the person (be it Sam Brown, or L3 practicing in sin, or Splitpin, MMike, or someone else practicing with halos... ) instead of the issue or topic at hand. What is the point? How does that actually make a difference in the world to do this? You have a hard time with untruths. Or lies. Fine. I can appreciate that. 100% But If the information you hold is the truth, why get so charged about it? Why not just state the correction and leave it at that? It doesn't make more of an impact to lace the correction with barbs or personal attacks. Why not set an example? re: "hot topic." Subjective... I guess... Drugs, Drug trafficking, and suicide seem like hot topics to me. Along with Abortion, religion, human rights, war... etc... Forgive my exaggerated use of language. Perhaps I ought to have simply written "topic." If you don't expect anything from anybody, then why are you bothered by so called untruths that someone expresses? I'm guessing this dialog is now turning into what Splitpin would call, "mundane BS." I'd think maybe I'd rather avoid taking up this kind of space, and just get back to researching the industry. Take care. HB
  14. I'm not talking about you personally, TQN. I just think the topic is interesting on a lot of different levels. And I'd appreciate to be able to explore it in a respectable manner that makes it possible to do so. With the way that the topic has been addressed, it's not possible to even engage in it more deeply. I think L3 was sincerely trying to do that from the psychological/sociological perspective, but he was shot down rather quickly without consideration as to where he actually might be coming from. Call it BS, crybaby... pathetic... what have you. I think those were Splitpins words... Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I'd just be interested in talking about it. And with the way the conversation is going, that's not possible. That's all.
  15. I don't get why a hot topic can't just be discussed and debated intelligently and maturely, without emotive, evangelistic-like, "holier than thou" posture. When someone communicates in this style (which is pretty low on style points, as far as I'm concerned) all I hear is noise. Volume: 10. I can't even hear what you're saying. And it's hard for me to take anything you're saying seriously. No one said trafficking drugs was right. Or that the guy deserved sympathy. Last time I checked, compassion wasn't sympathy. How many conversations are going on here anyway? - Trafficking drugs (law) - Drugs are illegal (law) - Trafficking drugs are illegal (law) - Penalties for drug traffickers (law) - Interrogation (sociology/psychology / ethics) - Suicide (psychology/sociology) So lets see here. Law, Psychology, Sociology... what am I missing? I'd love to engage in some mature, intelligent dialog on this topic. And If that's not possible, well, to be honest, I'd rather just resurrect the term "bite me" and stick to listening to JC. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfI9B8e9tW4...feature=related
  16. That you can't put yourself in that frame of mind, or can't even contemplate it, is a good thing.
  17. He hung himself with his bead sheet. It's the first thing I would think of. Sitting there. In a cage. With only my fears & thoughts.
  18. If I was 24, looked like he did, and was going to jail for bringing drugs to the US, I'd be scared out of my mind. Sitting in a jail cell. Imagining what was going to happen to me now. A friend I grew up with is now a parole officer and works with 'hard core' sex offenders (both one on one and in group sessions) who were once in maximum security penitentiaries. It's not like the movies, where you can have popcorn, and leave when it's over... I've driven by that jail in Spokane. If it's the same one, it's scary. What jail wouldn't be? Especially when you're a 24 year old Canadian kid in a US Jail. The kid was from Revelstoke for pete sake. He knew he screwed up. And I hate to say it, but I don't blame him for doing what he did. I wouldn't want to live through what he was going to have to either (and I don't just mean the cold cell, jail food, isolation away from family & friends either...). And to be honest, I'd rather just save the tax payers all that money for something that was my stupid mistake anyway. The ones I feel most bad for, are his parents.
  19. And who says a woman can't stop a war. Even if only to pause for a Caddy Shack moment !! Thanks for the laugh Happyfeet, I'd forgotten about Caddy Shack
  20. Helilog, I think unions fall inside the "politics" category (and "religion" to some) ... & you forgot abortion... and, well, in SOME circles, banana smoothies are viciously fought over Darn... I was hoping the fighting would be over me. So much for the ball... I guess it's back to painting fatigues for this Cinderella...
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