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  1. Ha ha ha !! In that case, I'm going to go right now and put on my very best dress... and wait patiently for everyone to show up (in Chickenhawk-like, rotor overlapping formation... Cap, I expect you there too... but I want you to sit beside me & watch the show !!) at the Amphitheatre !! Who said chivalry was dead!? FUN !! :D
  2. Twinstar, I'm with you... L3's post certainly stands top notch. But I must admit, I have to give creative visual/laugh value points to ADog for this one... "If you are a truck driver driving muffins from point A to point B for Muffin INC.,I believe you will get your money for your driving regardless if the truck is empty or full. Right?" ... "Muffins INC."
  3. Thanks for posting this, L3driver. I bet you'd be a pretty great employer.
  4. Alpha-boy : please forgive my (omega) intrusion. No judgement or suggestions were intended. And if they read that way, it was because of my own poor construction of thoughts in words. I simply liked what GM (If you don't like it, get out. No-one mislead me and tricked me into joining the aviation industry. I do it because I like it.), M1/2Wife (re: family values & small business), and Plumber (ie: "dumb Irishman") wrote. And could well relate to their experiences and perspectives. In addition, I'm interested in the topic and have been for some time. SO... How bout those Canu.... oops... never mind.
  5. Thanks GM. Much appreciated. I agree with you, what he did was really dumb. A total waste.
  6. Wasn't a joke. Or intended as sympathy. I just think it's a drag. Because from my perspective, I'd give just about anything... my left ovary and kidney and probably both of your testicles (if I could) to have that guys opportunity to fly. And he ****** it up. That, to me = drag.
  7. M1/2Wife: I enjoyed reading your experiences of unions, and could relate to your family values in your Father owning a small business. Thanks for your time in posting that. Plumber: Dumb Irishmen aren't so bad. GM: This: "I've been mistreated by the evil demons who control the helicopter business. If you don't like it, get out. No-one mislead me and tricked me into joining the aviation industry. I do it because I like it." I'd like to highlight, underline, and enhance in bold type face, then post, repost and repost again...
  8. Oh Vertical Forum love... how doth thee wax & wane... alas, so fickle...
  9. Some folks certainly may not be up to speed on retro generational slang and perhaps in their youthful ways get a bit "cool" or silly/sloppy in their posture with behavior and words at times, Splitpin, but many young people of today do have strong work ethic, take pride in a job well done, and are very (very) grateful for the guidance and fine examples of those who came before them.
  10. Alphadog & Happyfeet, I'd probably be frustrated as well. I can only begin to imagine, as I do not have children, am not married, do not have a mortgage, and have $350.oo left to pay on a student loan from 7 years of schooling that was in total of $46,000.oo. Which I did over the years while in recovery of having had a stroke (which left me unable to walk or see, and several other things I'd rather not mention...). Although I hear what you're saying, I can't fully imagine what it is like for you both. Because I come from a different mind set. I work for myself. So I can't call the Better Business Bureau on myself for working 7 days a week. 12-14 hour days. And I'm not going to get a lot of sympathy from the bank if I break an arm surfing and can't paint (= no paying bills). I do appreciate & respect that you want a good life. And you want the very best for your families. Perhaps I ought to have fought for an artists union... although, I can't see anyone going for it.
  11. I can appreciate your frustrations. I suppose what I'm wondering is, a.) is force the best option? b.) what will the long term effects (both pros & cons) of having used force be? c.) I know there was a "c" .... I also think of the old saying, "you'll catch more bears with honey." I have a hard time believing that any door is closed. Sometimes it takes great stretches of imagination, but there is always a way. But, then again, I tend to be quite naive, idealistic and driven in my ways. My best to you Happyfeet. I sincerely hope everything turns out as you wish...
  12. I'm curious to know, Mr. Feet, how implementing union standards will protect your *** from "the rotten crap" if the company employing you can not afford to meet your demands. It's been my understanding that to create positive change in an environment, one must first engage with, and then work their way into, that particular environment. To learn it and learn it well... Then, once inside, create increasingly positive change. How can a union possibly do such a thing? It's a sincere and genuine question. Because (although I admit, I haven't seen much) I've honestly never seen it done before.
  13. I've never heard anyone call them "fling wings" before. Yes, that is pretty bad. However, perhaps the man was... hm... was the man, how should I say... buoyantly effeminate?
  14. 25 + an hour, + benifits, + pension, + a wide variety of uniform options (now including "skorts" for women...) + + + ... A math test is required, I think... And one needs to "enjoy working in all kinds of weather." And be "in good shape." apparently, those are two of the three things to put on a cover letter for a resume intended for Canada Post. No more. No less. A side track from the helicopter industry... but I agree with you Plumber, a good example of what my concerns would be, both as an employer, and as an employee who enjoys working hard, and making a difference.
  15. I wanted to write: MEOW !! But I'd rather ask... is it not acceptable to refer to a helicopter as rotary wing?
  16. I hesitate in responding to this thread as union/non union tends to sit on a shelf amongst the pro life/pro choice, religion, politics lot... however, union vs non union is something that's interested my curiosity for some time... Growing up in a small business owning house hold, I didn't grow up with union values. It surprised me to learn slang terms like "contra ban" from a friend who worked in a union... and that it was "normal" apparently, to take things like paint, lumber, metal, safety gear etc... Because either the benefits weren't good enough, the holidays weren't long enough, or treatment at work was simply unacceptable. When Harmac (a pulp and paper mill) was operating in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, well... how shall I put this... lets just say there are a LOT of houses in Nanaimo from back in the day that are painted "Harmac Green." Friends from all kinds of unions. Be it the mill, Canada Post, the Port Authority, Safeway... I found this consistent across the board. Longer breaks. Longer lunch hours. More doddling to get a job done. More benefits, wages, time, gear, status, Christmas bonuses, things stolen, etc... expected. I sure can appreciate how someone in the aviation industry might want the protection of union mandate, so to speak. I just think the attitude of excessive entitlement that so often seems to accompany, and often run along side, union values would really be such a shame to see in this industry. Just my 2 bits. For what it's worth...
  17. Sound advice, spoken by a heli-doctor who obviously hears what the patient is talking about. And cares enough (about you, and the machine) to say so. Hopefully you got that last transmission there, Happy Guy. Because it's true... "Happy Guy" can turn into "Dirt Nap Guy" rather quickly. And waiting is seriously NOT worth it.
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