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  1. Who knows... if you get paranoid enough, you might go to a psychiatrist, who will charge your fee through MSP, then prescribe your medications through a pharmaceutical company who's corporate CEO is also affiliated with the company responsible for making Spam. One happy family: the World Wide Web...
  2. I hear spam tastes pretty good in a wheelchair. Wheelchair spam... green eggs & ham... sam I am...
  3. Cap, thanks for explaining re: SAR. I understand what you're saying re: insurance companies. I grew up hearing all the angles on insurance at the dinner table. For as long as I can remember. All I'm saying is, even if there's only one guy who was in the insurance business who wasn't only covering his own butt, but also constantly put himself in the place of the other guy (making sure people were clearly educated about their coverage and options, and also made attempts to find people the best coverage for their dollar possible), it was my Dad. He's the kind of guy that sat on a Port Authority Board and flew to all of the international events in 'economy' and refused to fly business class. Because it wasn't on his dollar. And he encouraged all the other board members, & CEO, to do the same. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. But my Dad rode economy anyway. Because he slept better at night, knowing he was doing the right thing. I also realize what your saying re: lawyers. That's why I didn't have a chance against the chiropractic association. Because their lawyers are expensive, and powerful. And mine was more interested in coaching girls soccer... That's why I was given what is apparently called a 'nuisance fee' ... a very small sum of money to go away, and not mention publicly what happened. I'm aware. & I get it. I just want to.
  4. Can't get your panties in a knot if you don't wear any.
  5. Cap, "WE now pay nothing because those costs are covered." --- by who? "If it happens in BC and the bill goes to RCMP Financial Services and Supply in Victoria, then the citizens of BC get to pay that bill and not the Feds." --- So all volunteer SAR costs are covered by either Federal or Provincial tax payer dollars? "Unfortunately, this world is ran by insurance companies and lawyers and the majority of rules our governments, corporations and ourselves live by is because of insurance companies and/or lawyers dictating the rules.....or else." --- I was personally involved in a medical malpractice suit with regards to the stroke I had. Through that experience, I learned (in a profound way, that the limitations of words/language can not accurately convey) that "Law" does not always mean, support, encourage, or facilitate justice. So I can appreciate what you're saying here... However, my Father taught me that insurance is in place to adequately protect and compensate for loss, should loss arise. And that Laws were in place to support, protect and uphold justice. Although I hear what you are saying (writing), and have personally experienced the less than civil/dignified effects and exploitation with regards to these facts you have mentioned, I have to stand for something better. And that has to come from seeing the tiny slivers of good that I do see & also in believing that something better is, in fact, possible. I have to fight for this standard, Cap. Because the consequences not doing so (living in THAT kind of a world), are ones I am not willing to endure.
  6. Sometimes I miss the cheek. Don't get me wrong. I'd have payed a lot more for the help I received from BCAS. And a fine job they do, for much less pay than their services (in my opinion) are worth... Harsh world to live in when it comes down to refusing to fly (help) until someone signs. Glad that guy wasn't who I had to depend on when I needed help. My Dad owned an insurance company. He was always (ALWAYS) for the little guy. I have a few good friends who are lawyers too, and some lawyers and people working inside insurance companies do care. A lot. I guess I'm going to get a lot of backlash for writing that. But I think of my Dad when I read what you wrote about insurance companies and it's so far from his integrity, and any (very high) standard he ever upheld. My point: not everyone is like that...
  7. Pardon my ignorance, but I have no idea how SAR works. I get that CCG AUX is volunteer and no fee is (as far as i know) ever charged. Standard CCG is obviously Federal Government. 442 Sq. is Federal / Military... But SAR, the volunteer section, who pays for that? Who pays for the helicopters and all the fuel/maintenance/supplies etc...? And don't those who are rescued have to pay for anything at all? Furthermore, if they don't have to pay, why do I have to pay for an Ambulance ($50.00) when I'm in a motorcycle accident, or have a stroke, but someone who gets lost in the woods doesn't have to fork out a dime... ? Or do time. Or pay a fine?
  8. Q: Is anyone ever billed for SAR services? Like we are billed (usually $50.00) for Ambulatory services?
  9. http://calgary.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTV...t%20Top%20Model
  10. I can't (for long) imagine what that was like to be stranded out there (stupid or not) and watch as your wife died. We've all done stupid things. Without having to pay that kind of consequence. It's too bad there couldn't be some kind of grief counseling or critical incident stress debriefing in place for him soon after the incident to address his shock and buffer the after affects of trauma. Then perhaps there could now be a solution focused attempt to improve (if possible) standard procedures and regulations in SAR. I have no ideas or suggestions as to what those might be. But it just seems as though his painful (& sadly, unresolved) emotions are being used in a counterproductive way here. (just a thought).
  11. I'm glad you're okay, Mark.
  12. You JD. Take me now !! This thread. The stories. This industry. And everyone in it. What's not to love?? I can't wait to fly.
  13. Such a simple creed, eh Dick? Amen.
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