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  1. Well, I haven't PIC'd in much of Canada, but I can say that Newfoundland is pretty tough! I have literally taken off on a beautiful crisp winter morning, and before landing, dodged snow, flew through rain showers, got shaken in high winds that came from nowhere, and was "followed" by a fog bank - all within a local half-hour flight! Sounds exagerated, but any pilot who has flown in Newfoundland can testify to our "wonderful" weather. Then there's the number of times I've followed the Trans Canada Highway at 500' AGL because the weather trapped me! You can take off in what seems to be beautiful weather as far as the eye can see, but is actually just a circle of clear. By the time you realize this and turn back, the airport is closed in and you have no choice but to keep going to the next airport which, on the Rock, can be hundreds of miles away! Thank God I fly floats now!
  2. Where in all of Canada do you suggest is the toughest place to fly? This question usually brings up some good responses (and a few arguments!).
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