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  1. Thank you for all of the feedback on the forums redesign. Most of you on here know that the existing forums have a strong Canadian lineage. After weighing all of the responses, we've decided it makes sense to keep these forums predominantly Canadian, and start a new forums for our U.S. and international readers. We'll be doing that in the near future. Meantime, I'll be consolidating discussions into the General Helicopter Operations forum. Please consult the Forum Rules or Help Section if you have general questions about posting or moderation. If you have specific questions or comments, fe
  2. Hi Wiggins, That story was a press release issued by StandardAero. Here's a link to the original press release, which includes contact info if you'd like to follow up: http://www.standardaero.com/media_center/pr.aspx?prid=310 Elan
  3. FYI, Helicopter Foundation International has extended its scholarship deadline to Dec. 31. The program offers flight training, maintenance, and safety scholarships. More details here: http://helicopterfoundation.org/Default.aspx?tabid=1751&language=en-US
  4. Hi DSD, The Aeronautical Information Manual has some useful chapters on airspace and air traffic control, among other things. You can find it online here: http://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/publications/atpubs/aim/ The Airport/Facility Directories (A/FDs) have info for airports and FBOs. You can find the digital version here: http://www.naco.faa.gov/index.asp?xml=aeronav/applications/d_afd Enjoy your flight! Elan
  5. Thank you for reposting the links, Splitpin; they're definitely worth a read. We'd simply like to keep individuals from being the focus of a general discussion about operations in Afghanistan (unless they volunteer for the privilege!). Per your request, I'll come up with some more guidance on this topic shortly. Meantime, best wishes to everyone flying in Afghanistan for a safe return home.
  6. Freddie: yes, I agree that there are many issues related to flying in Afghanistan that absolutely deserve more discussion, and we would welcome that discussion in another thread. I deleted the posts simply out of respect because this thread was created to express support for specific individuals.
  7. Hi everyone, FYI, the digital version of our special supplement on Canada's Joint Task Force-Afghanistan Air Wing is now online with the rest of our digital issues: http://www.verticalmag.com/digital/ A print version of the supplement will be going out to all of our Canadian subscribers with the Dec-Jan issue, although the online version includes two stories (on the Herc and Heron) that had to be cut from the print version due to weight restrictions (yes, a few extra pages in each supplement really adds up!). Contributing editor Graham Lavery and I happened to be in Kandahar wh
  8. I've deleted posts that were not relevant to the topic as started. Please start a new topic if you'd like to discuss Afghanistan operations in general. Cheers, Elan
  9. On Dec. 7, the NTSB will be discussing the 2008 crash in Weaverville, Calif. of a Carson Helicopters S-61N. Their board meeting will be broadcast live on the web, beginning at 9.30 a.m. EST. More details here: http://ntsb.gov/events/Boardmeeting.htm
  10. And on the topic of simulator providers in general, here's a new online feature on Flight Safety's Lafayette Learning Center, by Dan Megna: http://www.verticalmag.com/control/news/templates/?z=11&a=15517
  11. Hi everyone, In conjunction with our 2011 North American Flight Training Directory (which will be distributed with our Dec-Jan issue), we've launched a new online flight training page: http://www.verticalmag.com/training/ The page includes a searchable database of flight schools in Canada and the U.S., plus an archive of all of the training-related articles and columns we've published in the past few years. Please feel free to share the link with any students or prospective students you might know. We can update our online database of schools throughout the year, so if you come acr
  12. On the topic of saving money through simulation, our latest online feature describes how Guidance Helicopters is using low-cost computer training devices as part of an overall Flight Cost Reduction Training Program. See: http://www.verticalmag.com/control/news/templates/?a=15483&z=11
  13. Hi everyone, OK, by popular request, the Photos From The Field forum is now back (under "Other Forums"). The gallery wasn't working out the way we hoped it would. Let us know if you encounter any technical problems with the restored Photos From The Field forum, or if you have any suggestions for it. Thanks! Elan
  14. My only experience with flak vests in aircraft is as a passenger, but the folks at Bullet Proof Me are very helpful, and very willing to work with civilians: http://www.bulletproofme.com/ They might have some suggestions for you. Cheers, Elan
  15. The NTSB has released its report on last year's fatal crash of the Sikorsky S-76C++ operated by PHI in Louisiana that was brought down by a bird strike: http://www.ntsb.gov/Pressrel/2010/101124.html
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