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  1. Good on you ! Don't let that white coat stuff get to you, easy to say, not so easy to do.
  2. Bit of a Hijack, 407 Too... But I posted my blurb as a message to young fellows like Rainman re: Medicals. I'm probably almost twice the age as he. I want to continue flying until I DECIDE not to fly any longer, and not have a TC Doctor make that decision for me. SO....take the bull by the horns and work at your fitness and health. If I can do it, anyone can. I've found that it really doesn't take that much effort to stay in reasonable shape. It's your decision, if you're afraid of a medical at 30- 35, ask yourself Why? Is it high blood pressure? Is it hereditary? How's your diet, weight? stress level? If it is White-Coat syndrome, perhaps get your own BP meter, and make a table of your BP's at home and at work, to show the DR that it generally IS OK. Research the available medicines, Talk to your DR. BP is not a big deal to medicate..if you need the meds. As CAP says, TC will look after you and give you every opportunity to fix the minor issues. Oh, Parkers Ridge...65 KMH :shock: brakes are for chickens
  3. CAP :up: :up: Good to have you back Buddy, good honest info, straight to the point. Don't sweat it guys, just relax, do your best to stay fit, excersize whenever you can, lay off the smokes, take it easy on the the booze, and you too can fly for a long time. Hey, I just turned 50, and have not been in this good of shape for decades. I did about 4,000+ Km's on my bicycle this summer ( that's loaded with 40 lbs of touring gear) including twice to Jasper and back. I have a medical booked this week, and don't have a bit of worry about it. :up: Taken on August 28 2006, after riding from Jasper Park (Jonas Ck) to Lake Louise AB, 160 Km ( 100 miles) in 9 hours. ( yes, the bag at my feet is full of Beer ! :up: )
  4. ...from PPrune... ExxonMobil Stops Using Super Puma Following Crash KUALA TERENGGANU, Nov 6 (Bernama) -- ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Malaysia Inc (EMEPMI) will temporarily stop using Super Puma helicopters for its operations after the one it chartered crashed off the coast of Terengganu Sunday. "(We will stop chartering) all Super Puma used for (our) operations in Malaysia until further notice," the company said in a statement issued in Kuala Lumpur Sunday. ExxonMobil chartered the Super Puma helicopters for its business operations in Malaysia from Malaysian Helicopter Services Aviation Bhd (MHS Aviation Bhd). One of the helicopters used by ExxonMobil, with 21 people on board, crashed into the South China Sea some 103 nautical miles off Dungun beach in Terengganu at 11.45am Sunday. The pilot identified as Captain Mohd Salleh Teguh is still missing while 19 passengers and a co-pilot have been warded at Kuala Terengganu Hospital. Their conditions were reportedly stable. ExxonMobil said the Department of Civil Aviation and Maritime Department were leading the search and rescue effort for the missing pilot. "We are doing everything possible to assist the impacted individuals and their families during this difficult time and our thoughts and prayers are with them," ExxonMobil E&P Malaysia Inc chairman Liam M Mallon said. ExxonMobil said 10 of the crash victims, including the missing pilot, were Sarku Engineering and Services Sdn Bhd employees and six were employees of Sime Darby Engineering. The rest were employees of ExxonMobil (1), Dowell Schlumberger Sdn Bhd (1), SAAG Drilling & Well Services Sdn Bhd (1) and MHS Aviation Bhd (1).
  5. I'm not aware of the "Okanagan" mountain course ever being offered in Banff? Skullcap, care to comment on that one? My recollection was it was only offered in Pentiction? The Banff Base changed from BOW to Okanagan in '78. I have been in the area since '80. I'm Not disputing that you took it, just never knew they ever did them over there.
  6. Cole, as I said before ( actually, on Sept 25, 2005) You are watching far too much TV.
  7. Unfortunately, Not very much PIC. If anyone should be throwing out thank-yous, it should be us. 1huvrluvr worked hard all summer to make the Base run smoothly, he was on every job that needed doing, from keeping the office and hangar clean, repairing sling gear, washing aircraft, driving fuel and materials, rigging countless loads, dealing with our vairied and valuble customers ... the list is endless. With his tireless help that we can say we are ending the best summer in the history of the Base .... Yes, it even blew 2003 out of the water, how many companies can say that ? so....THANK YOU 1huvrluvr :up: I hope that the deal we're working on to get you into a seat next summer works out. That last Picture of 1huvrluvr's is the 1968 Cessna 320 crash site, if you look closely behind the 407, there is debris scattered through the boulders. That aircraft went in steep and fast in early January '68. The initial engine impact craters are just behind the 407 tail in the Pic. It was snowing during/after the crash, so the initial searches were futile, anything visible was probably well covered up overnight. The largest remaining piece would hardly cover the top of an office desk. It was actually quite visible in the summer despite never being found for 38 years. It is located at the bottom of a big deep cirque, and appeared to be travelling outbound at the time of impact. I had been over the site several times over the years, including a goat count in 2002.
  8. Yes, the 407 has 4 small blades and a temperature limited engine. With those two limiting features, It suffers at altitude. You are correct that the larger Astar paddles do help in thin air. If you load the 407 according to the charts in the RFM, it will do it. You may only be getting 85 to 90%Q, probably similar to a B2 at altitude, which would be NG limited! What the 407 does do well is climb, I've never seen an aircraft that can climb like a 407 ( well, other than a 214), shame it's climb limited to only 2,000 fpm I can't wait to try out a 417 in a few years, fixing the C47 engine shortfalls will certainly add a lot of performance to the old gal. Imagine the lift, If you had 10-15% more Q available at altitude. PS We don't work much above 11,000', because we run out of mountains here.
  9. Our 407's average about 2980 lbs EW, but we have the big Basket installed (about 80 lbs). The AUW can be 5250 ... so just under 1600 lb useful load with a 200 lb pilot and 1.0 fuel.
  10. Not at all 407 Too, I honestly would expect that a B3 would do a LOT better than a 407 at 10,000'. I'm not sure if you operate yours up there? I do, and it really drops off at altitude and temp. We still can run a bit over 1,000 lbs, but we are dealing with Glaciers, so probably much cooler OAT's than Colorado.
  11. ONLY 130 Kg ? I'd have expected that the B3 would do more than that over a 407 at 10,000. Must be a good 407 you were beside :up:
  12. Yup, I can confirm your diagnosis Dr TQN. It does hurt, but it is getting better with Physio. I have an MRI booked for Dec 8th ( over 6 months AFTER the fall ! Gotta love BC Healthcare) Oh, Here's the guilty Bike..
  13. what can I say? weird spot, weird angle, but it seems to work OK :shock:
  14. Lets see him undo a screw-top now :shock:
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