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  1. Max Continuous - I feel more awake just reading your reply ! Your one scary dude and doubly so around April Fool's Day I'm guessing
  2. LIFE SAVING TIP Anybody ever been at the controls of a vehicle and you find yourself fighting to stay awake ? Maybe even doing the infamous 'head-nod' going in and out of consciousness ? Dangerous situation to say the least and one that most of us have (not admittedly) been in - right ? Wrong ! It's happened to you or someone you know = fact. While driving > You've tried: - rolling down the window - turning up the music - pinching / slapping yourself
  3. YES ! Thanks 3Lions I've seen a documentary (on Discovery Channel) that showed this type of training for the Coast Guard. It was just like you mentioned in an indoor pool with the hull of a helicopter that could be spun around and dunked beneath the water. I'm unsure if they obstructed the vision of the trainees or not but if they did it would better simulate a night egress from water. Critical life skill for all pilots to learn by feel alone how to get out of the craft before it submerges. The one thing I'll add (from my experience canoeing [early May in Algonquin Park]) is tha
  4. Dawna: From one newb to another .... what does Underwater Egress Training comprise ? If I had to guess it would be either lifting objects into or from the water by helicopter <----- am i right ? I'm curious and a fellow Ontarian Take Care, J-MON
  5. Congratulations Darren: I really hope that you can maintain your detailed posts as the workload increases. Your a real inspiration to 'Newbs' like me just getting off the ground. Week 1 in the bag .... Tell us about Week 2 when you can spare the time Thanks, J-MON
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