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  1. the insurance companys lawyers come take it away ...... if they are good lawyers. you dont need to be guilty to get burned
  2. sorry i was typing ahead of my brain, thanks for the correction. we noticed the machine used less tq to pull the same hook load before the fin mod,i suspect due to the fact the tr is more effective with reduced fin area and robs less engine power. also less "shudder" when making petal turns in ground effect. no hard numbers, sorry.
  3. more noticeable improvement on the 204 due to the tractor tailrotor
  4. tape....no good prc.....no good well your options are getting limited now! try tethlon tape with a sealing border of prc to keep the oil out or change that seal! good luck
  5. give it a couple more years, maybe a dollar could be made again. conventional companies bankrupt plus mills shut down = very little helilogging work.
  6. hmmmmmmmmm, i would be quite happy if i had 60 days on fire so far this year, 60 days x 4 hrs min per day = 240 hours. maybe i dont understand what your trying to say?
  7. uh1 anything is military and only useable in restricted category, good luck getting hired by anyone. 204b has a t53-11 engine, super204b has a t53-13 engine also known as 204c or 204hp.
  8. advantage has never had an aw product, and has run a 204 and jetranger for the last 6 years. not sure how that happened? neal mavin as chief pilot was the only change we had this year.
  9. advantage helicopters is operating a 204c and a jetranger, no aw109 mk11. thanks scott
  10. just fill out your hours and get both, who cares if you ever use it. you can never be overqualified as a wrench. by the way i use the privilages all the time. scott
  11. i have been watching ciffc regularily, yesterday the numbers doubled. i would bet a typo. just count the heavies on your fingers and toes!
  12. i heard firefighting stopped today so machines could protect a crane that emerg landed beside the kelowna fire?
  13. Rumor a 204 burnt up in manitoa, anyone confirm there was no injuries?
  14. i totally agree with you, but i am still looking for a reasonably priced copy of that manual, hint hint. thanks scott
  15. some companies have been compliant with sms for years before it was introduced, now its just another paperwork nightmare to add to the stack. i agree if you work at a company that does NOT train employees on safety or other ops matters sms is a great thing. but for smaller dare i say professional outfits the paperpile is just another way of bullcrap spending where minds, time and money could be used on maintenance and training. kind of self defeating for some of us. my 2c
  16. i guess we need a quote for the tc type cert regulations to answer that question. i believe the steel instead of titanium is a huge upgrade due to fatigue, but i have not seen the s-92 installation to form an oppinion, i wonder how many ips the transmission sees to cause these studs to shear. or is it improper torquing during filter change? or do the studs take a side load some time during mtce. lots of questions need to be answered before anyone should say this machine is a pos. im sure the insurance companies will find any outstanding issues before their payouts.
  17. GWK, in a round about way i was trying to suggest if you had room for pax in the side facing seat, could the cargo have been put aft in the cabin to allow a forward seat available? i do agree on following rules concerning pax at emerg exits. i have reorganised the cabin to accomodate the pax(without breaking any rules), since they are the ones paying.
  18. cargo restraint net? better re read the cars on pax plus (restrained) cargo. maybe those rules are from your companys ops manual. ps if you are flying unrestrained cargo, YOU are yourself breaking the cars rules. if its not safe for your pax, its not safe for you. and yes i have been across canada in a loaded medium. maybe you should play tetris more. lol
  19. could you not re-organise your load to accomodate the customer?
  20. there is a required decal in bell medium in canada that states no pax on external load ops.
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