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  1. newt good on you for making the plunge. even though i have "no clue" i do work in the industry, i have an opinion and i will let you know what it is if asked! (if i think it may be helpful) scott
  2. will they be supplying a guzzi adapter kit?
  3. if your new seal leaks, chances are the starter gear or fore/aft support bearings are worn, the vibration will cause the seal lip to burn out very rapidly. expensive fix. but a fist ful of new seals will never solve the problem.
  4. lmao, that was a good one.
  5. i 2 am guilty of posting before thinking of all the different ways someone could interperate what i was trying to get across. i was called on it when said company phoned my boss and ragged on him about what "i" wrote. now i write a post and usually delete instead of posting it. bob is a great guy and a great pilot, back in the day when i was a "hooker" he had a great hook and was very cautious of all the people around him. despite what some of you are depicting him as based on these "battles" his first posts always have good information to learn from, which alot of us would like to hear. just my 2c.
  6. being told you cant wear a helmet is rediculous! i give our pilots a guilt trip when they dont wear a helmet, just seems like common sense. i dont ride a bike or fly in the front seat without one.
  7. if you had the room to drop collective, theres a good chance.
  8. have you seen the price of blades this year?
  9. how long is the friggin mast? can it double as a skid tube if you bend one?
  10. wouldnt it be better money spent taking a 212 course and doing type difference training at your new company? then add applicable engine? just my 2c
  11. co-jo should get a medal, or start a boxing career!
  12. i just hope one of these does not hit my machine on the tarmack!
  13. good post........ that about sums it up
  14. better ask your accountant to read the 2008 rules, a tradesperson can claim for tools by filling out the t2200 and t777form. just look in this years employment expenses forms booklet, chapter 7 employed tradepersons. states licenced tradesperson may deduct maximum of 500.00. and apprentice deductions are a little more complicated just read your tax book its quite simple. .
  15. i know a high time pilot engineer, taking engineering made him a much SAFER pilot. he is always employed. but..... heres the kicker, he is a genuine person with a pro company attitude. and im sure thats what keeps him employed.
  16. claim your tools while your an apprentice, cause after you get your licence all you do is pay...... (if you want to keep it legal) but be wary "the man" has lots of snitches!
  17. wow this going on since 2001? im glad i have the nutz to leave when my boss tries to send me to my death!
  18. this thread is getting interesting.
  19. this ones at wildcat, i hear another is at skyline around the same time.
  20. we are not all here to make enemies with each other, we are here to talk and learn about whats going on in the industry around us. some of us have SEEN things done, not heard, not thought about, but SEEN things actually take place. i have not heard of any of these individuals taking matters to court, why you ask? its quite simple you cant freekin prove a thing! but the blades turned and thats logged time. things break........ yes i am an engineer i have seen broken parts, pieces, helicopters and pilots. READ THIS CAREFULLY. i am stating this so everyone can understand. no one wants to see you get hurt. when companies are desperate, they use desperate measures. there are a lot of companies out there right now that are desperate. i / we are trying to make unaware people aware of all the things that happen when your company gets desperate. just open your eyes and ears and listen to what experienced and unexperienced people have to say. it may just save your life whether you know it or not. just trying to help
  21. so someone needs to be convicted before fudging numbers really happened. alright, sure. i have not seen TO many components fail before their o/t schedule anyways, dont worry just strap yourself in and BOBs you uncle. the accident rate is at an all time low and you've got nothing to worry about.
  22. i undercut someone in my home town because i needed to sell a bike that a lot of other people also had for sale. i sold mine. but heres the kicker, i did not sell it for less than its worth, i will not go broke if i sold more of the same all year long, i did not piss off everyone else that are selling the same bikes. i did not make a industry wide customer think that everyone should be able to get a bike for that cheap or that all these other bike sellers are making hand over fist money at those prices. haha, lol did i write bikes? i meant cars....... no i meant helicopters for charter. awe fuggit lets all go backwards a couple steps and see who survives..... wait a minute, thats what were talking about here. these guys are going backwards! ............hey everybody i figured it out! if we all go backwards we can all go broke im a friggin genious! thank-you thank-you
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