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  1. are you stating these companies own their helicopters outright?
  2. if we were on tv they would call our show "as the rotor turns"
  3. i see my fingers typed out before my brain computed, i would like to appologise for the wish of bladestrikes or engene torching to anyone. what my mind was trying to get across was wtf you going to do if you have a strike or toast an engine ? borrow more money from mom and dad? c'mon lets be reasonable! this is crunch time, but if you sell your cereal to drop your rate....... you got nothing to eat!
  4. i hope the undercutters win the contracts and clip some blades after they melt their stoves :shock: . what a bunch of c u next tuesdays :down: ! i bet alberta would have laughed at our 206 for 1250.00/hr but at least we have our pride intact. :punk:
  5. i must apologise for my last comment, i realise you arent talking about flying mediums with an engineer with you out in the field. and the topic was stated at the hangar. i would guess all these lazy co-workers that dont help out will slowly dissappear through the tough times we are coming into. good help is hard to find, but thats because the industry is flooded with new helicopters and not enough well trained personnel "well" being the key word. i ran into a young engineer on a b4 last summer that at the end of the day and 4 hrs of his machine flying he was leaving with the pilot to go back to the hotel. i had to stop what i was doing noting he had his tools in the car and asked " arent you going to at least di that thing?" the answer was "why? its brand new" trk is done so i can only hope he is out of a job and back to flipping burgers where he belongs. flying is no joke..... and either is maintaining. if i can help a pilot out and get another 1/2 hour revenue for the company i'm all over it. soon you will have the chance to work with someone else who cares about your life and their own, after all the wannabees that dont wannawork are all gone, and canada gets back to a realistic number of helicopters flying around. ps have you looked at the number of 2007/2008 helicopters for sale in canada latey? i think its about time these corporate machines dissappear and remember canada sustains workhorses because thats all the customer is willing to pay for. whew! thanks for reading my rant!
  6. not to get in a pissing match, i wash the windows, the helicopter and the floor, clean toilets clean pilot/ passenger garbage out of our machines and do the maintenance. my job is to maintain the a/c and help keep the company running. this isnt my first rodeo as im sure its not yours either, but i can bet you dont fly that machine 12- 14 hours a day..... if you did you could afford to hire a new engineer that may clean your windows and di your machine for all the flight pay your making him/her. sign me up!
  7. i guess the first question is - what is YOUR job description? I am an engineerand i do everything the pilot does not do....... so i dont fly. if your company is the size that has a "hangar guy" i guess that guy should be doing all the " hangar work" as he probably wont be staying up all night when the engineer is fixing a snag. and the hangar guy will be getting paid to work all day, unlike the pilot thats NOT getting paid to sit around on his *** all day, but hangs out at work in case there is a chance for him to fly and earn some bucks.
  8. better check those numbers again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps what is a new jetranger worth now since the stopped making them?
  9. 3 million vs 8 mill purchase price....... that pretty much summs it up for me!
  10. i'm not sure how many "bosses that choose the company" you guys have seen in the field, but i have worked enough to realze that most companies (customers) are cutting costs. what are the "hassles" that are being referred to? the pilots drunk, bitching, didnt show up on time? maybe the owner is phoning looking for payment of the last invoice? or the machine is such a neglected piece of shat its always broken? i have seen this pilot, this engineer and that helicopter jump around to almost every company in canada. so dont tell me its about no hassles, with an expensive piece of equipment like that, it is about bottom line price. oh, ps. i rant like this because we charge full rate ALWAYS and have no work!
  11. has eagle stopped writing mins into their leases? comon you guys. i cant say for sure that resource flew 1200 hours this year between what 2 204s and 2 212s ? again im guessing at a 300 hr lease each. they could give the machines back but would have to send mike a payout for the unflown mins( if they have the capital) if they dont have the capital to pay, i doubt mike would repo the machines an loose out on getting those moneys back on a payment plan next season. this years revenue is on our record books, as well as the small fire season across canada. next year still has possibilities.......as long as you can survive the winter. my 2$
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