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  1. Heliian

    406 instead of a 505

    Lol, I couldn't believe the cost of the rr250 parts nowadays. Almost as expensive as the arriel. I just think that the arrius is a cute little apu derivative. The 505 is still ugly though, almost as bad as the 66.
  2. Heliian

    406 instead of a 505

    Why? The arrius is used in many aircraft and it's more efficient. In this config its 505hp max. I will surmise also that the overhaul costs are similar to a c20, if it had a fadec.
  3. If you intend to fly in the mountains or even the hills, take a course. Find the cheapest one, the info will be the same. Never stop learning. It does help on a resume too.
  4. Heliian

    Bell 206 N2 governor - static droop?

    It is maintained in a graceful ballet of tiny spinning bits that move small needles against fluffy bellows whilst the air of a thousand flutes blows against it. It's partner, the FCU, is the only one that can understand and tame this wild beast. The work of those 2 units is only there to support the real hero, the brawny farmhand, the always a bridesmaid and never a bride, hp fuel pump, so that it can deliver the stream of life when it is so required. Px, Py, Pb
  5. Heliian

    Bell 206 N2 governor - static droop?

    Theoretically, the governor will keep the engine at 100% rotor speed all the time. The droop compensator will help keep it at 100% when making larger power changes in either direction. The 206 had 2 types of systems to mechanically rig the power lever(collective) to the governor. One section controls the range of speed and the other controls how quickly the change is applied. As a pilot you need to know what it does, trying to figure out how it does it and why is a whole other course.
  6. Heliian

    New Helmet Mod

    How good are your electrical skills? https://www.newark.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Search?categoryId=800000006561&pageSize=25&catalogId=15003&langId=-1&sf=422&st=sma&storeId=10194
  7. Heliian

    New Helmet Mod

    Just be careful, drilling into your helmet may render it unserviceable, check with the manufacturer for a suitable location. Also, using the proper drill bits is important to step up to a round hole. Once drilled and deburred, seal the newly exposed edge with epoxy to prevent moisture damage and delamination.
  8. Heliian

    Bell 206 Dash mounted anything

    We had to remove all the unapproved ball mounts at one point but there are other legally mounted stc's that use the space. Just velcro it up there i guess? I'm a big believer in getting approvals for in dash and other fixed items you need. However, that can be cost prohibitive. As far as restricting vision, yes, a very small portion. It doesnt mean that they wont allow it but you'd be better off to query your local inspector.
  9. Heliian

    New Fatigue Regulations

    I know not everybody is on board, many people lobbied for it and have been for years. That is my point, these are teethless regs so calm down simpleton.
  10. Heliian

    Flying and counting

    Any and ALL flights are to be logged. Get some cycle counters! Bill the customer whatever you want, it's your business. Pilots who pad their books will quickly be called out. Your story reminds me of any number of shady operators from days past.
  11. Heliian

    New Fatigue Regulations

    It's been years in the making, consultations with industry, comparison to other major regulatory bodies and still won't take effect for at least 2 years. It's not scary, it's not confusing, it's not overly restrictive. You just have to play by their rules. FRMS is your way around the regs. Fatigue is a hazard and they are addressing it. You asked for it and they have delivered.
  12. Heliian

    AS350B3 strange vibration

    I don't think a tailrotor imbalance would give you such a high lateral vibration. But that cross bolt does like to do weird things. Start with easy things first. Check trim tabs for proper setting and track too. Get that lateral vibe down lower too.
  13. Heliian

    AS350B3 strange vibration

    Sounds like the anti vibe in the head. Most likely the bearing is shot, i've also seen damaged springs. You'll have to remove and disassemble it to really see the problem.
  14. Heliian

    Uh60 firefighting

    Not really that interesting. tldr: Timberline got shut out because they didn't have civil assets to cover the contract, timberline got upset, timberline sued, timberline lost. Using restricted aircraft for utility operations is normal in the USA however the contract stated that the aircraft had to be up to the civil standards. There is a reason that we don't allow the use of those types for civil operations.