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  1. I have yet to see one factual report about the "cracks in the tails" of the cyclone. They all make it sound like the tail is going to fall off. What is the actual location of the cracks and how big are they? Is it in primary structure? tailplane fittings? bearbox mounts? folding provisions? That linked article goes on and on about politics and provides zero factual information besides "they're cracked and we have to fix them" duh.
  2. I hadn't heard about the rollover. Terrible tragedy.
  3. Has anyone found similar pins in their machines?
  4. Happened a few days ago, reported tail rotor problems. Pilot is okay as far as I know, no doubt a bit shaken. From the cadors: The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Trenton advised that a Helicopter Transport Services (Canada) Inc. Bell 214ST (C-GDYZ) had crashed due to a tail rotor problem. The pilot declared "Mayday" before the impact and a company helicopter was able to retrieve the pilot from the site.
  5. Aircraft was deregistered by Valhalla last year and the current owner information is not available. Glad nobody was injured.
  6. Without looking at the job or company, a PRM position doesn't really require skills like a DOM position. Your job would be to compile reports, track times and liase with your amo for performance of maintenance. Unless they have a massive, multitype fleet then $72000 is pretty decent for the position.
  7. The MVA bearing worn can cause all types of weird problems. Lateral balance is important for a smooth machine. An increased lateral vibration can actually induce/excite a vertical component. Loose equipment, windshields, cowlings, tail components can also amplify the vibrations.
  8. That is correct, it was "medical trials" that they didn't allow and wasn't just about vaccines, it included any trials. In Canada, they still rely on YOU, the PIC to make the appropriate decision on whether you are fit for duty. If you have anaphylaxis allergies or have any problems with the vaccine components then you'll be required to wait 30 minutes after injection. Anyone else, it's been 15 minutes. Most people i know that are now vaccinated had to take a day off after the 2nd dose as the fatigue and nausea really sets in. Day one of symptoms were mostly mild.
  9. propane, gasoline, batteries, sulfuric acid, cement, magnets, etc, etc.
  10. We transport dangerous goods via external load all the time and I would classify that as work and we'll outside any tdg regulations. Do you have a specific case or need for such an exemption?
  11. There is no report. There is only cadors. It is a class 5 investigation. Used for data gathering and future analysis.
  12. Most of them pretty much guarantee a conversion as the training they provide is directly related to the content on the tests. 2 weeks seems like a very thorough program, If I recall correctly the program I looked at previously was less than, including testing(upper NY state). I never went through with it as I found better work in Canada but if I had something lined up, I wouldn't hesitate to do one of the courses.
  13. Lol, everyone is going to get exceptions with their stellar fatigue risk management systems.
  14. The end twist: No matter how good their ai and marketing is, they'll still screw the order up and you get cold pizza.
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