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  1. It's pretty amazing how dynamic this industry has been. The old saying "the helicopters stay the same but the name changes" still holds true. CGRGY is still in commercial service, along with many others from the 80s and even 70s I'm sure. Check out the civil aircraft registry online and look at your aircraft's history.
  2. Kobe didn't have an experienced pilot unfortunately. The pilot in your attached accident report was a ticking time bomb, 5 people paid with their lives. The job is to make it home safe everyday.
  3. Properly attach, no. Proper documentation and testing, yes.
  4. It's very disheartening to hear about the attempted "high speed, low level" pass that caused this. I would have thought that most professionals would be beyond the whole "hold my beer and watch this" attitude. At this point it sounds like the whole incident sequence was being witnessed by several people and no doubt several photos/video recordings would have been taken. If you look at pretty much any helicopters flight manual HV curve, you'll notice that the high speed/low level combination is not approved as any slight mistake or technical problem will be unrecoverable without sufficient altitude. The aerodynamics of the accident helicopter are no different than any other helicopter but since it's a "military" helicopter they may have just removed the whole HV page from the manual. I agree with above, who thought that this would be a good idea?
  5. You're 100% correct, Jet B is pretty much obsolete due to it's explosive nature like gasoline. I haven't seen a drum of it in a long time but it's still "available" https://aviation.crevier.ca/en/products/details/jet-b
  6. Jet B was common because all of the northern work in cold weather. It is essentially a mix 70/30 hence the "wide cut" labeling. Jet A was pushed out in favour of Jet A-1 Which has a freezing point of -47degC over Jet A's -40degC. Jet A-1 has antistatic additives to make it safer. MOST manufacturers will recommend running Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (FSII) to improve cold weather performance. Each engine type has approved fuels listed and limits associated with them. RRC20 is 5 hrs of avgas before overhaul.(emerg only), some pt6 models can run diesel all day if it's warm enough. Always check your engine manuals for proper fuel usage and types.
  7. Ya, resistance was futile, if dobbin didn't buy you out he set up shop next door and undercut you out. A great pioneer in the undercutting business which still flourishes today.
  8. VIH has been around the longest and is still operating to this day. Okanagan et al were assimilated by Canadian at the time, which then split, sold, rebranded, resold, rebranded and resold and renamed to the mess it is today.
  9. I would leave out the "check it 150hrs later" part.
  10. It wasn't Hydro one back then. Definitely don't count either as they don't get revenue from the helicopters.
  11. Is that even possible without Airbus approving it? What kind of schedule are you planning on doing the retorques in?
  12. The answer you are looking for is VIH.
  13. canadian helicopters. HNZ The helicopters stay the same, just the paint changes.
  14. You can just wear a surgical mask, shouldn't be too much a problem. Your pax should also wear masks, all the time. Don't touch your face. Wash your hands. Clean the **** controls off for once, maybe even the cockpit. The pathogen is in droplet form, coughing spreads it but even normal aspiration or talking will also, hence everyone wearing masks. It's not easy to continually follow the proper protocols, complacency kicks in quickly. You have to remain vigilant for any possible source of contamination. I don't think anyone working out there today can be 100% safe from this but we are all doing everything we can to mitigate the risk. We are already disinfecting the **** out of everything and currently everyone has access to a mask if they want one(it is not mandatory yet) . We have reduced physical interactions with all branches of the company and even separated shifts.
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