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  1. Load er up and go, you should be able to get it below 8000 feet with 3-4 pax and a warm day. Otherwise, it's 8000-10000ft, which is really high when you takeoff at sea level.
  2. The oil sticks to everything and it accumulates ultra fine particles. It creeps into places and can cause problems. In this case, too much oil is not simply too much. I would never go back to anything but a barrier filter, I think it's the best product since sliced bread.
  3. If there is so much that it looks like a hydraulic leak then I would. With these systems, a careful application of a measured amount is required after the cleaned filter is DRY. I always recommend having a spare for less downtime and it also avoids hastily serviced filters. If it's not dry, the oil will just pass through and into the intake. The coated parts then trap contaminants where you don't want them. Sorry for the thread drift. Tee4, as long as it passes the supplement chart, you're fine. VEMD is outdated anyway imo.
  4. One inherent risk of the filter system is that if the filter is too wet with oil, it will be drawn into the engine and "gunk" up the compressor. Try a good chemical wash and rinse then go at it again.
  5. Hi Tee4, where are you operating from?
  6. If you open the bypass, would that help?
  7. Are there any hooks that are rated for class C? It would seem to me that the manufacturer would allow it if the equipment was up to standard and you had it in an approved manual. You're going to have to put in the work on this one and deal with all parties, as fun as that sounds.
  8. This says that they are reinforcing that the limitations in the flight manual are to be followed and aren't going to change it anytime soon.
  9. Tragically, on April 16th, a VHA test bell 206b crashed during a test flight, killing the pilot and an engineer. The main rotor blades were just about to be certified when the accident occurred. Eyewitness says they heard a bang and saw the aircraft and several parts falling. Obvious in flight breakup, the investigation is ongoing. https://app.ntsb.gov/pdfgenerator/ReportGeneratorFile.ashx?EventID=20190416X22532&AKey=1&RType=HTML&IType=FA
  10. The training site won't be located at the airport.
  11. did they ever install the optical detectors in the 212?
  12. Hour averaging is used by employers to not pay people overtime, it's designed to favour the employer and the employees happily agree to it. You legally could not introduce hour averaging to a 24/7/365 operation as the intent is for seasonal jobs.
  13. No, I think he means that CHL was already paying those rates and that those on the list went TO ornge with those salaries. I believe the payscale did come from the original chl contract but would have hopefully been adjusted for inflation and whatnot.
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