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  1. That's not how this works. Everyone who can, stay home and stay distanced from others. If you have symptoms, isolate and contact health authority for further direction. If you have been in contact with a high risk person, then isolate for 14 days to check for symptoms. If you have symptoms, then you get tested. If not, you are good after 14 days, probably should test, that varies on availability of testing. There are an unknown amount of asymptomatic cases, some think maybe 40 to 75 percent. IF you contract covid 19 then you isolate until you are cleared of the virus. Test,test,test but the availability of testing is scarce.
  2. You may even find that some of these are owned by foreign interests. You can get around the company ownership requirements that way.๐Ÿ‘‡ ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿคจ
  3. Cheap oil is good for making cheap gas. Gold is shiney metal used in electronics and jewellery. In the future gold price will go down and oil price will go up. I predict that there may be some helicopter operators trying to undercut each other and win lucrative contracts. I also predict that the sun will come up again tomorrow and people will keep trying to sell gold and bitcoins as some magic investment vehicle that's going to save you from certain annihilation in the ever encroaching apocalypse. If people are using gold as currency in the future, you got bigger problems.
  4. Prolonged mounting will distort the window. The more suction, the more distortion. You are also blocking a huge portion of view in this picture. Your gps is also blocking the airspeed limitations chart. This would not be approved, even in the "temporary" mounting category.
  5. Well, exploration seems to be coming back up and there is always fires to chase. Forestry may be picking back up too, not sure about actual heli logging though. With any luck we'll have pilotless machines soon.
  6. You can claim whatever you want, whether it gets accepted is another story. Also, any added claim forms usually trigger an assessment so definitely expect to refute your claim. foreflight subs and ipads would not be covered, you don't need those to work, unless you set yourself up as a contractor in which case your business could write down those costs.
  7. The piston type pump provides constant flow via a swashplate. Pressure is set by relief valve. At lower RPM the swashplate may be at max deflection if there is too much demand on the system. It's supposed to maintain flow at the rated pressure.
  8. Because you need to have full Hydraulic pressure and flow?
  9. The same crap we used to mount garmin gps to? Weights are similar. Or, you could go with a $4500 engineered solution. Or, duct tape it right on the panel maybe, better yet, velcro. NVM, here's the solution:
  10. ^easa certification is better as they have more stringent policies on training. Talk to your course provider about which ones they have as it varies and many of them have multiple certifications nowadays.
  11. Technically, since the 212 and 412 share the same type certificate number, a certified training course on either would meet the legal requirements for signing either out. In this case, experience should dictate whether your company will give an ACA for the specific aircraft type. Most company manuals have a 6 month experience requirement for an ACA on type.
  12. Unless you're wearing a nomex suit and underclothes, it doesn't matter. Only a one piece with proper layering will offer full protection.
  13. The first rule about nvg club, is that you don't talk about nvg club. Doing so is in contravention of the regulations.
  14. There's the problem, those cheap products are hurting us. High concentrations of glyphosate or any other pest/herb/fungicide is bad for you. You'll most likely be poisoned by the fuel though, that's one thing that's a constant.
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