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  1. That is correct, it was "medical trials" that they didn't allow and wasn't just about vaccines, it included any trials. In Canada, they still rely on YOU, the PIC to make the appropriate decision on whether you are fit for duty. If you have anaphylaxis allergies or have any problems with the vaccine components then you'll be required to wait 30 minutes after injection. Anyone else, it's been 15 minutes. Most people i know that are now vaccinated had to take a day off after the 2nd dose as the fatigue and nausea really sets in. Day one of symptoms were mostly mild.
  2. propane, gasoline, batteries, sulfuric acid, cement, magnets, etc, etc.
  3. We transport dangerous goods via external load all the time and I would classify that as work and we'll outside any tdg regulations. Do you have a specific case or need for such an exemption?
  4. There is no report. There is only cadors. It is a class 5 investigation. Used for data gathering and future analysis.
  5. Most of them pretty much guarantee a conversion as the training they provide is directly related to the content on the tests. 2 weeks seems like a very thorough program, If I recall correctly the program I looked at previously was less than, including testing(upper NY state). I never went through with it as I found better work in Canada but if I had something lined up, I wouldn't hesitate to do one of the courses.
  6. Lol, everyone is going to get exceptions with their stellar fatigue risk management systems.
  7. The end twist: No matter how good their ai and marketing is, they'll still screw the order up and you get cold pizza.
  8. Thanks for the replies folks, much appreciated.
  9. It looks like we're sending our fleet to be repainted in the usa as there "wasn't any reasonable options" for the work to be done in Canada. Is this the norm now? Is it not economically viable to repaint a medium domestically anymore?
  10. Which in itself shouldn't be a problem. Sadly, it reminds me of this one: https://www.sudbury.com/around-the-north/report-on-fatal-helicopter-crash-near-timmins-released-1654365 Dark and wintry conditions are not a place to be flying a vfr helicopter.
  11. I know an old guy who sat and waited out ice over Christmas one year, still kicking as far as I know. I used to know a guy that didn't have a great respect for the weather, he got caught one day.
  12. Yes, I also saw this discussed on another site by fear mongering idiots. TC had to clarify after the sensationalist clickbait started spreading around the web. To keep things simple, any MEDICAL TRIALS will nullify your medical. This could be a trial for the latest "male enhancement" pill or an unproven vaccine of any kind. This whole conversation is pointless as the vaccine is APPROVED and wouldn't be administered en masse if it wasn't, an emergency approval is still an approval.
  13. Ya, they exist already in various forms for the aviation sector. Still not that cost effective and not even 100% accurate either. Since there are way more trucks on the road with a rampant logging deficiency problem it's justified for that sector. Won't make the trucks any safer but will prevent most drivers from breaking the law.
  14. We never had the luxury of a blade fold kit. Just took the blades off and put them on the wall or floor stand. Technically, you aren't supposed to fold the blades without the proper kit and supports.
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