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  1. Heliian

    Contract engineer rates

    No signing authority means that you are essentially an apprentice. If you're skilled and licensed then you're worth more. Say $22 an hour for apprentice and $30 an hour minimum for non ACA engineer. $45 an hour for ACA would be okay. Where and when are you wrenching? That makes a difference also.
  2. Heliian

    Where are we headed

    Because they're paying customers! Who cares what their political views are. It seems very hypocritical to whine about.
  3. Heliian

    Mobil 254 vs Mobil Jet II

    Jet 254 is a higher thermal stability oil (HTS). It will produce less carbon buildup and maintain viscosity to a higher temp. The important thing is to pick one and stick with it from the start. Using 254 in an engine that was running jet II or 2380 will dislodge carbon deposits which can cause blockages and bearing failure. The manufacturers have laid this all out in their manuals.
  4. Talk to a broker like The Multihull company or other yacht broker, you might have a better market in south america or Caribbean. You should make a dedicated website for it also. Very interesting setup you have, what's the pad capacity?
  5. Heliian

    Baofeng BF-F8HP & CHIRP

    http://www.arrl.org/news/fcc-cites-baofeng-importer-for-illegally-marketing-unauthorized-rf-devices The old broken telephone of the internet. If you read the article, it really has nothing to do with baofeng and more to do with one distributor.
  6. Heliian

    Pilot/Mechanic Relationship

    Uh no, quite the opposite.
  7. Heliian

    Pilot/Mechanic Relationship

    Sometimes it's learning, sometimes it's babysitting. A good engineer will have a good repore with the drivers, easy as that. However, there are several nutjob pilots out there who are just a nightmare to deal with. Most don't last but there's always going to be a few.
  8. Heliian

    UH-1 Drag Brace

    Safety culture is important no matter what size the operation, your company is lacking in it from your description. Sometimes the safety weinies have a point. It may seem overkill but we have an independent control check that's accomplished by someone who didn't sign for the work. 206 mast nut and lock is one and after any rotor adjustments is another. Any flight or engine control must be dualed.
  9. Heliian

    UH-1 Drag Brace

    We have pretty high standards here in Canada, I'm assuming since you fly a UH-1 that you are not working in Canada. Your gripes would not go unnoticed here. It would be rare for the drag brace to loosen, unless it wasn't tight or you had a blade strike. Leaving the lock off a 206 mast nut is a slip, where did the lock and bolt end up? It sounds like you're working for a budget operator, if they had a clue, they would acknowledge your problems and try to come up with a happy solution.
  10. Heliian

    A star droop stop ring

    Yes. Excessive flapping is one cause. Corrosion and wear, fatigue. I saw 2 examples and the parts stayed on the aircraft both times. It's a commonly overlooked part, covered in grease and such. Anytime you have access, they should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected.
  11. Heliian

    Eurocopter Spin On Filter

    Isn't the MOD for also the OH extension with the mineral oil?
  12. Heliian

    Pilots leaving the industry

    If you don’t like your career then get a new one. I’m tired of hearing about how a plumber or an electrician gets paid more than you. If you are good at pulling wire or augering out ****** pipes then go for it. Doctors get paid more too, policeman, firefighter as well. You have chosen to fly as a career, if you keep working then you’ll find more pay and stability. Also, stop comparing your entry level salary to a tradesman who has been no doubt busting his *** for the last 20 years. Want to get rich quick with no training or education then become an online crypto trader. Its like all these government workers complaining about not getting paid, all talk and no walk.
  13. The solution is a bigger machine like the 130 or 350 or 407 or 206l4. The original market was for the golfing foursome and their bags. It's a cute little machine, little being the operative word. Now the 505 is coming out to fill the void.
  14. Heliian

    CADORS 2017C2301

    Sounds like a throttle chop gone wrong. IMO one of the most dangerous manoeuvres for new trainees. Ya, it's only a few feet off the ground but the inputs needed can make for one squirelly landing.
  15. Heliian

    TCCA->FAA missed questions

    First one is correct, you are expected to taxi on the surface with minimal downwash. Second one is #1) Hover taxi is less than 25 feet AGL From the FAA helicopter flying handbook.