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  1. Nice! I just checked their site and they have vertical slider door windows available still. There must be a reason they don't have the sliding litter windows listed, give em a call and let us know.
  2. A couple of ex-japan machines that were imported had them. The windows had to be reverted back to normal as there was no "stc" for them and it would not be cost effective to have it certified here.
  3. You can use different oils in the 206 series I believe, always double check the type and brand before adding. Mixing is bad.
  4. Wash bottles are great, still evaporates a little though. We stopped using mek years ago and switched to less toxic alcohol, acetone for heavier jobs and commercial gun wash for bulk cleaning. Of course we have a contaminated varsol tank too. Since mek is used in illicit drug production, it also became more scarce and regulated in bigger quantities. Whatever you use, always wear proper PPE to reduce the risk. Chronic illnesses caused by toxic chemicals are no joke.
  5. At least he knows where the filler is. I knew a pilot that overfilled the "transmission", which ended up beimg the Hydraulic reservoir. That was after an elementary training session too. Carry on.
  6. We've postponed all planned trips to the usa now. Exemptions and extensions are being handed out for operators to cover ppc's and whatnot. The 14 day quarantine applies to all travelers returning to canada, if you don't work for the airline then you are just a traveler.
  7. I don't think they'd have time to enter vrs, it looks like they're pointing at the flight director or some part of the system that prevented recovery from some unusual condition. It was a very high energy crash, so I'm assuming at speed.
  8. oops, the drone was operating in meters and not feet.
  9. ya, their explanation isn't great. I think what they're saying is that the pilot was trying to perform manoeuvres with the autopilot still coupled in ALT and IAS mode. If the pilot then tried to perform a descending, slowing turn the autopilot would try to keep the aircraft on it's selected course. I would need some more information about the cyclone fbw system but I think it did as it was programmed, it tried to maintain IAS and ALT while the pilot was doing otherwise. Why it ended up hitting the surface is beyond me, we still haven't been told how high the a/c was when it turned. Was it 200ft agl? 100ft? 50ft? 10ft? The lower you go the less time for reaction. Also, the s92/cyclone platform is not a racecar, it's a bus.
  10. They kept that quiet for a couple of months, pretty embarrassing.
  11. I prefer the line: "there are old pilots and bold pilots, but no old bold pilots." I still don't think there's anything wrong with the aircraft but more related to the "human factors", they are returning the cyclones to service now without any talks about "fixes". I wonder how many hours the PIC had on helicopters and on type?
  12. The recorders were recovered, everything is on there. From the data they can recreate the entire sequence within minutes of download. I'm guessing that they already know exactly what happened, not to mention all the eyewitnesses and radar data. This well be the last we hear of it for a year though at least. Since it's military they can just bury it anyways and we may never hear about it.
  13. latest update: http://www.rcaf-arc.forces.gc.ca/en/flight-safety/article-template-flight-safety.page?doc=ch148822-cyclone-from-the-investigator/kae63jt8
  14. lol, if their equipment only cost 2500 and they only charged 1700 then that's still just enthusiast level. Just a good quality camera is thousands of dollars, proper video editing equipment and software and the time to edit videos is also thousands of dollars. In any case, I was thinking more of heavier commercial drone operations.
  15. The pay is bad enough in the manned sector, I imagine a drone operator or tech doesn't make that much at the moment. Since they're designed to fly themselves, an actual pilot isn't needed and since no live cargo is aboard, no one really cares if a rotor falls off. At the moment, movie/tv production is done by very few companies and it's not essential to life either as we now know, so that's not really a big loss to the industry. Scanning fires, I have always thought was done poorly and a waste of time. The equipment was weak and the coverage wasn't great either, I don't know about the drone scanning equipment, but I'm assuming it's even more lightweight and low power. The range and flight times would be crap too i think. The best solution would be to use space based IR systems that could scan a fire continuously and with accuracy. I have no doubt that UAS's are going to continue to progress and become more prevalent in life but I also see the flipside. There will always be need for real aircraft, you just have to stay on top of the revenue streams and maybe find new ones.
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