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  1. At least he knows where the filler is. I knew a pilot that overfilled the "transmission", which ended up beimg the Hydraulic reservoir. That was after an elementary training session too. Carry on.
  2. We've postponed all planned trips to the usa now. Exemptions and extensions are being handed out for operators to cover ppc's and whatnot. The 14 day quarantine applies to all travelers returning to canada, if you don't work for the airline then you are just a traveler.
  3. I don't think they'd have time to enter vrs, it looks like they're pointing at the flight director or some part of the system that prevented recovery from some unusual condition. It was a very high energy crash, so I'm assuming at speed.
  4. oops, the drone was operating in meters and not feet.
  5. ya, their explanation isn't great. I think what they're saying is that the pilot was trying to perform manoeuvres with the autopilot still coupled in ALT and IAS mode. If the pilot then tried to perform a descending, slowing turn the autopilot would try to keep the aircraft on it's selected course. I would need some more information about the cyclone fbw system but I think it did as it was programmed, it tried to maintain IAS and ALT while the pilot was doing otherwise. Why it ended up hitting the surface is beyond me, we still haven't been told how high the a/c was when it turned. Was it 200ft agl? 100ft? 50ft? 10ft? The lower you go the less time for reaction. Also, the s92/cyclone platform is not a racecar, it's a bus.
  6. They kept that quiet for a couple of months, pretty embarrassing.
  7. I prefer the line: "there are old pilots and bold pilots, but no old bold pilots." I still don't think there's anything wrong with the aircraft but more related to the "human factors", they are returning the cyclones to service now without any talks about "fixes". I wonder how many hours the PIC had on helicopters and on type?
  8. The recorders were recovered, everything is on there. From the data they can recreate the entire sequence within minutes of download. I'm guessing that they already know exactly what happened, not to mention all the eyewitnesses and radar data. This well be the last we hear of it for a year though at least. Since it's military they can just bury it anyways and we may never hear about it.
  9. latest update: http://www.rcaf-arc.forces.gc.ca/en/flight-safety/article-template-flight-safety.page?doc=ch148822-cyclone-from-the-investigator/kae63jt8
  10. lol, if their equipment only cost 2500 and they only charged 1700 then that's still just enthusiast level. Just a good quality camera is thousands of dollars, proper video editing equipment and software and the time to edit videos is also thousands of dollars. In any case, I was thinking more of heavier commercial drone operations.
  11. The pay is bad enough in the manned sector, I imagine a drone operator or tech doesn't make that much at the moment. Since they're designed to fly themselves, an actual pilot isn't needed and since no live cargo is aboard, no one really cares if a rotor falls off. At the moment, movie/tv production is done by very few companies and it's not essential to life either as we now know, so that's not really a big loss to the industry. Scanning fires, I have always thought was done poorly and a waste of time. The equipment was weak and the coverage wasn't great either, I don't know about the drone scanning equipment, but I'm assuming it's even more lightweight and low power. The range and flight times would be crap too i think. The best solution would be to use space based IR systems that could scan a fire continuously and with accuracy. I have no doubt that UAS's are going to continue to progress and become more prevalent in life but I also see the flipside. There will always be need for real aircraft, you just have to stay on top of the revenue streams and maybe find new ones.
  12. That is a bell 47 with side hoppers, most likely doing mosquito control application. The high pitch whine from this one is a turbine engine conversion. Can't tell from your video if it's piston or turbine but it may be the same. Cheers.
  13. It's pretty amazing how dynamic this industry has been. The old saying "the helicopters stay the same but the name changes" still holds true. CGRGY is still in commercial service, along with many others from the 80s and even 70s I'm sure. Check out the civil aircraft registry online and look at your aircraft's history.
  14. Kobe didn't have an experienced pilot unfortunately. The pilot in your attached accident report was a ticking time bomb, 5 people paid with their lives. The job is to make it home safe everyday.
  15. Properly attach, no. Proper documentation and testing, yes.
  16. It's very disheartening to hear about the attempted "high speed, low level" pass that caused this. I would have thought that most professionals would be beyond the whole "hold my beer and watch this" attitude. At this point it sounds like the whole incident sequence was being witnessed by several people and no doubt several photos/video recordings would have been taken. If you look at pretty much any helicopters flight manual HV curve, you'll notice that the high speed/low level combination is not approved as any slight mistake or technical problem will be unrecoverable without sufficient altitude. The aerodynamics of the accident helicopter are no different than any other helicopter but since it's a "military" helicopter they may have just removed the whole HV page from the manual. I agree with above, who thought that this would be a good idea?
  17. You're 100% correct, Jet B is pretty much obsolete due to it's explosive nature like gasoline. I haven't seen a drum of it in a long time but it's still "available" https://aviation.crevier.ca/en/products/details/jet-b
  18. Jet B was common because all of the northern work in cold weather. It is essentially a mix 70/30 hence the "wide cut" labeling. Jet A was pushed out in favour of Jet A-1 Which has a freezing point of -47degC over Jet A's -40degC. Jet A-1 has antistatic additives to make it safer. MOST manufacturers will recommend running Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (FSII) to improve cold weather performance. Each engine type has approved fuels listed and limits associated with them. RRC20 is 5 hrs of avgas before overhaul.(emerg only), some pt6 models can run diesel all day if it's warm enough. Always check your engine manuals for proper fuel usage and types.
  19. Ya, resistance was futile, if dobbin didn't buy you out he set up shop next door and undercut you out. A great pioneer in the undercutting business which still flourishes today.
  20. VIH has been around the longest and is still operating to this day. Okanagan et al were assimilated by Canadian at the time, which then split, sold, rebranded, resold, rebranded and resold and renamed to the mess it is today.
  21. I would leave out the "check it 150hrs later" part.
  22. It wasn't Hydro one back then. Definitely don't count either as they don't get revenue from the helicopters.
  23. Is that even possible without Airbus approving it? What kind of schedule are you planning on doing the retorques in?
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