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  1. Are there any hooks that are rated for class C? It would seem to me that the manufacturer would allow it if the equipment was up to standard and you had it in an approved manual. You're going to have to put in the work on this one and deal with all parties, as fun as that sounds.
  2. This says that they are reinforcing that the limitations in the flight manual are to be followed and aren't going to change it anytime soon.
  3. Tragically, on April 16th, a VHA test bell 206b crashed during a test flight, killing the pilot and an engineer. The main rotor blades were just about to be certified when the accident occurred. Eyewitness says they heard a bang and saw the aircraft and several parts falling. Obvious in flight breakup, the investigation is ongoing. https://app.ntsb.gov/pdfgenerator/ReportGeneratorFile.ashx?EventID=20190416X22532&AKey=1&RType=HTML&IType=FA
  4. The training site won't be located at the airport.
  5. did they ever install the optical detectors in the 212?
  6. Hour averaging is used by employers to not pay people overtime, it's designed to favour the employer and the employees happily agree to it. You legally could not introduce hour averaging to a 24/7/365 operation as the intent is for seasonal jobs.
  7. No, I think he means that CHL was already paying those rates and that those on the list went TO ornge with those salaries. I believe the payscale did come from the original chl contract but would have hopefully been adjusted for inflation and whatnot.
  8. A co-worker has informed me that actually,the pilots and the engineers salaries for Ornge are NOT well published across the country. He would like to know where the information is.
  9. Has anyone here signed up for this before? Might be fun. Are accommodations and meals provided?
  10. I wouldn't sink that low, I said you weren't comprehending the scenarios. Now as far as the weather, it's different every day, everywhere. Sure there's the occasional storm that shuts the province down but it's not that regular. In your world, we would be using single pilot ifr jetrangers to haul a patient maybe a medic too. Just forget about the single pilot idea, it's not happening. It's not how the system works. The patients being transported by ornge are mostly critically ill and require constant care and equipment. You also need to remember that there is a human element to ornge too, the hard working front line staff. I'm not here to change your mind, I'm just here to clarify some of the misinformation being delivered by various sources.
  11. Do you even know where ontario is on a map? To say the the weather is the same from london to ottawa is ridiculous.
  12. You're not comprehending this. At hospitals and on roads and like most land ambulances a powered stretcher is used. When you're at a scene a board or scoop is used, the lift mechanism is in the stretcher. http://www.fernoems.com/powerflexx You wouldn't be able to staff all of your little helicopters and the costs would be higher than they are now. Yes, still only a fraction of the budget.
  13. how about sudbury, thunder bay, kenora and moosonee? You need enough range to dispatch, find/attend the scene or hospital and then return to another hospital. VFR is easy, factor in IFR for critical patient transfers and your astar won't make it, neither will the 135 or 429(which btw did not have the upped gross weight approvals in place in Canada at the time).
  14. My mistake, I read tgb. Glad you're getting it all sorted out. I had an upper seal go once and the mgb looked like a chocolate fountain.
  15. The big flat belly makes a great surface in deep snow. Tall grass? Really? I have plenty of pictures to prove it too. As far as the medical side of things, sure, they probably could always be better. As far as stretcher systems go, most are powered these days so they don't have to lift manually. It's not like they're going to wheel anything around in the bush either, I'm sure they have other boards and whatnot for manually loading. Just check out their Twitter and you'll find a variety of scene call photos and other useful information about what they do.
  16. The smaller aircraft lack range when equipped. Paramedics are required to be paired with another medic or doctor/nurse so dropping a body is not feasible. The 139 is a helicopter and can land anywhere a helicopter can land. They do scene calls all over the place and not just on roads. There are several ems operators of 139's all over the world. you can even get skis for it or winches.
  17. Staffing costs would offset aircraft costs and the 135 or 429 are not suitable for this environment. You'd have to use 145's or 76C+++'s which cost only slightly less than the 139.
  18. What do you think is a good salary? What do you think they're making at Ornge now? Such hypocritical comments here! 99% of the time people ***** about not getting enough pay and benefits but when someone does get decent pay and benefits you want to strike it down and cut salaries? Do you think that the front line staff of a 24hr ems operation should be cheap, inexperienced people? Should the pilots and engineers of any aviation company be staffed with the cheapest idiots out there? I suggest you apply at Ornge, they're hiring.
  19. Yes, let's put all flying back into the private sector so that it can be lowballed and degraded. Maybe some tfw's in there too. Don't kid yourself, you'll never see the returns, even if they just closed it all to save 150million a year. It's less than a fraction of a percent of the health care budget.
  20. Better than the original ones. The worst part about ornge's 139's is the poor paint that was laid down originally. The 139 is a great ship and I enjoy working on them. They are modern, powerful and useful and have amassed over a million hours globally.
  21. Another note to some of the misinformation in this letter is that the temagami accident was under CHL still.
  22. OMNR does most everything else in house.
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