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  1. Technically, since the 212 and 412 share the same type certificate number, a certified training course on either would meet the legal requirements for signing either out. In this case, experience should dictate whether your company will give an ACA for the specific aircraft type. Most company manuals have a 6 month experience requirement for an ACA on type.
  2. Unless you're wearing a nomex suit and underclothes, it doesn't matter. Only a one piece with proper layering will offer full protection.
  3. The first rule about nvg club, is that you don't talk about nvg club. Doing so is in contravention of the regulations.
  4. There's the problem, those cheap products are hurting us. High concentrations of glyphosate or any other pest/herb/fungicide is bad for you. You'll most likely be poisoned by the fuel though, that's one thing that's a constant.
  5. Well, if you worked a full year it'd be almost 100 grand. All the places I worked had extra allowances for more remote or expensive locales, the per diem was a base amount.
  6. As the article states, they are dropping the rappel program, using other methods of detection to reduce staffing and cutting 1 of 8 air tankers. Hardly the end of the world. They did mention a 750 million dollar contingency for emergencies on top of their 113 million budget that I would assume pays your bills in case of another big one. Worse case, the feds can bail them out 😉
  7. We checked one after an over speed, was 1% high, saved a massive amount of trouble.
  8. It's an aerodynamic process. We don't control the winds, it only takes a small puff to go from maximum efficiency to none. As we know from basic theory, the most lift will be created right before the stall.
  9. Ya, that's not the drones we're talking about here and nor are they commercially viable. Hop aboard this contraption: https://www.scmp.com/video/technology/3024769/reporter-rides-chinas-ehang-flying-taxi-square
  10. No, it's the "drones" that need to catch up to the regs. Sure, you can strap yourself to all types of flying contraptions and zoom around. Doesn't mean that it's commercially viable or economical or safe. The regs have been put in place over the decades after someone else paid the price. Having a ballistic parachute is a good start, but someone still needs to make the decisions.
  11. Not much of a pilot if he thought he could hide from a surveillance aircraft. I'd love to see the video.
  12. I'm going to say that the system will have to be drained and filled and inspected for carbon in the strut/scavenge and filter. I would call a turbine shop to find out more though.
  13. I liken it to pilot/ gas plant operators. Doing 2 jobs but paid for one. Do 1 job at a time, be a pilot in the summer and an engineer in the winter or whatever. You are 100% correct about pilots wanting to jump on the first stick they can get. You need good maintenance staff that are focused on the job, not some part timer.
  14. Even massive corporations with seemingly endless budgets can't get an oversized quadcopter to fly safely or reliably without billions in development. How is every joe tech guru going to? Try to make something that can be certified too, not just these pipe dreams and investment scams.
  15. We used 4d or 8d truck batteries. They have a higher amphr rating and can handle multiple crankings. The bigger, the better but you want to keep it portable.
  16. We had one that was 2 large truck batteries, standard maintenance type that worked great. Nice thing is that you can still charge the batteries with a 12v charger.(more convenient with 24v charger) NOTE: use good heavy cables, keep them short and ensure really good connections on the batteries. Use solid wire to connect the 2 batts in series( or parallel if using 24v batteries). Charge after every use once they've cooled and weekly if not used. Cheers
  17. Have someone test your helmet and check the aircraft system. You might just need to adjust something. Most new comm systems have no issues blowing your ears out.
  18. You're here!! You can also find jobs through company's websites, indeed and other government sites.
  19. Having a good maintenance schedule altogether will save you time and effort. In a perfect world you would do your 3rd 100hr check at the same time as the 2nd 150hr check.
  20. Thanks Ray, That makes sense, did the single hydraulic b3 have a boot? Cheers, Ian
  21. Just grease and clean with an acid brush. Wrap some electrical tape on the sharp edges of the brush and bristle end to prevent scratches. I'm not sure if they had to delete the boot due to heat buildup but I thought it was odd.
  22. Load er up and go, you should be able to get it below 8000 feet with 3-4 pax and a warm day. Otherwise, it's 8000-10000ft, which is really high when you takeoff at sea level.
  23. The oil sticks to everything and it accumulates ultra fine particles. It creeps into places and can cause problems. In this case, too much oil is not simply too much. I would never go back to anything but a barrier filter, I think it's the best product since sliced bread.
  24. If there is so much that it looks like a hydraulic leak then I would. With these systems, a careful application of a measured amount is required after the cleaned filter is DRY. I always recommend having a spare for less downtime and it also avoids hastily serviced filters. If it's not dry, the oil will just pass through and into the intake. The coated parts then trap contaminants where you don't want them. Sorry for the thread drift. Tee4, as long as it passes the supplement chart, you're fine. VEMD is outdated anyway imo.
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