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  1. Ah, someone must have been offered a job on the NWS from HNZ and is not to happy with what it was. Don't worry put in one season and then fly the support b212 in the summer and you will have enough time to be a captain. Then you will have the same question again.
  2. Willing to relocate, they want you to live in Inuvik, Hall Beach, Cambridge Bay, Goose Bay and Iqaluit. I guess you might get a few new co-pilots that may move, I can't think of to many people would move to those locations. But I've been wrong before. SOB
  3. Yes, I recall the when HTS was awarded the contract they have very little time to get their equipment in place. It came as quite a shock to CHL after servicing the NWS for some many years. It will be interesting if the contract is awarded to another vendor other than HTS SOB
  4. Did't know if was up for bids? HTS has only had if for what, four years.
  5. Marry an American, that's the easiest. ha ha ha SOB
  6. Don"t know what part of the world your in, (actually I do) but I'm flying four to six hours a day, making good money and very challenging flying. If you want work, and your qualified, there is lots of overseas stuff going on.
  7. Just noticed mine will expire Jan 1, 2014, emailed TC to find out where the forms are, thx for this update and the links. SOB Somewhere in Africa
  8. As previously posted SOB First 5 years pay, (cost of living review and adjustment every 2 years); $92,293 $98,459 $101,000 $104,000 $107,000 then $110,000 at yr 10 and $113,000 in yr 15.
  9. I was just starting out when Wayne was starting up in Helmet, he even let me fly his a/c from time to time up there. Tough on the company and personal. Worked side by side with Bailey when I was with Highland in Ft St John, can be a very unforgiving industry we work in. Tough especially on Wayne who also lost his son some years back. Take a moment and re-fleck, say a prayer and go on. That is the best way to honor the one's we have lost in our chosen profession. SOB Tony
  10. No one has mentioned Helicopter Helmets web site, helicopterhelmets.com Got my Gallet from them a few years ago. Love it. Very nicely furnished for $1600.00 US. If your still having problems drop me a line, considering I live in the States but family is still in Canada I travel back and forth alot. Cheers SOB
  11. Knaw, just bop on over to Just Helicopter's forum and you should get your fill. SOB
  12. I'm curious why we are hearing blade fracture down here in the States and nothing up here on the Canada board, AirEvac lost a crew a few years ago and a little bird is telling me there was a run of blades made by a vendor for Bell that was suspect, coincidence? More to come. Very sad, I spent a few years flying that area years ago and enjoyed if very much. RIP fellow flyers. Life can be short SOB
  13. Just wondering if anyone has heard back from Stars as of yet. They have been recruiting for over six months for their new bases in Saskatoon and Regina and now we read that they will be going into Manitoba. I did get a e-mail from them requesting further info and if I was interested but that was four months ago. My current contract ends at the end of Aug and I will be sadly unemployed. Having flown HEMS in Canada and the USA I feel I have all the qualifications that the require. Any comments would be appreciated. SOB
  14. Read the post. Chl pays the highest (post union) then HeliJet then Stars
  15. Wow, guess that would piss off the boys in Alberta considering there pay is no where near those numbers listed. We all know Stars EMS is one of or is the lowest paying ems positions in the Country, CHL first, HeliJet second and Stars brings up the rear. SOB
  16. Funny thing happened on my way to Vertical it turned into JUST HELICOPTERS. SOB
  17. What's up with Stars, they have posted on most of the major job sites for pilots and engineers. Last I heard they were having a hard time getting pilots for Grande Prairie. Anyone have the skinny on what's up? Would touring be an option for some of there bases? Thx SOB
  18. You boys got a handle on that there Machine Yet?
  19. Also worked with Wray, spent five years with Highland and got to see Wray quite often. Had quite the collection of Stuff in the hanger at Edson if I do recall. Sadly time goes by and we lose touch with great people that we have worked with in this industry. Last time I talked to him was 97. Rest easy my friend SOB
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