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  1. Now you have me thinking, Zorba, I know I have warned alot of guys about them but I didn't think anyone listened, ha ha. So looking forward to being back in the Big C. Leaving this Thursday for the journey home. NOB
  2. Ouch, I bought the same helmet minus the ANR and carbon shield cover but added the NVG quick release Bracket and paid $1600.00 from Helicoptershelmet.com Yes love the fit and finish and weight. Much better than my old Gentex which I had for twenty years. NOB.
  3. Yes that's right, SOB will once again be an NOB. After spending eight years south of the border SOB will officially become NOB June 3 as he has accepted a Federal Position North of the Border. I would like to thank all of my fellow aviators for their incite over the years and for keeping me abreast to the on-goings in the Great White North. Especially to T-Rex, Jeff, Alex and Glen. Hears hoping I can be of some help to many of you in the future. Fly Safe SOB (soon to be NOB)
  6. When he's not in Thailand he still lives in Abbotsford. Great guy had the pleasure of working with him in Utopoa. SOB
  7. If there are any pilots our there currently working for STARS could you PM me with an e-mail address so I can talk with you, looking for some info. Regards SOB
  8. Thanks for the clarification, hope I didn't raise to many alarms. I had heard the North Caribou had taken over Bailey Helicopters and that Wayne had passed on. Hope he's enjoying his retirement. Does he still have an office at Boundary Bay? SOB
  9. Just heard that Wayne Bailey had passed away some time ago. This comes as quit a shock to me. I have know Wayne since his Helmet Days. I had heard that his son had died sometime ago from a very freak accident but Wayne was still around. I check the Rememberance Wall and nothing for Wayne. Any info would be appreciated. SOB
  10. Gimme a break, if a moderator was a senior man at CHC, I would wonder when he has time to even look at this web site. And if that was the case I would be wondering what his boss thinks of him spending time on this forum instead of worrying about his own job. Besides, if that was true he would have been all over the CHC Pilots Union issue and if your that worried about losing your job through a moderator on this site, Boy would that set up a great opportunity for legal action. Nice Try Boy must be a slow day in Lotus land. SOB
  11. Heard word that there are going to be some changes at CHC Halifax very shortly. Anyone care to comment? SOB
  12. I have three great buddies all flying there, please JB, SR, and PC let me know things are okay. Regards with thoughts and prayers Tony
  13. I was told years ago when I worked for PHI that I could not wear my helmet, there reasoning, if the pilot wore one then all the customers would want one and PHI would have to buy the helmets. They preach safety but as usual money always talks. SOB
  14. A few years ago PHI had a 407 that was tied down on a platform when a squall line went through the area. The pilot was downstairs having lunch when he saw his 407 go by the window into the ocean. We all thought that he had not tied down the a/c like your suppose to but sure enough when they fished in out of the ocean the tie-downs were attached to the a/c along with the anchor clevises from the platform deck. Years of corrosion had takens its tole. The wind can be your friend on a hot and humid day but can sure bite you in the *** if you don't have a little respect. Just my 2 cents SOB
  15. Hey Coastal how long did it take to receive your new license. I have been waiting over six weeks for mine? SOB
  16. Ya right, like Transport Canada really knows how much room there is on the back of a passport picture. They want the name and address of the photography studio, then the verification of true likeness and signed buy that person, you will need a friggin magnifying glass to read it. Sometimes I just wonder what really goes on at TC. Regards SOB
  17. My My My how things have changed. The last numbers I had seen and mind you this was a few years ago. There were about 2100 H-pilots in Canada, about 700 employed full time, 700 seasonal drivers and the other 700 looking for work or just keeping the medicals up todate. But this is not to indicate that about one out of every three flight school graduate gets a job. I,m sure its even worse down here in the states. Althought now that Silver State has gone butts up there won't be quite so many graduates for awhile. Saw a flat deck heading toward Dallas on I-20 the other day with two R-22 on bo
  18. Hey Cap, don't forget the boosted pedals. Thats what the first A model I flew had. C-18 wasn't bad at least thats what I thought until I got to fly my first straight L. Six pax and their gear and me and one C-20, what a grunt that was. Pucker Factor. Hey T-Rex, I think that was flying for you up in H.L. Cheers boys SOB
  19. ****, this really hits home having worked out of YSB with all those guys from 2000 to 2002. A bunch of super professional guys, Lee, Randy, Andy, Alex, Phil, Jean Luc, Slyvain. Hope whom ever was on board please make a full and complete recovery. If anyone would like to PM me ( Walter ) that would be greatly appreciated. God speed boys and keep the right side up. SOB
  20. As said above, your never too old. I was 41 when I did mine back in 2000. After spending about twelve years flying and LIVING in the bush (Red Earth) just thought I'd through that one in, I knew that when I was 55 and older I didn't want to be doing the bush thing. Never looked back. Did CHC EMS for two years and then moved on. Currently working over seas doing six and six. As far as the Heli-Jet boys go, yes I have worked with a few of them and yes some of them have never done anything else but HJ when the try to convert to off-shore. They should know their IFR stuff but as far as havin
  21. Thanks, I have been in touch with him. SOB ps you trekkies need to get out more.
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