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  1. Okay guys, yes I know its been a long summer and some of you are going through withdrawl but seriously. I did have one reply but the address got returned so any more info would be appreciated. SOB
  2. Hey guys, (and gals) I am looking for an e-mail address for Dan Cloutier formerly of ADA and now apparently working for CHC Intl over in Nigeria. Any help would be appreiciated. Thanks SOB
  3. Did anyone bother to ask him why he wants a JAA conversion? **** if your from Canada and you have an ATP and you want to fly in europe, go talk to CHC in Richmond. I hear they are looking for pilots in all parts of the world. Were currently flying to JAR standards in the middle east. Thats why we are getting the AB139. Single engine performance boys. JAR's say you got to be able to fly away one engine, period. SOB
  4. Ah yes CHC, I did talk to them awhile back. But don't forget CHC pays you in the almighty Canadian $$$$$$$, doesn't matter what country you live in. Add about 20% on my daily salary. When all said and done the salaries that we make are all within spitting distants of each other. Heading back to work today, not looking forward to the heat. Cheers SOB :down:
  5. Whats more flexible than six and six or eight and four? I'm doing six and six, seems to work okay. Ya I guess they did get a an increase in pay, where that puts us on the scale compared to everyone else is your guess. Cheers SOB
  6. Don't we all remember that Croman has had a few serious accidents over that past few years which there were fatalities. Just a subtle reminder. Fly Safe SOB
  7. Koala 119, now lets see, JB Air the crooks of the Rotory industry have a 119. I can see them looking for a pilot/engineer. Anything to save money. Read your contract very carefully or better yet have a lawyer read it. One problem they had when I worked for JB was cracks in the tailboom I believe around the boom attachment points. That **** PT6 was just putting our too much power. Needlesplits how goes the east coast. Time for a change and I know how close you were to the North Pole ha ha SOB
  8. T-rex, I'm surprised you said that, don't you guys operate AS350's? **** try long-lining out of a astar with no verticle window. flew G-TAM for Remote before it was installed ha ha lots of fun. the IA crew couldn't figure out why I couldn't hit the hot spot. Snowing in Texas today what is this country coming to. SOB
  9. Are we talking all of VIH's holdings IE Cougar, Western Helicopters (down in the GOM) Aero Space, etc? Man and then there was one. Be interesting, CHC vs Discovery, Headlines at 6:00 Cheers SOB Hey Maggy and T-rex stay safe
  10. Can you say settling with power or vortex ring state. :down:
  11. Now that CHC has been awarded a seven year EMS contract does anyone know if they are going to supply crews with the a/c. ie pilots,mech, flight nurses or paramedics. Curoius to see how this plays out. Thanks ps Calgary City police contacted me last night also. HMMMMMMMM What should I do??????? SOB
  12. Common guys, why do you think the RCMP now out-sevices for its pilots. A cop off the street with 100 hrs of training is just as dangerous as a newbie with 100 hrs. Okay don't take offence you newbies, I'm just making a point. Alot of law enforcement agencies used to hire pilots from within there ranks but they slowly realized that this was not the way to go. They fly in an urban environment that can jump up and bite you anytime. Don't we all remember that low time RCMP pilot who torched the A-star in Kelowna when he tried to start it with the FADAC in manula mode. If Calgary wants to hi
  13. Hey Phil, with your connections in the printing business, can you steer me in the right direction for this book. My wife has taken a job as a flight nurse. I think I want her to read it. I can't talk any sense into her. Thanks SOB ps Am enjoying the Professional Helicoters Pilot studies. Will let you know how it helps with my IR test.
  14. Ten years ago my butt,my last vfr job was in 2000. Spent 35 days in the bush living out of a tent, ate out of a tent, when you needed a bath you bathed in the creek, hauled everything in by helicopter, 50 tree planters and all there gear, think we did 1.5 million trees that job. Maggy can remember hey. Makes you appreciate a nice camp. You new guys have it pretty good in some of the oil and gas camps. Ah but I wouldn't have passed it up for anything. Makes me appreciate flying ems and being home everyday. SOB
  15. Having flown in the GOM I know how windy it can get sitting on the deck, have I seen all three blades tied down thats a good question. I know when I flew A-star's we were told to alway tie the blades down to eliminate the blades flapping in the wind thus possibly leading to premature cracking in the star. Fly often but fly safe SOB ps Saturn Five rocket from Appollo 19 that never went into orbit. Man do I feel small
  16. Wow, thats the life for me. Congrats for making it through all those years, as we all know not everyone makes it to retirement. I envy you. Great fishing in that area. I know we worked on some fires together back in the nineties when I still was flying in Canada. Maybe someday some I'll ride my wing up to that part of the country and stop by, we can swap some stories ha ha, I'm sure it would get a little thick. I'm sure the wife will enjoy you home every night. I know mine sure does. Once again job well done SOB :up:
  17. Hey PT, T-Rex, check out my new avatar, thats me getting all buffed and puffed for my trip to Daytona bike week, only nine days to go before we leave. Hey needles splits, I have some questions to ask you, pm me your personal web address will you. PS PT I will try and post some of my Daytona pics on this web site but the moderator my just have to delete them ha ha. SOB
  18. Needles Split ya we had fun didn't we. Yes I heard Cougar was down here in the GOM don't know if they are using Canucks or Yanks to fly there birds. I wonder if there paying Canadian dollars or U.S. You must come down here and enjoy the humidity year round. And what do you mean froze my brain, I'm a pilot so I don't have one. Anyone that does what we do can't have one. Hope all is well and safe on the east coast. Here's a picture of us on a good day in the Artic. Ah love the smell of walrus blubber in the morning. SOB
  19. Two engines, who said anything about two engines over water, you mean the FAA and PHI have been pulling the wool over my eyes. We fly single engine over water all the time in the GOM. **** I've been 168 nautical miles off-shore with a single stove. HMMM, time for me to get a job over land me's think. Miss all this good banter from you canucks, maybe someday I'll come back and fly in the muskeg and the black flies. Off subject they sure are looking for a lot of pilots for fire fighting this year down here. We have had fires around our region for about the last three months and things aren't get
  20. Last I heard Dwight was still living in Prince Albert and working contract for that company out of La Rouge that flys 204\205, memory is getting old. Worked with D.H when we were with Highland so many years ago. SOB :up:
  21. That gave me a good laugh, hurler. Five thousand comedians out of work and you want to be one. SOB
  22. I was going to ask if the was T-rex's old job. They seem to have a high turn-over at that postion for the company over the last few years. T-Rex are you now flying for the City? Me and the wife will be relocating closer to home within the next year, Montana, you can come down for a visit. Cheers SOB (aka ta)
  23. May's Kitchen, now there's a place I haven't been for a few years. I concur with the bread. First time I was in there with Dwight Hodgson he told me just to order the soup and I said but I was hungry. He said trust me so I did. Huge bowl of home made soup and the massive loaf of fresh home made bread. Like I said everything is big in Pink Mtn, especially the bugs. SOB
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