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  1. Hey T-rex, if they want short line time we'll give em short line time. Lets see how long is a bambi bucket and how much time do we have swinging one of those things around, thousands of hours ha ha. Haven't heard from Maggy for some time now. Let him know I heading down to Daytona Bike week with six other riders March 4-11. Will take my camera along for the ride. Fly safe SOB :up:
  2. What the heck, I'm just sitting here drinking my first cup of coffee. Put up the Christmas lights yesterday, 92F and windy, this morning, 34F and calling for snow by Wed. CPL, 1989 BH47, R22, BH06, AS350, B212, SK76, ATP,AME, all Transport Canada UAE ATP, B212, B412, FAA ATP, BH06, B407 T.T 6000 God I have been busy Today's job just flying an old 206L-3 nothing fancy, EMS, making $60,000 per year US and home every night. Seems like I've come full circle. Fly safe Brothers and Sisters SOB
  3. Boys boys boys, now why would you want to come down here to work ha ha ha. Did the change over a few years ago and have been working everyday since. But remember one thing you need a work visa or green card to get a job down here and they don't give those out very easily. Go to the FAA web site and navigate to license conversions, you see Canada and the U.S.A both belong to ICAO and thus follow the same rules. Print the conversion page out . fill it out and send it off to the FAA in OK. This is how they verify that you have the experience and time. If you have the time phone Randy Rowles at
  4. :down: Just happened to be working at Cameron Base, for PHI when Roger (I will leave the last name off) had his thirty year (30) anniversary. They gave him an alarm clock. Thirty years. I guess after thirty years they were worried about him being late for work. Go figure. My-self six years at most for one company and that was CHC but three divisions (western div. Eastern div. and EMS div.)
  5. I have never been one to back down from a challenge so here I am again. Having come from the frozen north I think I am well versed in most of the types of flying done in that great country. That being said I am in the mist of changing from off-shore to ems. First I have been known to have flown off-shore 164 nautical miles (thats 180 stature miles for you land lubbers) in a single engine 206L and a 407. Does this seem sane no and when I asked my boss why we do this his reply was we have always done it and I replyed ya but does it make it right? I will now be flying a single engine a/c none if
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