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  1. bananabreath: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That was pure genius. ****, I am looking goooooood! :up: Gotta go! Just finished the last bowl of chili, it's getting hard to breath in here. I might have to break out the potpourri!! O.K. this is getting weird now.
  2. All I have access to is mouthwash and vanilla, enough for a small party anyway. I hear yelping coming from the showers now, could be your friend. Yeah, what the HE77 was I talking about? I guess it comes down to: If we want to fire a shot accross the bow of somebody we know, be polite, or at least have the courage to expose ourself as well. Well maybe not "expose", well what I mean is...ahhh.....well you know what I mean. bubblebrain I edited that!
  3. O.K, enough kidding from me for now. If I could be serious for a moment. I don't have allot of experience with forum etiquette, obvious to some I'm sure, but I think revealing a real name is a brave thing to do given the nature of this forum. Friends are fine of course, but to others a real identity adds credibility to posts which then makes it difficult for one to dismiss personal attacks. When we remain secret, our posts lack credibility, not validity. This allows the ability to dismiss or completely ignore the more inflammatory exchanges. This method of communication is less th
  4. O.K...One more try!! CTD, could you please print the Vortex on softer paper? My piles have been acting up lately!! Bad bubbleboy bad bad bad. :up:
  5. Watch this! I know how to get a reply out of CTD. I don't drink scotch, but I have used it to clean the engine in my wifes car!! and... Let's begin a debate on the many qualities of DONAIR meat. Yes, the other mystery meat. Lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sauce, all neatly rolled up in a flat bread!! In a Homer voice: ummmmm donairs.
  6. The helicopter people are kicking butts with the number of timely and relevant posts that have been made to date! Psssst. I heard from a reliable source that Kyle will be awarding a prize to the 10,000 post in helicopter ops. Up for grabs is his `76 Gremlin (8 track works), and a years supply of King Oscar sardines!! Pass it on. :up: Just doing my part. Forgive the verbal diarrhea guys - I'm bored!! Everybody else obviously has important things to do.
  7. Barrenlands, once the snow melts and it warms up.............ZZZZZZZZ. Huh? Wha? I was having a bad dream there. Steam chicken: (steem chick-in) can. 1.any chicken species tainted with avian flu. usually found in the lower mainland of B.C. 2.any large noisy aircraft with awkward flight characteristics. see helicopter :up:
  8. The antlers look fine, it's the shirt and tie that have me concerned!! I agree, it's all the different characters that make this job truly interesting. There are some fine people in this industry, and it's too bad that it usually takes a passing to remind us of that. Trained at Custom in 1990 and had the pleasure of meeting Bob. Didn't have many dealings with him, but he made time for a green horns feeble attempt at getting that first job! Thanks Bob. bb
  9. One of the things I love the most about this industry is some of the crazy a$$ people that seem to gravitate towards it. You can never judge a book by it's cover, some of the roughest looking guys on the outside have also been the finest pilots or engineers. I remember a new apprentice engineer (who is now a very fine engineer) showing up with the cockiest attitude we had ever seen. You could not tell the guy anything. One day everybody had had enough, so a bunch (he was a tough little bugger) of us got together and decided to "learn" him a lesson. After much rasslin, we had him duct-tap
  10. Definately feel for those trying to get that first job, we've all been there. One of the worst jobs I remember as a newbie was freeing up a stuck toilet (came included with a triple-coiler, toilet paper, the whole she-bang!!) Persistance and a pi$$ pot full of luck are assets......and a strong stomach. :up: For those new people hoping to get that first break, have you accurately assessed what you're up against? Playing devil's advocate here. Persistance and determination are good traits, but in the current market, man, it's a tough sell. Most of the ads looking for guys seem to have elev
  11. Hey Frickin, you have a great attitude! :up: I'm sure they're are many companies out there that would take a look, but have you given Great Slave a call in Yellowknife. Good place to get your hands dirty. Lots of nice iron, and with your apparent sense of humor, you would fit in up there. Just don't forget to bring your Koala for those long, cold, and dark winter nights. Send me a PM if you want more details.
  12. Some of you guys have been flying year round, but for the rest of us it's time to shake the cobwebs off as we get ready for what will hopefully be a busy year. For others it will be they're first time out on the job (nervous round of applause). What little bits of wisdom do you guys (P's & E's) have that you could share? Could be type specific, ops specific, wx rules of thumb, whatever. I made this one up for working the line: "Lines clear, machines clear, outta here"!! Is that dripping with cheese? I also like "aviate, navigate, communicate" if you have an emergency.
  13. Hey VERT REF: LMAO. It was so obvious. Getting a piece of "A". :up: :up:
  14. I was just on the "other" canadian aviation site. Lots of jobs available. JB Air is looking for drivers, but what got me wondering is - what is that little red koala doing to that capital "A"? :shock: The "B" looks more inviting to me! bubblebrain
  15. Blackmac. Apparently I've been shooting the messenger. While I may not always agree with you, I cannot dispute the message. HEPAC is too important of an undertaking for a persons ego and desire to be right to get in the way - referring to me. If HEPAC matures into the association that it could be, it will continue to ask it's members to be tolerant and professional (something I have not displayed at times). This is especially true when you think about some of the sensitive issues HEPAC will want to address. I noticed myself speaking out of both sides of my mouth. On one hand I w
  16. Not being rude here Swinger. The poll will give us an idea. Would it be possible for you to amend your question to exclude "free". I think we all know that this won't happen for "free". IMHO. Thanks. trubbleboy :up:
  17. First met Susan at Nationwide in 91. Ran into her again at Great Slave last year. Good company, so she will probably be there again. Cheers :up:
  18. The more the merrier. Definately need some new guys on scene to run for beer and wings etc. Jetbox: Are you sure you want to expose the working side of your brain (spouse/girlfriend)to all that testosterone? Hey, it's all just ideas right now, if some of you guys want to help get it in the air, don't be shy. :up:
  19. I still have one of my "Breath of fresh AIR" T-shirts. There must be some kind of word play a guy could do with that one. :up:
  20. Initially my plan was to corner all of you in a room with my 9 iron and force you to listen to my collection of Abba tunes. I have since aborted that mission and instead will be trying to figure out who's wearing the Victoria Secret bra and panty special. Seems like we got a couple cross dressers on the payroll! Seriously, I think it would be a great idea to try and set up some kind of informal gathering of pilots and engineers. Why not have an annual event where we all get together and partake of some good times, beer, knowledge, fishing, scotch, ideas, B.S, beer, golf, ballet, beer,
  21. Thought it might be good time to see if there would be any interest in the fall. Maybe somewhere in B.C where the wx would still be golfable. I think Cyclic Monkey and I talked about this late last year. Could be a chance to meet some new faces, learn some new things, etc etc.
  22. Whew!! I just got off my first surf over at justhelicopters forums. I don't know how much of what those guys post is tongue in cheek, but it sounds like some guys are getting ready to go postal over there. We got her pretty good over here. Yeh, there are some heated exchanges, a couple of us even post some doom and gloom kind of stuff, but at the end of the day: - sun's gonna rise tomorrow - will hit some crappy job's this summer, but will have some good ones too! - will get to operate some decent machinery Could end up on a big a$$ fire this year, and if some of you were
  23. T-Rex: Pretty much sums up the current attitude. Yeh, we got a slow leak on the front tire, but we'll just run 'er till she's flat. Nothing's going to change is it? The operator stinks, I'll just move on and let the next guy deal with it. Extra 100 lbs in the basket? No problem I can lift that. Less than half mile in fog? No problem, do it all the time. Nope, nothing wrong here. MEMEMEMEMEME!! O.K. last coffee I swear.
  24. Skullcap: I had another read of your post in which you mention that customers need to wake up and smell the coffee. Again, how that relates to the seismic industry is not in my world of ops. I will say that in other areas, the bargain basement rates have been beneficial to certain lesser sophisticated customers. Not all customers have the same appreciation for the helicopter and it's limitations. These customers who due to finances could have never dreamed to use helicopters, are now in the driver seat! These are the same people that want the corners cut, and have no appreciation for the costs
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