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  1. Skullcap: I was preparing to get my peepee spanked for that one! I am not too big to admit my shortcomings. I am not an owner, but I did look into it and know how much it costs to operate in this business - in broad strokes anyway. Scary stuff!! I guess my frustration comes from looking at my own bottom line and not that of my respective employer. I use the n/r issue as one indicator of the overall health of our industry, to be sure there are issues out there that are far more important. I agree with you. There needs to be an accounting - not one that is going to have a short term b
  2. Reddog - same old song and dance isn't it? "We've always done it this way so shut the he77 up". Blah Blah. Once again pilots are expected to play along with spineless owners and their inability to command proper tariffs. We have a skill that we diminish when we agree to give it away for the sake of the "team". You hit the nail on the head. Owners greatly benefit from an aircraft parked on unused mins. Why wouldn't they profit share? What a disgruntled radical employee I must be. Shame on me. Truth is, the 110% that I currently give to whoever I work for might go even higher if I genuinel
  3. Thanks 412 dude. My beancounter assures me that I can claim 100% as well. :up: Better off in my jeans than Paul Martin's. Might've been enough to pump a little diesel into one of his boats.
  4. Just remembered the Big "A" in Winnipeg. The lunch performance on Friday's. $5.00 got you a big helping of roast beef and a beer. :up:
  5. Gold Range Hotel YZF - beer and urine soaked terry cloth table covers. Where else can you witness a beeyotch fight with flying wedding bands and everything. :shock: The Keg in Ft. McMurray - if you've been there, you know what I mean. The Black Knight YZF - No flying wedding bands, but lots stuffed in pockets. Good food too! :up:
  6. Happens every year about this time - just like the crack-head going through withdrawal. I find myself itching to go flying again. The better half is yelling at me to sit my ash down whenever Stars or the Griffons are buzzing overhead, and I've got my pumpkin mashed against the window putting a big greasy stain on the glass. At the end of the season I'm so sick of helicopters I swear I never want to see one again or sit on one of those $50 seats for 10 hours. But here I sit thinking about the up-coming season - what wil I be flying? where? with who? doing what? What do you guys/gals m
  7. Furthermore, does anybody know what an Ifr rating is? I don't how IFR ended up as Ifr - must be the keyboard!
  8. Does anybody know what percentage a contract pilot can write off an IFR rating? I've heard from 17% to 100%. I was planning on treating it as a professional development expense. Any advice, thoughts or info appreciated. BB
  9. Well said there Randy_G. Another factor may be the increased pilot sensitivity to control issues with the A-Star. Some of you may recall a period of time following the SwissAir tragedy in which the number of "smoke in the cockpit" emergencies increased - at least in the media. In the wake of the last 350 AD I found myself puckering at every funny little feel in the machine. Don't be scared - be prepared. Let's let the facts present themselves. I for one would love to see a better hydralic system on this aircraft, but if the current one is deemed safe, that works for me too! Time
  10. Received my copy today!! Very nice - keep up the good work!! :up: Thank-you. BB
  11. Merry Christmas everybody and have a safeand prosperous2004! :up:
  12. A buddy of mine bought one of Jeff D's bikes - beautiful machine. It surprises me that Jeff still twists, when he could probably do bikes full time. Don't miss Mikey's bike tonight on the big show! :up:
  13. Hey 412 Driver! Forget about demographics for now. You just became the poster boy for the kind of characters I want my daughter to stay away from when she gets older. Man, the hair and the car combination - I bet you ripped up the hometown on a saturday night didn't you? Love it!!! :up:
  14. I have noticed a recurring discussion amongst some of our instructor types, that being the "attitude" of the occasional student. I was wondering if this is a function of demographics and is something that the helicopter community will not be immune from. If you take a close look at our Canadian society today, and the younger generation that will be bearing the torch soon, do we see a work ethic that is different from say my generation - tip of the tail of the baby boomers? If so what can we do, or should we do to ease this industry into this mind-set? Rather general statement I know, but
  15. Hey there Vortex Ring. I did my IFR pre-exam seminar with Aero Course. I believe they have a ATPL course as well. It was an intense break-neck speed three days, but it worked. Call at 1-800-461-8857 www.aerocourse.com Good Luck! :up:
  16. That's it, I'm outta here! I'm going down to OCC and see if Paul Sr. will give me a job sweeping floors or polishing wheels or something. They might need an experienced "chopper" jockey to drive that new comanche bike. Wish me luck!
  17. Hey Sm"Elvis" check your PM's. "a-huh, a-huh, thank you very much"
  18. Having flown the EC 120, I'm convinced that aircraft with fenestron T/R's are not for commercial/utility type ops. They are only good for one thing - noise abatement. Flying from downtown Manhattan to the Hamptons etc.
  19. Looking forward to next weeks show! The Comanche bike is looking crazy. Paul Jr. does some awesome work, in between the battles with the old man.
  20. Hey big "E". I thought you wore them big gold framed units with the dark tint? Rose coloring might work well with them big side burns though! I do not pretend to speak on behalf of a future Association or it's objectives, but here's what I think: It would be unwise for an Association to become involved in any sort of "enforcement" as it would apply to owners. I can think of no quicker way to lose support of owners than to suggest to them that an Association will have a list of rules to be followed or else. In fact, the legal guidelines for an Association would prevent it from wiel
  21. This will give you an idea of how my twisted mind works, but I think it would be something to see a "tricked" out helicopter. How about a "demon" D (500 D). You know; radical paint, chrome everywhere. A Jesse James straight stack coming out the back end. When I make my first billion thats what I'm going to do. We could then get a bunch of machines together and have drags - maybe at the Reno air race. I think it's hilarious when Paul Sr. mixes it up with Mikey.
  22. - an invitation to the table when important decisions are being made that will affect our industry. Not as a mediator, but as a very interested party. - some type publication that brings us up to speed as to what the current concerns are, as well as any interesting news regarding what the members might be up to. Who, what, where, when, etc. - begin establishing some type of trust fund for fallen members (knock on wood). - define what professionalism means to this industry, and then FOLLOW THE RULES! No more cutting corners because of pressure from our customers, management, or f
  23. Just a reminder to those who might be fans of the show. Tommorow night the boys at OCC are going to be building a bike based on the Commanche attack helicopter. LOVE that show!!! Tuesday on the Discovery channel at 1900. Is there any other channel?
  24. It is fast approaching 100 years since the Wright brothers first lumbered into the air and unknowingly started a sickness that most of us find ourselves victim - flying. What do you guys think the greatest accomplishment has been in these first 100 years, and what do you think the next 100 years will be like? My prediction for the future of helicopters will be remote flying! I will be able to do the job from my living room sitting in my shorts while I drink a Timmy's. No more sleeping in a tent for me! By the time that fantasy becomes a reality I'll be wearing a depends anyway. Am I
  25. Hello everybody! I've been flying in that part of the country where internet service is very poor or non-existant. My apologies to those who have contacted me since my last post. I will follow up once I get home and have a belly full of donair meat. I have approached several drivers on the job and have had some interesting discussions and input from all. Not one has voiced opposition to an association! Typical of helicopter pilots though; most are very cautious and want to ensure that this is not a union drive in an associations clothing. Let's all say it again - THIS IS NOT AND NEVER WIL
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