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  1. I don't think the "yes" vote needs any help propping up it's numbers but maybe some of the "no" guys could get together and make up some votes. She's happening batman, better run back to the bat cave!
  2. Welcome aboard Grover! You are the type of person we are looking for. You liked what you were reading, logged on and posted interest in this association. Now if only more people like you would come forward. Please PM me if you want to kick it up a notch. Butch's and any advice from the PHPA is welcome. The only caveat is that we in the Canadian VFR industry have no need or desire to become unionized. Butch has done many great things for the industry down there, but our industry is too small for a union. They probably have as many EMS pilots alone as we have in the entire country. Most imp
  3. Guys continue to come forward with offers of support and help in getting this baby off the ground. Please don't hesitate to PM me if you want some ideas how to torque it up in you're neighborhood. For now this a "grass roots" effort with several guys talking to fellow employees or calling buddies. Keep up the good work guys! I learned today that an Association will probably not have a made in Alberta solution, continue to buy our beef though! No, the Association will have to be incorporated with the Feds. This will ensure recognition in all jurisdictions. No big deal, paperwork is essent
  4. Yeah, it's me again, I don't want to PO anybody, but we need to keep this alive. To all those that responded with PM's, I got back to each and every one of you, but one got sent back as un-delivered. Please check to see which one of you it was and PM me again. Professionalism: That's what it seems to boiling down to. With that in place everything else will follow. We all want to be recognized as having a specific set of skills that only 2500 people in this country possess. We are not back-hoe drivers, as some would have us believe. We need to come together and decide what that word
  5. Cyclic Monkey: That is a great idea. I'm just not comfortable with a bunch of guys drinking beers, holding putters and 9 irons, and getting into the meat and potatoes of an Association. I already got a nasty scar on the back of my melon. Rather than trying to organize a golf tourney/convention at this time, would you be interested in another project? I will PM you with the details. Chairmanofthebored: My earlier posts regarding organizing the west first were not meant to divide the country up permanently. I live in the west and thought it would be easier for us to try and organise this b
  6. I had some type of computer hiccup this weekend which resulted in my username and contact info being dumped. I think I got her fixed now, my apologies to those of you who tried contacting me over the weekend. To those of you who did get through, thanks for your input - all good ideas. So far we have: 1) industry recognition 2) compensation 3) safety 4) professional standards as priorities. Keep em coming boys/girls. Saturnman: Welcome back to the fold. I will PM you with info and my $100 (the other $50 is for stamps, advertising etc). I could probably get the remaining three names by the
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