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  1. I have been infected! Not to worry, you won't be hearing any more for me! Guaranteed! Time to check out! Enough is enough! HF
  2. It takes a great deal more than a feeble attempt at humor to get my goat. But thanks HB. HF
  3. Dick, Mike, CJ That's great advice! when you have a job! Fantastic! But what the heck is a guy to do. Its brutal! You first have to know what or who is doing what? Everything is shrouded in silence. Redacted!! This is why it is referred to as blackballing or black listing, the person is helpless to do anything, and doing nothing does nothing as well. The industry obviously encourages this behavior. These are facts, not fiction, as much as I wish they where. I wouldn't be upset about the matter, if the guy had lost the contract, or decided that my skills were not up
  4. Creepy and yet interesting at the same time! HF
  5. Yes, yes HB! I am waiting! I tried some of those underground club you mentioned, but was banned! Cheers HF
  6. Helo- Bird Thanks for the insight, and believe me I would like nothing better than to fly under the radar undetected, but there comes a time when a person has been pushed so many times that a full battery response is comming. After being slammed one to many times its a miracle I haven't gone postal!! or just given up in the big way!! So let them beat me up! Go for it!! If this is what they do best then fine. I expect nothing less from the "great" men of this fair and completely honest industry. Thanks for the kind words and insight, though. Cheers HF
  7. Professionalism, telling the truth, and treating people with respect. All too often, I tell myself, treat others as you would want to be treated tell the truth, be honest, and be up front. There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling of mistrust,hate mongering or living with a lie. Especially when lies and deceit affect the lives of other in a negative way. So very recently this evil demon has once again raised its ugly head. Here is what happened. There I was, coming to a time when a decision had to be made about moving on back to Canada for work. I had been speaking with who
  8. :shock: So busted or not busted?
  9. Opps! Sorry Didn't mean to question your intelligence Twinster! Standing in the corner!
  10. From the website Flight Crew Bob Batchelor, Whitney employs and is managed by the areas most experienced and longest resident helicopter pilot . With a total of 40 years in the industry flying various types of helicopters, Bob’s 28 years in the region exceeds the average age of most local helicopter operator’s pilots. Bob’s familiarity with local users needs is unmatched. Gordon Fevang, brings 6,000 accident free hours to the company with a total of 12 years experience in the region flying for local users. Gordon’s passengers know they can rely on him to look after their helico
  11. Wow what a surprise!! He is not alone. No doubt the entire screw-up and why there is no money has nothing to do with the economy, i bet its the pilots fault!! :down: We will never know the truth.
  12. Staff are looking for work elsewhere!! Good luck on that one!! This lends new meaning to "working for free" Don't think that mgmt isn't quick to the job shortage situation and as far as finding a half decent job outside aviation in this economy.Good luck! My suggestion Suicide!! quick, painless, problem solved. HF
  13. All I hope for is that management will start eating there young! HF
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