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  1. I have been infected! Not to worry, you won't be hearing any more for me! Guaranteed! Time to check out! Enough is enough! HF
  2. It takes a great deal more than a feeble attempt at humor to get my goat. But thanks HB. HF
  3. Dick, Mike, CJ That's great advice! when you have a job! Fantastic! But what the heck is a guy to do. Its brutal! You first have to know what or who is doing what? Everything is shrouded in silence. Redacted!! This is why it is referred to as blackballing or black listing, the person is helpless to do anything, and doing nothing does nothing as well. The industry obviously encourages this behavior. These are facts, not fiction, as much as I wish they where. I wouldn't be upset about the matter, if the guy had lost the contract, or decided that my skills were not up to the job. Fine, I can accept that, but to say nothing, mute, no explanation at all. I am sure you could appreciate how this would drive a person to madness. Cheers and thanks for the advice! HF
  4. Creepy and yet interesting at the same time! HF
  5. Yes, yes HB! I am waiting! I tried some of those underground club you mentioned, but was banned! Cheers HF
  6. Helo- Bird Thanks for the insight, and believe me I would like nothing better than to fly under the radar undetected, but there comes a time when a person has been pushed so many times that a full battery response is comming. After being slammed one to many times its a miracle I haven't gone postal!! or just given up in the big way!! So let them beat me up! Go for it!! If this is what they do best then fine. I expect nothing less from the "great" men of this fair and completely honest industry. Thanks for the kind words and insight, though. Cheers HF
  7. Professionalism, telling the truth, and treating people with respect. All too often, I tell myself, treat others as you would want to be treated tell the truth, be honest, and be up front. There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling of mistrust,hate mongering or living with a lie. Especially when lies and deceit affect the lives of other in a negative way. So very recently this evil demon has once again raised its ugly head. Here is what happened. There I was, coming to a time when a decision had to be made about moving on back to Canada for work. I had been speaking with who I though was a really nice guy working a small operation with a few jet boxes in the lower mainland. He seemed all to eager to help with some work. I was ready to put in a solid effort, attitude 100% positive, the day came, I got the call, my PPC had been scheduled for the following day so I hustled over to the mainland for the ride. It was a beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in the sky, after a day of studying the stuff I was ready, the training flights went well. At 13:00 in the door came non other than KO my heart sank, thinking “great” may as well been Guy Smith, I’m done, this guy is going to cut my flying to pieces and there is no way I will be able to impress this guy or pass the ride for that matter. I was extremely nervous, but gave it my best shot, and much to my surprise actually achieved what the examiner termed as “walking on water” for several of the sections of the ride and the elusive “4” at the end of the column. In fact I got 6 (4’s). and all the rest 3’s. Not only was I very pleased with myself for achieving such a high standard with such a remarkable and even a legendary pilot. The ride was informative and I picked up a few pointers as well. So back home till the call to get going and everyone was smiles, me included! Life was good! Friday and Saturday flew by I was still riding that feeling of accomplishment, feeling great, work was on the way! Then it hit! Sunday 10am without warning I received a call from the boss, his first words were “ I am not going to be able to use you” when I asked what had changed, he was unable to provide an explanation and wanted off the telephone fast. I said “ hold on” what’s up? He replied “ No, No” Sorry can’t use you! Got to go thanks! So what happened to giving a guy a chance? What was said to this guy and by whom that he was so scared even to explain, or provide any information. Was this the mysterious non existent black balling that doesn’t exist in this industry perpetuated by men of great honor? Who would do such a thing and sewer a guy, without speaking to him face to face and allowing at the very least an opportunity to defend himself. I am still in shock. To those who are quick to criticize me for having a less than perfect opinion of this industry I hope this little “true” story sheds some light on the reality of the slimeball behavior that exists amongst management and the “great men” in this industry. I would like nothing more than to believe he opposite, but the proof is in the pudding as granny used to say. Unreal! Cheers HF
  8. :shock: So busted or not busted?
  9. Opps! Sorry Didn't mean to question your intelligence Twinster! Standing in the corner!
  10. From the website Flight Crew Bob Batchelor, Whitney employs and is managed by the areas most experienced and longest resident helicopter pilot . With a total of 40 years in the industry flying various types of helicopters, Bob’s 28 years in the region exceeds the average age of most local helicopter operator’s pilots. Bob’s familiarity with local users needs is unmatched. Gordon Fevang, brings 6,000 accident free hours to the company with a total of 12 years experience in the region flying for local users. Gordon’s passengers know they can rely on him to look after their helicopter requirements. Steve Schulte, recently returning to Ft. St. John with his family after beginning his career here 17 years ago, brings over 13,000 hours of small, intermediate, medium and heavy helicopter experience to Whitney Helicopters. Nothing flashy about these guys, the best summation of their philosophy about helicopter operations is Safe Service! Maintenance Crew Dave Wood and Clayton Whitney look after the maintenance of the machines. Dave and Clayton are both graduates of Northern Lights College - Aircraft Maintenance Engineer program in Dawson Creek. Dave with 20+ years in helicopter maintenance is a homegrown Ft. St. John resident. Clayton – also born and raised in FSJ worked in the maintenance department at Bailey Helicopters for 3 years prior to joining Whitney.
  11. Wow what a surprise!! He is not alone. No doubt the entire screw-up and why there is no money has nothing to do with the economy, i bet its the pilots fault!! :down: We will never know the truth.
  12. Staff are looking for work elsewhere!! Good luck on that one!! This lends new meaning to "working for free" Don't think that mgmt isn't quick to the job shortage situation and as far as finding a half decent job outside aviation in this economy.Good luck! My suggestion Suicide!! quick, painless, problem solved. HF
  13. All I hope for is that management will start eating there young! HF
  14. Complete delusion on your part despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary TTF. Do you suppose that persons who are faced with militant management and an oppressive culture are going to speak up or tow the line in the face of job loss. The same fear although different in its extreme can be seen in victims of spousal abuse who will do nothing for fear of shame or embarrasement or reprisal. ' The only thing I can say is speak up, do not be afraid. I will always speak up, I have balls, if you don't have any balls grow some!! HF
  15. Folks Here is the link to the GPHA. http://ghpa.ca/ :up: I think that our dedicated HEPAC crew could gain some insight on how to approach the problem, maybe not exactly in the same way as it's a different senario. Read the constitution, and other documents extremely well put together. Love the part " what CHC doesn't want you to know" laughed for several minutes Here is a quote for one of the articles, No arguments from this guy- "In 2005, the World Wide Web offered a solution through an Internet forum, called “Onevoice,” a cyberspace meeting place to share ideas. Much like PPrune, the CHC forum allowed complete anonymity, but with that came vociferous opinions, unverified information (rumours), personal attacks and threads that became a cat and mouse game of trying to guess who was using handles like “mastbumper”, “nrdroop”, and “contrarianlemming.” It soon became obvious that management had infiltrated the forum and Onevoice disappeared, only to be resurrected a few months later with stricter membership controls. Now the forum moderator (who to this day remains anonymous) required a sign-in process to verify that only CHC employees were signed on and not part of management. Participants had the choice to use their real name or create an anonymous username. Not many identified themselves—the paranoia and oppressive culture created by management, and the Canadian helicopter industry as a whole, was deeply ingrained in all the pilots." Good job!!! HF
  16. Got something against happy singing penguins? I'm telling!!!! HF
  17. Wow! Hit the nail on the head there! But really I am still convinced the main problem is as follows: And now for a short musical explanation courtesy of Happyfeet! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NvgLkuEtkA
  18. I always though it was small man syndrome that inspired this type of behaviour at the work place, I may be wrong. I suppose some folks L3 thrive on this type of environment, I do not! It is not in my constitution to deal with these types of individuals. For a person such as myself who works hard, and just want to be left alone to do my job with out the fear of these things you mention a union is a good idea. I am not lazy and work hard. I know this feeling of loss of dignity all too well. I am sad when I hear of people that go through the same thing, I can understand the frustration that comes along with it. To ad insult to injury, then there's the coverup and denial that this behavior exists at all. Its hard especially when all you want to do is work earn a half decent living and be left alone. I cringe when the word "professional" is used to describe some of the participants in this industry. HF
  19. Ronny, no offense intended but your last contribution would fail as the winning argument at a debate entirely made up David Dukes half retarded step children. Video games....? OK! Pass the INRAT then we'll talk. HF
  20. With this :up: "GREAT VICTORY" :up: Also comes great hope. It demostrates that when faced with the greatest of adversity and seemingly impossible barriers can be overcome. This is truly a victory for not only Global but also for the many other regular pilots out there that organizing as a group is possible. Union or association. Strength in numbers gents!
  21. I thank you for the compliment Plumber! On the bright side of things,i would like to announce that to lift me out of my unhappy complaining state, and to prove a point that the industry is full of good hearted well intentioned middle managers ,Goldmember has offered me a full time job. My whole vision and attitude on the whole Industry has just miraculously changed and i am now happy! That was easy Gold Member!! You know just like that big staples "that was easy" button. It easy to be happy when you have a steady income and there is little stress. THEN I woke up, the door slammed, and i caught a glimps Goldmember disappearing around the corner never to be seen or heard from again. It was a nice dream! Now back to reality!!! Good for CHC! :up:
  22. Yes good point! Representation was needed and it did work with industry to get autoworkers back to work. :up: If the autoworkers had no representation they'd be hooped! :shock: It's unlikely that a union could be established to cover VFR heli pilots or engineers. This move at CHC Global was accomplished within one group 300 or so pilots. There is no such one group and employees are scattered through a hundred or so companies. Hard to organize logistically and expensive too I would imagine. Right you are about folks fearing reprisal! Surpise surprise!!! HF
  23. Yes Alpha, I too have worked to assure the success of this industry, but when the going gets tough do you think that the last operator i worked for gives a crap If my family gets thrown out on the street. They don't care at all! But who am I kidding! No worries! the next time they call and need me, I will give them as much effort and concern as they have given me when I was struggling to put food on the table. I totally agree with you Alpha, I too see things for what they are and choose not to live in a world of delusion. I will not be a "go along" Cheers HF
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