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  1. I agree fully with what you say here, as well as others who have posted to the positive. I personally know six people who got Covid who were not vaccinated. One passed away strictly due to Covid; two are commercial helicopter Pilots at the same organization with very good Covid protocols (as well as post-flight cleaning protocols for the cockpit) in place; so yep, even Pilots can get it! One Pilot had significant effects (fortunately no ICU stay required) for over two weeks with another couple of weeks just getting strength etc. back, the other moderate, fortunately both have recovered; the
  2. This is terrible news! My condolences to his Dad, other Family members, and the YHL Team! He used to come over to my place as a young boy, to talk about helicopters which he was as excited about as I was. When he earned his helicopter Pilot License it was awesome for him and he obviously progressed well. RIP Heath! Daryl
  3. Actually after a bit of reminiscing, I think perhaps the 204B (original symmetrical main rotor blades) has the best main rotor sound going! Heading to the "Muni" after a tour, 1000 feet, 100 knots, lined up on the road to our house on the way in. Yep, my Wife and kids knew I was back (and all the neighbors too😁). Mind you, we weren't slinging a Subaru!
  4. Ahhh the incredible sound of the 214B!! One has just got to love the sound of two Bell Big Lifter blades under power and the Tail Rotor droning in cue!! What an awesome way to wake up πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘.
  5. Cadors indicates HTS 214ST
  6. Ya, I suppose yer correct. That's just normal operations πŸ™‚ for us true Canadians! I have a few more that may only be tales of normal operations, but I'll see if there's any of them that may qualify as "rough maintenance conditions". Even if they don't, they still may make for interesting reading??
  7. You bet that was and still is an AME! 😊 And meat servos (AKA Pilots) are still needed! Some (AME's and/or Pilots) will make it alright, some will be abused (or let themselves be abused), some will find balance/contentment, others not so much. We're all people and have much variety which makes this whole thing somewhat interesting.
  8. Well I've had a few adventures in maintenance come to mind...here's a NSTIW tale from back in 1980 when we just did what we had to do...prior to any cell/sat/gps etc. High Arctic Cat Camp Ice sampling etch out on the ice somewhere west of Axel Heiburg Island with a Bell 206B at -40 most of the time; Flippo Bleed Air Heater and a Janitrol Combustion Heater which for those in the know if both were working you could sort of think you were warm. I think I had all the switches on the Janitrol bypassed and the combustion blower motor pukes...that one was the spare of course! Making a long sto
  9. Ahh the life! It's all great stuff eh DGP? Grizz country? Try that (or similar challenging tasks on a B212) in active Polar Bear country, no generator. mini-mag light taped to my balaclava or clamped by my now chipped teeth (headlights weren't quite here yet). Without an Eskimo "Bear Monitor"...of course shotgun was kept close by. As an AME I truly loved the challenges, even when it wasn't so much fun sometimes. There aren't many that can say they've actually done that kind of stuff, been in those kind of places, and got paid too! Ya, not as much pay as the other guys in camp but hey
  10. Only if it's not in the generator shack where it's warm!
  11. Makes a person wonder if the "specialized equipment" aka "precision tool" had met the "calibrated to a national standard" standard! If that even exists in the expected "QA Program" the medical field should have; similar or better than what we're required to have in aviation!
  12. I remember an old saying... Buying QUALITY is like buying hay. If you want nice, clean, fresh hay, you must pay a fair price. However if you can be satisfied with hay that has already been through the cow...well now THAT COMES A LITTLE CHEAPER.
  13. Sure! It just takes a bit of time and money to do the STC 😏.
  14. There used to be awesome fishing at the Paint Lakes too!
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