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  1. Find your log books.... LOL I got a good laugh out of that. Hope you guys are enjoying the chaos/ adventure of Angola JFK
  2. Heard that 2 CHL 61's in Jbad are not being renewed for another option year come november... but the iron in Maz will stay
  3. It was a UH-60M, 160th "Nightstalkers" A/C and crew 2 UH60M 2 CH47... Heavily modded. Lots of neat kit on that thing.... word from the field, he setteled, hit the wall. Seal's BIP ( blew in place) Here is the funny one, you know the funny pic with Chairman O's and Hillary's facial expressions... it wasnt that they just saw a murder , it was they saw the crash live on the sat feed and the first thing that went through their minds was " oh God this is gonna be another Jimmy Carter" And for those of you who dont know, the Carter op crash cost him a second term JFK
  4. Hmm I know there are some difference between the STC's. There was some issues a few years back with some of the 205's that had a Canadian STC instead of the Helitrade one. More than 9 passengers in the US requires 2 pilots and two complete pilot stations. That may have something to do with it. I know you can get a left hand PIC STC through Helitrade, and maybe you can not do that with the other one.. Just a though. JFK
  5. Its helicopters, if you havent heard a rumor by noon start one
  6. QUOTE (Jet B @ Jul 23 2008, 06:19 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Dr. Helleur on that list is good to deal with. She is close to the Calgary International and she will do both the Canadian and U.S. medical for you at the same time. Ultima YVR they have two docs who do both jfk
  7. Oh yeah Plastic blades do make a big difference hot and high. You will get a bit more lift out of them. One of the problems is they are no longer in production. There is some rumor that a run may be made soon. They are also not as repairable as the metal blades Finding any blades for a Lama at the moment is very difficult. Some serial numbers require you to change blades as a set, which get real expensive. My engineer and were talking just yesterday about metal vs plastic blades. Metal blades are much easier on the airframe. For some reason the plastic blades casue a heck of a l
  8. I dont know why you would want to LL out of a 120, but i imagine it wouldnt be all that bad. We have a b2 we longline out of without the floor window, it takes a bit getting used to but it is very doable, your just way out.... jfk
  9. FLying seismic in the jungles of the Amazon.. Wondering if that last mosquito bite gave me Malaria. 45C today! No white christmas here. JFK
  10. Hello all. I have a couple of questions for a B3 guru. I have been somewhat thrown to the wolves here and could use a little help. First off does any one know where to find a Flight manual downloadable on the internet in English? Any one have a checklist on there computer they could email me? Here is my question: The NG% is my limiting factor. 101.1 is max TO and 102.3 is transient for 2 seconds if I remember right. If I also remember right this varies with OAT and PA. We are operating at 32-35c <2500' lifting heavy loads. with my head comming in and out of
  11. Any one heard from the fellas in Burma. Have a friend over there at thte moment. I read the goverment cut the internet. Havent heard form him in a while. Is it busines as usual? JFK
  12. T-rex, Flying is flying! Been out for awhile moving a drill, ready for a break... I am just guessing where , c-pilot is located.... Yeah I had fun in Mexico the spring I went down... You never know what to expect.. though it is not for everyone.... oh and the food is good if you like mexican!
  13. I believe he is in Moterrey. The machine fly's alot, and its good flying. Not uncommon to short haul a perosn off a mtn at 12K... It is a good contract. Beer is cheap and the girls are o so pretty.... They fly for Protection Civil. just know how to say NO!
  14. 2 and 2 , year round. Sit at home a collect salary when not working ( like right now, wish the skiing was better) Drills, fire, seismic, logging, whatever. Expected to work a little work over when asked ( not that much). Love it, never want to go back to 8 months striaght or 3 months with out a day off!
  15. The chinook, looks like the best. We tried to get one a year or so ago and they wouldnt get back to us. They put the big Dart one in stead.. Which is a major inprovement on the small one. Its wort what ever it costs. Setting drills or flying bags with out it is a pain. Fly a Lama you wont have to worry about visibility jfk
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