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  1. If it is a B3 dual hydraulic with 2D engine the FMS was updated with a new correction in Dec 2018. https://www.donaldson.com/content/dam/donaldson/aerospace-defense/literature/north-america/rotorcraft/certifications/AFS-EC130-IBF-FMS.pdf May or may not apply. Interesting the FMS for the 350 B,BA,B2 and B3 hasn't been updated with the same correction. Single hydraulic filter is a different design so maybe not the same issues with passing power checks? I have seen B3 2D dual hydraulic power checks with marginal pass results. Not familiar with single hydraulic results.
  2. Not sure what list you are refering to but Airbus Canada only lists options they hold the STC for on their web site. The cargo mirror can be retrofitted using Service Bulletin 25-003 and the hook using SB 25-002. Detatchble p/n for the hook is listed in section 3.G. of the SB if the a/c has fixed provisions already. Both SB's are listed on TIPI. Give Airbus a call for kit availability.
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