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  1. I fly regularely Night VFR single engine helicopter with and without NVG . I would prefer non urban environments hands down when dealing with an engine failure . But in enforcement operations it is truly not a choice whether or not to"be there" . Enjoy we use this for training http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JD5jF9T_a4M
  2. It is with great sadness that I pass on this notice about the loss of a close friend , Rob was a long time helicopter pilot here at the MNR and previously with Huisson aviation both in Timmins Ontario. It is with regret that I announce the passing of Rob Lamont long serving Aviation Services staff member, former Rotary Wing Pilot, Safety Officer and Flight Coordinator. During Rob’s twenty plus years of service he contributed as a Rotary Wing Pilot to the delivery of the MNR’s public safety mandate to the Forest Fire Program and the ministry resource management mandate with service to the Wildlife Programs. Rob will be missed by family, friends and colleagues. Details of memorial service will follow.
  3. Any one know the whereabouts of Steve Brown . He trained at Canadian in Sault Ste Marie in 89-90, Lived on Bowen Island BC . . If anyone knows of him these days fire me a PM KE
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