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  1. Get over it Guys, Foget about Australians bitching and come and work in Oz as I moved from NZ and they are still bitching, now have business here. When the work comes right in Canada I will be up there if I can to do a season, then at the end get my kids up there and tour around for six weeks with them and invest all the money earned back into your economy Anyway as Oldbull said there are 3 red and white Canadian 212s down here with a five year contract while local machines are doing nothing so if you come and take these home you can then carry on complaining. I do however agree that no matter where in the world we are we all need to help low hr pilots get that leg up and there first 1000 hrs or offer them advise and keep focus as we have all been there .
  2. Being from downunder where there is not the volume or range of Longrangers here can people please let me know what the difference and benefits between the L3 and the L4 ( mainly the finer details ) and in your operations in Canada what comparisons between the longranger and AS 350 and benefits they deliver to you and weights they lift in the cold Thanks Guys and Girls
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