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  1. Any luck finding the cause of your vibration?
  2. Sooo that's how the dang thing works? Man I wish I had taken the same engine course you did! Lol
  3. Check out GSH contact list on their web sight. looks like the house cleaning has started. Best of luck to all involved and your future endeavors.
  4. Tail rotor teetering bearings?
  5. When this post came out, you especially mentioned a name, some one I am sure I went to college with. If you have a specific problem with this guy, why plaster his name all over this website, then edit it out? Are you a customer support rep? What is your beef?
  6. Olympic in Montreal had two in the late 70s. VHC and VWC if I remember correctly. VHC was Vought helicopters demonstrator, once again if my memory bank is still plugged in.
  7. Apparently the prez of GSHL has resigned. Any ideas about where he is off to? Pretty fine individual in my opinion.
  8. What's with the duct tape on the fwd upper stretcher rail?
  9. Skidz, on 25 Feb 2013 - 13:26, said: Sorry Elvis, but SEBJ/HQ camps can't be considered "camps". These are veritable villages, complete with bar/pub/disco and all of the amenities one can imagine : post office, library, convenience store(where you can buy booze), credit union, travel agent, massage parlor (the legit kind, or so I'm told.) EM-1 even had a full sports hall complete with a full-size gymnasium, an indoor hockey arena and a five-lane bowling alley for Pete's sake !!! Maybe now, but the SEBJ camps in the 70's were crap, HQ camps ++. It also depended if you were in a construction camp or an exploration camp. Yup, no kidding Elvis. I don't remember massage parlours, libraries, etc at places like NBR1. Having said that, seeing one of TQ's 205 pull into camp with the whole back full of cases of beer to stock the canteen was always a welcome sight! I don't remember any of the HQ camps having a canteen, but they were generally better camps. Places like GB2 &3, and over on the Romaine River were better camps than that one just outside of LG2. Can't remember the name. Lac Denise maybe?
  10. Happy Canada Day boys and girls!! Regardless of how the season is going, lets keep in mind we live in one of the best countries in the world!!! Cheers RatDog
  11. http://www.verticalmag.com/news/articles/20722-det-on-cho-corporation-announces-sale-of-trinity-helicopters.html
  12. Meaning? Who ever wins the contract isn't safe??
  13. Wow. Somebody help me out. I seem to remember a few (many?) years ago there were some stats out saying the Bell 206 was the safest single engine aircraft available mile per mile, passenger mile per mile, something of that nature? Strike a 'Bell' with anybody else? Regardless, imho that good old JetBox has enough accolades and success stories backing it up to negate what Mr. Robb has to say about it. If those stats are still out there/valid I would bet money Mr. Robb would put them on ignore. This brings up another topic that has been touched on here before. As an AME or pilot, make sure your actions are based on how would I explain them in a court of law? Cheers, all the best in the New Year. Let's keep it safe boys and girls.
  14. Not really helcopters, but definately of interest!! and somewhat related toa large operator. http://news.nationalpost.com/2011/08/31/nwt-aviation-company-plans-for-fleet-of-futuristic-blimps-to-haul-cargo/ Job ops maybe?
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