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  1. This the one: happiness was a bow job, now it's just OK?
  2. Didn't Echo Bay morph into GSHL after they started up?
  3. No kidding on the cobwebs lol. Can't help but thinking some of the stories from the old days would have the youts (from My Cousin Vinnie) spewing their latte frappachinos all over their x-boxes lol. Not all of them of course
  4. Heinz started off as Fredericton Helicopters. There's another name for the list.
  5. Ranger, Maple Leaf, Lakeland, Northern Wings, Rotor Tec, Canwest. Bow, Laverandrye (sp?), Marlin, BC Yukon Air, Rotor Spray Consultants, Lambair. There was another big company in or around Ottawa pre Viking that ran vertol 44 in addition to Allouettes. Maybe some of the old Viking hands can help out? Hang on, Sky Rotors!Okanogan, Lac St Jean Aviation, Dighem, wow. Sept-Isle heli.
  6. What's going on with TNTA? Did they shut down?
  7. Any luck finding the cause of your vibration?
  8. Sooo that's how the dang thing works? Man I wish I had taken the same engine course you did! Lol
  9. Check out GSH contact list on their web sight. looks like the house cleaning has started. Best of luck to all involved and your future endeavors.
  10. Tail rotor teetering bearings?
  11. When this post came out, you especially mentioned a name, some one I am sure I went to college with. If you have a specific problem with this guy, why plaster his name all over this website, then edit it out? Are you a customer support rep? What is your beef?
  12. Olympic in Montreal had two in the late 70s. VHC and VWC if I remember correctly. VHC was Vought helicopters demonstrator, once again if my memory bank is still plugged in.
  13. Apparently the prez of GSHL has resigned. Any ideas about where he is off to? Pretty fine individual in my opinion.
  14. What's with the duct tape on the fwd upper stretcher rail?
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